This is a picture of Ralphie, the protagonist of A Christmas Story, dreaming about the obsession of his childhood: The BB gun. But when Ralphie finally decodes the message, all he finds is an ad encouraging him to drink more Ovaltine. The purpose of the decoder ring campaign: to build inclusion, exclusivity, interaction, accessibility. Curiously, after all this Anima hastened to add that you should encourage users to appear on Twitter, but how they behave on Twitter will determine whether you want to claim their profile as a company one – or, implicitly, even if you want to expand them as a social media star personality. Asked whether the company ever made a public explanation of that, he said he didn’t work on it personally, that the head of the effort (Jordan Kretchmer) had left, and that it privately messaged all participating agencies to let them know what Current TV decided. This week I’m liveblogging the Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies conference in Boston, so I’ll be updating you on what I learn as the days progress. The point here was to illustrate that despite being wide open on platforms such as Twitter, sometimes audiences need a little provoking.
Thanks for writing in, Mario, and I do apologise for the bittersweet takeaway; I really like what you did up there.
I wasn’t suggesting that Current controls employee Twitter accounts, but you did suggest that an employee’s behaviour on Twitter becomes a determinant of whether Current will decide to cultivate that person as a prominent representative for the company, right? I understand that all Current employees are open and accessible across their personal media, but it’s my understanding not all of them can do an open series of Safi-style Q&A videos, vaunted by Current TV, is that right? Bottom line, we don’t pick and choose who gets to represent the company when it comes to our talent. The only treatment I was referring to was our decision to make dedicated callouts for questions.
We have temporarily blocked the comments section on our blog as we are currently encountering a technical problem. During my visit to Cleveland, Ohio to tour the home, I also visited the A Christmas Story Museum, as well as the gift shop across the street.

Upon arriving at the top of the stairs, the first room that catches your eye is the bathroom.
Ralphie’s reaction in the scene linked above when he decodes the message is pretty hilarious.
In the movie, A Christmas Story, we get a few glimpses of Ralphie and Randy’s bedroom.
Conspiracy buffs are looking for some great secret message, something that gives them access to the hidden world that they know is out there. Hoagland has been talking for quite awhile about giant extraterrestrial structures on the Moon that nobody else is able to see. My suspicion was that most of the people there were Hoagland supporters and did not think it was bullshit. In fact, listening to Hoagland talk, you also cannot immediately tell that he’s nuts either.
Hoagland could easily pass for the chairman of the chamber of commerce of a large East Coast city. Johnston spent most of his time trying to prove that he had actually once worked at Johnson Space Center by showing various letters and memos written by his bosses to him. The callout for questions was something that helped folks move from sending a private email to asking direct questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Current.
Following up about the success of Safi’s endeavour, you said Current is now approached by a number of employees that want to do the same thing, which naturally is what you must mean by these treatments. Once they were up and running we started re-tweeting these accounts from our main Current account. We had some early successes, and all hosts from our main shows have made a similar callout, or have one in the works. Earlier in the movie, A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s long-awaited Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin arrives in the mail.

He races upstairs to the bathroom because he knows this is the one room where he will have total privacy to decode the message using his decoder pin. Did you ever have an experience like that growing up, a time when you felt you’d been tricked? Don’t miss typewriters at all, although I do kind of miss that clackety-clack sound they made. If you remember I mentioned last winter I live fairly close to the Tremont area, well about 35 miles south. We don’t aim to control any personal Twitter accounts (or the accounts of participants online).
We took an approach with the directed Q&A callouts to stoke engagement and found success. The message I was trying to convey, albeit rushed, was that a personality’s engagement on Twitter could be mixed and that companies need to be comfortable with the messaging implications of those areas of engagement should they decide to promote those accounts. I restrained myself in the gift store and just purchased an adorable ornament that’s a replica of the house. It was intended to mirror a statement made in an earlier panel, that a brand need not embrace a platform if it doesn’t make sense. I did go on to take computer classes and medical terminology at a local junior college in my 30’s for my job as a transcriptionist.
Luckily, my youngest son is an IT guy, as I know just enough about computers to get myself into trouble.

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