We all have a bunch of books, seminar notes and courses on the shelf and yet, none of that knowledge seem to magically attract the income and the success, right? I’m sure you work just as hard, if not harder and longer hours that many top producers.
Like it or not, it is your thoughts and your beliefs that control your behavior and ultimately the quality of your life. As you know, I spent the last two decades and tens of thousands of dollars getting to the heart of success.  I thought there has to be more to it than what we think and believe right? You already know that you have enough skill and knowledge to take a lead and list their house or sell them a house and make money in real estate right now. Or you procrastinate and preoccupy yourself with busy work – like checking Facebook, handling paperwork or answering unimportant emails. So the question is: Where do these thought patterns that trigger all these negative emotions and counter-productive behaviors and habits come from?
We have found that up to 98% of the time, we think and behave in total congruency with our subconscious core beliefs.
So that means to change the outcome you’re getting right now, you have to change the programming of your core beliefs. When you feel lazy, uninspired, fearful, stressed, worried, unproductive, or disorganized – those are all emotional triggers from you core beliefs.
If you ever pushed yourself using nothing but will power to eat healthier food, exercise or prospect more every day, than you know what I’m talking about, right? Most people NEVER reach the goals they set –  like their new year resolutions for example, because they force the change on the conscious level of the logical reasoning brain.
The good news is the latest neuro-science now knows how to replace the programming about your money, confidence, success, and income faster and easier than ever before.
The fancy scientific name for the process is NEURO RECONDITIONING which simply means changing the core subconscious programming of your brain. The process will re-map specific connections of your brain cells and create new neurochemical success cocktail. The reason it works so effectively is because it bypasses the filters of your critical conscious mind. I have originally designed the system not just for myself, but for movie and TV stars and Hollywood celebrities to instantly increase their confidence, self-esteem and focus before an important audition or a big film shoot.  And now you will use the very same system.
And since I don’t think you wanna be the next big movie star (then again, why not?) the latest version is customized specifically for you to reach your real estate and income goals quickly.
The first track will take you to your private sanctuary where you dissolve all your negative emotions, fears and beliefs that are blocking your success.
Second track will take you on a magical journey down the river to the island of the new dawn where you’ll meet a mystical shaman. Depending on your goals, one audio will program your subconscious for up to $10,000 per month, the other one up to $20,000 per month of income. Third track will install new positive programming in your subconscious on communication, consistency in prospecting, following up, connecting with your leads and clients, and effortlessly attracting plenty of good listings and sales. EXPIRED UNIVERSITY ($147) – Complete 10-Part Coaching Sessions on how to master expired listings.
CALL CONFIDENCE Seminar ($97) – Once you put the the system to work, you will get leads and you will have to keep in touch with them. MARKETING PLUS ($147) To lock in more listings, you will get a complete listing marketing plan. LISTED TO SOLD IN 60 DAYS ($97) – A special 2-part seminar I did with my good friend Jennifer Allan. There are other similar programs out there (some better than others) that cost up to $500, some even more, but they are not even real estate specific. But you really don’t know if the Mind Matrix PLUS will specifically work for you unless you put it to the test.
It’s time to replace once and for all your limiting thoughts, limiting behaviors, and procrastination that is causing you to be stuck with power, confidence, high self-esteem, money and wealth.
Have you ever tried to change a behavior or habit, only to find yourself disappointed and dissatisfied when you weren’t successful? I want to share these secrets with you, so you can apply these transformation techniques to some of the habits you might want to change, such as smoking, dieting, even negative thought patterns and any other undesirable behaviors. The conscious mind is responsible for logic, reasoning and all the voluntary action with awareness—such as reading, listening, writing, speaking, etc.
The information we receive from reading, listening and learning will be recorded in our subconscious mind, the second part of the mind.
Therefore, we must be very careful about our actions, which will program our subconscious mind and also determine our attitude and the quality of our life.
Based upon the information saved by previous actions, we automatically respond and do things without thinking about them (auto responses).
