Aba Mega Mall is the first purpose built Smart Mall in the world and the largest Mall in Africa. Sitting on a 280,000 sqm space, some of its facilities include Shopping Mall, 24 hours power supply, Water & Waste Management, Banks, Game Arcade, Cinema, Bonded Warehouse, Bus Shuttle, adequate car park space, etc. All the facilities are connected to an e-Commerce hub to enable physical and online visitors quickly access information and services in order to transact commercial activities, without stepping into the mall. The Smart Mall concept is all about harnessing the potential of technology to enhance leisure, shopping and business efficiency.
Trading businesses in Onitsha, which has one of West-Africa’s largest concentraton of commercial activities are looking to Aba for a south-east expansion, on the back of the imposing Aba Mega Mall, which is currently under construction in Abia state of Nigeria. Oh wait, It was in another thread, but that wasn't the title, It was an Abia state thread, Wait let me find it. I still believe that the one thing that will bring peace, absolute peace, to this country, the type of peace we want attached to development, is to liberate Ndi Igbo and there is no better act of liberation than accepting that they have equal right in Nigeria. If their is something that will work better in the east, I think this is the kind of projects that will be greatly successful, if Tinapa were to be in the east, I bet you It would have been very successful and all this free trade zone that are struggling to survive would have been instant success in the east that is why I always feel their leaders are seriously wicked.
Don't get me wrong ooo we all have bad leadership in every region in Nigeria, but some of the failed initiatives in other region would have been instant successful in the east because of their business acumen. Summit Hills is (in part) an attempt to revive that area all together and make it viable long term.
Sopot with two close-by urban areas Gdansk and Gdynia are frequently alluded as Tricity (Polish: Trojmiasto). The Tricity’s traveler airport is the Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk, offering an extensive variety of immediate flights and associations, including intercontinental centers. Essentially for the duration of the separation trains calling to Gdansk and Gdynia stop at Sopot Glowny, the main track station in Sopot, right amidst the city. Sopot has no legitimate port besides, yet you can utilize the ship associations from Gdansk and Gdynia to other Baltic ocean ports.
Take after the headings to Gdansk or Gdynia and either enter the Tricity ringroad and take the passageway checked Sopot. The Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou (Haikou Xinbudao Haosheng Dajiudian) is located at the river mouth which provides splendid river and ocean view for guests.

All rooms are elegantly decorated and come equipped with balcony, broadband internet access and satellite TV. The Chinese restaurnt serves quality Cantonese, Sichuan cuisine and seafood, and intimate dining can be enjoyed in private dining rooms.
Health-conscious guests can work out at the gym and later take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool.
This hostel is situated in the center of the picturesque Venetian old town of Rethymno, offering a small oasis of fun and relaxation to travellers from all over the world.
In the evening most travellers gather for a drink (or two) on the hostel's patio to chill out, before starting the usual restaurant and bar hopping!!! For increased safety we have installed a 24 hour CCTV system in the entrance and common room areas of the hostel. The warm and friendly atmosphere will make your stay at Rethymno Youth Hostel a memorable one. The hostel enjoys easy access to both the bus station for inter-island travel and ferry port for boats to and from Piraeus.
If you require further information on Youth Hostel Rethymno facilities please feel free to contact Manolis for details. This will ultimately translate into better use of resources, less impact on the environment, a more interactive and responsive administration, as well as a safer shopping and business experience. Interestingly the first phase of this mall was commissioned by T.A Orji the out going governor of the state on the 26th of may 2015 and he equally commenced the phase 2 of the project. This project is nothing like Tinapa; the demand is already there, if anything, they?ll probably have to build more of such malls across South Eastern Nigeria.
Aba is worth a city to secure cheap Chinese loan to build infrastructures for industrial city and free trade zone but non of their leaders attempt something like that even if it is just on paper like Lagos, Osun, Cross rivers and Kano.
Sopot gloats a noteworthy history of top notch status, however stays little and focused on its unique mission of recreation.
The neighborhood SKM trains run between Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot at high recurrence, halting at the same station. There is likewise a marina alongside the dock for those coming in their own, more modest vessel.

You can likewise drive through Gdansk or Gdynia to Sopot as their road frameworks are decently interconnected. It's set within peaceful surrounding streets yet close to the town's long sandy beach and exciting night-life. Centrally positioned on the island of Crete, travellers can use the hostel as a base for day trips to the most attractive sites of the island like the Samaria Gorge, Lake Kournas, Preveli beach, Falasarna, Elafonisi, and the various historical and archaeological sites around. The main composed record of Sopot go again to the thirteenth century, and has been famous as a late spring living arrangement of the neighborhood tip top for a considerable length of time.
Being bolted between the bigger Gdynia and Gdansk and having the capacity to exploit their enormous city framework, it holds its residential community appeal and remains an exceptionally prominent shoreline terminus in Poland. The fundamental lane is called Aleja Niepodleglosci in Sopot, Aleja Zwyciestwa in Gdynia and Aleja Grunwaldzka in Gdansk, every one of the three being parts of a continuous road no.
There is a large pillarless banquet hall ready for meetings, wedding ceremonies and social gathering.
Entering from the street you will find a typical Venetian building with thick stone walls and wooden floors upstairs. It has been a property of the Order of Cistercians of Oliwa since 1283 until 1772, when it got to be appended by Prussia.
At the point when the famous Grand Hotel was finished in 1927, alongside the last wharf expansion, Sopot picked up its finished structure it was to hold until the new thousand years, meanwhile turning into a piece of Poland once more. Downstairs there is a beautiful patio surrounded by the green of our gardens for relaxation. In the 2000s, much exertion was put into restoring Sopot’s legacy, including the recreation of the Resort House, protection of the wharf and a significant reclamation exertion at the Grand Hotel.

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