Indian Music is a major tantra, in the making of Indian instruments, playing Indian instruments and in the music itself, is one of the biggest Tantra's there is and when harnessed will take you to your beloved quickly mantra goes into the making of the instruments to infusing the divine into the body of the instrument, this is Puja, Saraswathi Puja.. You become what you Self Identify with, Self Identification, Self Worth, Self Improvement, Self Control. Babukishan was born in Suri Birbhum West Bengal at the age of 8 he moved to Calcutta, where he went on to spend 12 years as a monk in the Ramakrishna Order..
The Bauls were Sanskrit speaking, their song is their printing press they were the voice of the Vaishnava before modern translations, a living lineage that goes back thousands of year, an esoteric mystical oral tradition. Allen was instrumental in bringing Babu's father to America in the 1967 his father Purna Das Baul is the first Indian Vocalist to come to America!! Baul includes everyone and is one of the most ancient paths of Bhakti Yoga from Bengal India.
Know they Self your inner self, your soul and it's destiny in the life.Upaya's (Remedies) that empower and set the prisoners free! Perhaps they are not considered because they never built Temples, Ashram's or Yoga Certification Courses nor were they into conversion or preaching..
Nabani Das Khyeppa Baul is Babukishan's Grandfather & Guru who raised him until Nabani's Samadhi (passed away).. Free yourself from negative prayer, negative self talk, unique Qigong remedies, mantra ect.

Babukishan was blessed in that Nabani initiated Babu in Sadhana's that are rare and gave him Darshan with many rare Sadhu's, Saints, Yogi's, Tantrics from birth. Create an energetic sacred space so that you may fill it with your desire.Create the world you want.
What is your purpose in this life?Creating lasting change at the subconscious level and super-conscious levels. Babukishan was Born and educated in the Oral Tradition of Lineage Baul and he was also a Monk in the RamaKrishna Order for 12 years in Calcutta..
The modern name for Yoga Nidra is Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis in lesser degree's and through Yoga Nidra one can view past lives.Modern Yoga Teachers need extensive training in this area.
I have discovered over the years that many Yoga teachers who have completed certification courses are not even versed in this subject and have no experience teaching or being outside of their own bodies a prerequisite to teach Yoga. He is a Filmaker and Indian Cinema Music Composer for over 150 scores to his credit and 44 Albums..
A Yogi or Yogini is a master of the unseen non physical subtle realms and Yoga Nidra is about the non physical subtle realms.Yoga Nidra is a misunderstood part of Modern Western style Yoga. It takes years and years of wisdom, practice, study before one should even attempt to take a person through this process because you are entering into a person's deep subconscious mind (unconscious mind) or awakening their deep subconscious mind.
It is like pouring water into a glass with dirt on the bottom, the water will become dirty and all of the hidden issues will come alive.

Many problems can arise especially ifthe teacher doesn't have considerable wisdom and experience taking a person on a journey or has never done it many times themselves. There is no 200 or 500 hour training that can teach you this, it is just all surface relaxation and game playing. Yoga and Yoga Nidra is so much more than any Yoga Teacher Training can even teach one, I know I have done Yoga teacher training.One should have had extensive Shamanic training and be trained in modern NLP and Hypnosis Training. On should be able to teach outside of the human body in the subtle realms and moniter the other person in the subtle realms outside of the physical body. Actually that is Yoga, Yoga is not just stretching the body.Personalized programs to help with self confidence, fear, over coming obstacles in ones life. I am a huge believer that before one starts to take people to different levels of consciousness that one needs years and years of experience, wisdom and training to be able to keep ones clients safe. I have also practiced Qigong 'Chinese Energy Work' directly with a Grand Master over a ten year period with direct contact several times a week.A remedy must be something you personally will use and understand, if it does not make sense to you, chances are you if it is complicated or makes no sense to you, it will not be used and thus the desired change will not happen.
I am a Master is helping you understand what will work for you, what will be workable to a modern mind.

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