For example, when we first learned to drive a car, we had to consciously think where to put each foot and how to use each new control. The language of the subconscious mind is feelings (pain, pleasure, hot, cold), emotions (anger, frustration, happiness, sorrow) and images. Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between thoughts that are created by physical events or imaginary events. It does not matter what label it is given; what really matters is that this is the only force that both science and spirituality have acknowledged as the mastermind for all the creations in the universe. It has no boundaries or limitations in its power to create, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the microscopic to the greatest of the universe. Both parts of the mind, conscious and subconscious work together to establish the connection with the super-conscious mind, which is the ultimate source of unlimited power. When conscious and subconscious mind have any conflict, then the super-conscious mind resolves the conflict, brings the harmony and takes care of all good things in our life that we aim for. Once we understand the function of the subconscious mind, we can also understand why we behave differently. Take action at subconscious mind with positive feelings: The change has to take place at the subconscious level with respect to one’s behavior or habits, unwanted emotions or feelings. Know the change you want to make or habit you want to change (ask yourself what behavior, emotions and feelings I want to change or what I wish to do differently-Make a list). Give messages or affirmations to your subconscious mind for the change you want to make within yourself. Continue to practice until you have accomplished the change you want to make (A 30 days daily spiritual planner to help you with this process and keep you on track is available to download. Performing actions with awareness at a conscious level will bring some slow and temporary change, however, combined with relaxation, meditation, affirmation (positive and motivational messages), and prayers will bring faster and everlasting change. Here both parts of the mind, conscious and subconscious are the part of the body (science-matter) and Super-Consciousness is Supreme Energy (Spiritual Mind). Finally, have patience because transformation of habit is not a quick fix but a slow, steady and gradual process. Satya Kalra is a self- empowerment, self-transformational and happiness coach, spiritual guide, international speaker and bestseller author. The Biggest Personal Growth and Self Development Tip The Manifestation Secret Mind Movies ReviewReview of "The Secret""The Power of Now" ReviewMeditation Methods. Consider this, many people have become rich and then lost their fortune, to turn around and become rich again.
Truly, the reprogramming of the subconscious mind of that person is what makes the difference. When you begin reprogramming the subconscious mind, your habits and actions will slowly change, bringing results which are consistent with that new conditioning.
Click here for the revolutionary reprogramming program that has changed thousands of lives. One of the most exciting discoveries ever made was when physicists proved the intuitive theories of ancient sages, that is, that we live in a world of energy. The encouraging thing is, that as you take charge, use your power, and start reprogramming the subconscious mind, it actually begins setting up a different type of vibration in your body, or more specifically, your body is vibrating at a different velocity. In recent years, the idea or getting yourself on the same vibration as the thing you want, has become known as “The Law of Attraction” which states that the things which you have in your life are a result of your subconscious programming. Prior to you ward off to your dreamland every evening, invest 5 mins day-to-day envisioning your objectives as well as passions.

Invest concerning 10 to 20 mins day-to-day paying attention as well as seeing subliminal video clips or audio tapes. Kelly Wallace about this book: As a Total Life Transformation expert I teach people to make incredible life changes quickly and easily by reprogramming negative subconscious scripts. We've all got some lousy subconscious programming due to our parents, other adults, and experiences we've been through since coming into this world. Reprogramming Your Subconscious appeals mainly to people 35-55, though readers of any age can benefit. I always tell my readers, just as I told my clients while offering spiritual counseling for 20+ years, that it isn't your fault. It is the part of the mind that proclaims wants, desires, and intentions, and consequently the part that makes God laugh. The subconscious mind is not a seat of reasoning or creative consciousness; it is strictly a stimulus-response mechanism. 10 Important Things About our SubConscious Mind Our subconscious mind exerts a powerful influence over our lives. I have found that it always comes down to two patterns that all agents who are successful have in common.
I’ve done good old-fashioned affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, and I’ve watched the Secret seven times in a row. You and I have certain beliefs locked deep inside our subconscious mind – many since our childhood.
