Alisa has always been with Dylan for as long as she can remember—she gave him her first kiss as a teenager and, later, her virginity.
Welcome to the home of the first ever, 100% complete, step by step email system that will have you writing winning and profitable emails in no time.
The whole idea behind the Email Millionaires system is to reveal the true secret and the real technique behind those blockbuster emails that generate revenues in the millions of dollars.
What Email Millionaires creator Anthony Flores understands, and what has made him so successful as a copywriter and email marketer, is that writing emails isn't about creativity, or your grammar and English skills.
When Anthony and I sat down to turn his knowledge and skills into a system, we had to make sure that the system did the work and not the writer. We believe we succeeded, and if you take a look at the testimonials on the website you'll get a clear idea of exactly what Email Millionaires can do for you.
If you miss the tone or don't bring out the perfect emotion in your prospect - your email will get trashed. Yetwith the right tone and emotion your prospect will feel so compelled to take action that the sale is as good as closed. In this module you'll discover how to select the perfect Theme and then have a full blueprint to follow to execute the Theme and compel action from your prospect. Your email will generally close with your Call-To-Action (which we'll talk more about in a minute) which is where you promise your prospect the answers to everything you have been teasing.
The beauty of teaser copy is that there is a simple (yet fairly unknown) formula to writing the most compelling Teaser Copy possible.

You see, in order to get your prospect to take action they have to make it to the bottom of your email. The last thing you want is to come across as a sleazy salesman who will say and do anything to make a buck.
This module is all about giving your emails the maximum Power possible, to keep readers flying through your emails all the while creating an intense buying desire. From the moment a prospect's eyes first spot your subject line click and then begin reading your email they're literally seconds away from another distraction, boredom and ultimately trashing your email.
That's why master copywriters understand that the copy must feel energized - like it's going somewhere FAST - or else the prospect will get bored, distracted and soon will be history.
In this module you'll unlock the principles the top copywriters rely on to keep their copy moving fast and powerfully. In this module you'll learn Anthony's proven strategy for tying all the components of your email back into the original theme. Every aspect of your email will be connected and will logically flow and connect to the next piece. You have teased your prospect, brought out a strong emotion, and sent them down a slide of compelling copy.
As important as this step isit's actually a very simple technique that alone will boost your Click-Through-Rate.
But when Alisa finds Dylan bedding another woman, his cruel betrayal devastates her and she brings a sad end to their long-term relationship.

This means that no matter your writing level (expert towell, non existent) the Email Millionaires System handles the heavy lifting.
And the Teaser Copy's job is to keep your prospect glued to the email by teasing THE BENEFIT they are looking for.
If they don't believe what your telling them or that you want the best for them, they will never give you a cent. He is the master of building a bond with the prospect no matter what market or demographic he's writing to. This way your teaser copy complements your body copy which feeds into your call to action and so on. This gives your prospect the feeling that you are not only an expert in your field, but also that your email will take them right where they NEED to be. Yet, when used in tow with all the techniques you've already unleashedthis is when you open up the floodgates to becoming a true Email Millionaire. This is the final story of a high-profile miniseries, Million-Dollar Men, which depicts the romances of self-made millionaires.
Now to hope they add the second book I missed to the next monthly course, lol, or to catch these on sale cause I'd really like to keep them.

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