If there’s one thing we hope you’ve realized from our hundreds of pages of articles and advice, it’s that becoming a postconsumer is a true journey.
Postconsumers worked with the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA to develop our Get Satisfied web course. The Postconsumers Content Team works hard every day to make sure that you're getting relevant, useful information on how to let go of the consumer addiction to "stuff", take control of your finances and find the satisfaction of enough. This 15-sec TV ad has been channeled to over a million and a half households in the greater Washington DC area on daytime CNN and Fox News.

Connect & ShareOr, Search Our Content On Your OwnUse our handy resource hubs to find what you're looking for. We’ve also compiled two at-cost resources for you to help you delve deeper and start down the path to finding the satisfaction of enough. In just ten minutes, you’ll complete a profile that will result in individualized feedback to help you break away from addictive consumerism and buy less, live more. We truly believe though that no matter how relaxed your environment is when you read our widely diverse collection of essays on finding true satisfaction outside of “stuff,” you’ll walk away energized and inspired.

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