Anyone who is dedicated to internal energy arts training is always looking for ways to get in a little extra practice in a day. Practice slow walking, accentuating the downward flow and release of the nerves each time you put your weight into the front leg through the heel. Putting pressure on the ball of your foot initiates an increase in the rising qi energy of the body. Now walk as you would normally with a heel-toe-heel-toe succession and as you do, focus on the heel and the descending energy. Once you grasp the feeling and can release while walking slowly, gradually increase your speed until you reach your normal walking speed. Paul Cavel is the founder of Tao Arts London, editor of the monthly Tao journal, Inner Quest, life coach and senior Tao meditation arts teacher.
Almost everyone knows the many benefits of meditation, from relaxation to weight loss, yet most of us don't do it because of the time it takes. Read the list below to see the incredible benefits you get just by listening to this piece I've created for you. With the turmoil and unrest that's all around us, you owe it to yourself and your mental, physical and spiritual health to listen to this 8 minute recording every day.
Easy Meditation is giving you the opportunity to obtain a free Meditation and Relaxation CD. There’s sadly no steak knives but if you want your free CD fill in your details onsite. Relaxation through meditation is one of the most effective ways to beat stress and is extremely simple to master which makes it so so popular among millions of people around the world. Relaxation meditation is one of the most simple, yet powerful ways to get instant relief from stress at the comfort of your home, without the requirement of any specialized equipment or medicine.
Before you even begin to deepen or slow down the breathing process, there is much to be gained from simply watching the breath. Where does your breath go (chest, stomach).  How does it feel in your mouth or nose?  How does it feel in the muscles of your torso?

Are the sensations fairly constant, or do they change as you watch them… as you continue to breathe? You’ll notice that as you practice more, your breathing will quite easily become longer and deeper.
Addicts like myself look for ways to practice in their normal activities—imbuing them with internal content. Place the heel on the ground in front of you as if you’re taking a normal step, but don’t immediately put weight into the leg. Use this naturally occurring phenomenon to increase the sense of sung in your body as you slowly put your weight into the heel of your front leg. Adhere to all the basic postural alignments from standing qi gong (see my blog on good posture).
The trick here is to use the rising energy to pick up the back leg without interrupting the descending current.
Don’t go into speed walking yet because you need to stabilise internal techniques before you move too fast. Since 1987, Paul has studied nei gong science, the I Ching and Lao Tzu’s Water tradition of Taoism in-depth, including qi gong, tai chi, bagua zhang, Taoist breathing, Taoist yoga, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation. Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury.
The process involves just choosing a peaceful location in your own home where you can focus on your breathing and relax all the parts of the body through controlled inhalation and exhalation.
That which is unbound will naturally drop to gravity (at least while you’re on planet earth). Bringing up too much qi energy can cause it to get stuck in the upper body, especially the head, and increase stress and tension. Use the pressure on the ball of your foot to keep the spine erect and to pick up the back leg. Even if you spend that time each day you'll never receive the benefits that listening to this 8 minute recording will.

Can you imagine actually being in the alpha brain wave state for 4 hours without devoting years to getting there? All that is required is for you to focus the mind on the process without getting distracted by thoughts that will invariably float through the mind. So begin with a little standing to generate a rising in the spine and release and relax your nerves, which will cause your body to sink. In addition, you will also experience a very peaceful brain that is calm and relaxed and will empower you to handle stress in a significantly better way. Practicing relaxation meditation for just ten to fifteen minutes everyday will set up an effective stress busting regime for you.Breathing Meditation - Secret Behind Successful YogaBreathing meditation is the first and foremost essential for benefiting from any yoga program.
The technique involves concentrating on each breath as it gets inhaled and following it through the exhalation process. You can almost feel the body loosing its stiffness and the mind becoming lighter with each breath. The breathing meditation drifts you from the present into a peaceful and serene world where there are no pressing commitments or deadlines chasing you. Ensure that the breaths are slow and in rhythm, and you could feel that every breath is washing away some of the stress and negative feelings accumulated through the day.
This controlled breathing also helps in enhancing the positive results from physical yoga workouts.Osho Meditations - For the Modern ManOsho meditation is a method that modifies the ancient oriental techniques to suit the needs of the contemporary people in deriving the benefits of stress free life. This technique focuses on freeing the mind of worldly worries to attain a higher state of being, where the spirit and body are in perfect harmony to provide an everlasting feeling of boundless physical and spiritual happiness, unbridled by inhibitions and apprehensions. Osho meditation has the potential to transform your life into an existence filled with vitality without any internal or external struggle hindering your joyful journey through this world.

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