Without any more books, or seminars or courses you already KNOW enough that if you would do it consistently, you would make more money, right? So you either push yourself for a while, force it with discipline – which doesn’t feel all that good, so you do it for a while, then stop, then you start again, stop again.
Today’s technology allows us effortlessly change your habits and beliefs similar to that. With his help you’ll install new powerful core beliefs: success, confidence, money, wealth, and unstoppable inner power.
Tons of examples and tips including emails, scripts, postcards, letters, websites, ads and more! From basic strategies to advanced marketing tips, objections, the power of commitment… and an actual phone conversation with an expired listing.
You’ll learn dozens of tips on how to get your listings SOLD, right now, in today’s market. I know times are tough for so many right now and I want to help because I’m convinced this will change everything for you like it did for me.
There are a lot of quick-fix scams being peddled on the Internet these days as “The Magic Answer”. Fortunately, I was able to change these habits when I learned the secrets to making positive change.
It requires reprogramming of the mind, which takes place at the subconscious part of the mind.  Therefore, it is important to understand the function and process of the mind, especially the subconscious mind. As we develop our driving skills our subconscious mind takes over and we become so proficient that we can drive, navigate, listen to music and also talk on the phone at the same time! We cannot change because we are stuck in old ways, and our subconscious mind doesn’t know how to change.
It can be changed only through subconscious programming, through meditation, sending auto-suggestions and creative visualization to the subconscious mind.
About a century ago, the world of personal achievement exploded with the notion of the subconscious mind ,but only recently,  have the first early notions or intuition of searchers been verified by the World of Science. This gives you a power over circumstances, but you have the right to use it, or not use it, correctly. They have discovered, (and often this has happened by intuition)   that the most basic law of the universe is The Law of Attraction  and have got themselves in harmony with it. And surprisingly,  not only that, but that we and every other thing we “see” is virtually a vibration or mass of energy made up of vibrations. You create a vibration in your body which naturally attracts that vibration, (or anything of a vibrational equivalent.) And I must add, whether you want it or not ! Do you notice re-occurring circumstances?  Have partners left you in the lurch repeatedly?  Do you make good friends, just to lose them time after time? So, you really hope that guide that you are reviewing will certainly offer you with an adequate description to exactly what subconscious mind is. Both names occurs as a result of that you have entirely no understanding that your subconscious mind alreadies existing. Picture on your own currently accomplishing it and also really feel the emotional states that you will certainly really feel when you accomplished it. You should state it passionately as just in this manner that your human brain will certainly register just what you claim. All of my adult life I struggled with finances, health, and love--the three biggies that most people have trouble with. In fact, 50% of our mental programming is firmly in place by the time we're five years old. It's at that point in life, when a person has been down one disappointing road after another, that they finally decide to take control of their destiny, determined to make changes. The joke is that that part of the mind imagines who we think we are, but it controls only 5 percent or less of our lives. Bruce speaks about is muscle testing to see if your program (subconscious) aligns with your wishes and desires (conscious). The mind is like the driver of a vehicle; with good driving skills, a vehicle can be well maintained and provide good performance throughout its life. When an environmental signal is perceived, the subconscious mind reflexively activates a previously stored behavioral response — no thinking required.
There are plenty of people who are not as smart as you and yet they make more money, sometimes a LOT more money.
If you’re not where you want to be, It is NOT because of the marketing tools, fancy advertising, experience, hard work or luck.
And just like a program in your computer, these thought patterns and beliefs cause us to think, speak and act a certain way. Maybe it’s prospecting, maybe following up with a seller lead, or calling buyer leads you met at a open house. And you already know that discipline and willpower will not get you the permanent results you want because that is NOT the power center of the mind. That critic that constantly reminds you of the old programming, fear and negativity accumulated over the years. Your actions will change from forced motivation and discipline to natural ease and inspiration. Include it with your pre-listing package, expired package, FSBO package, and of course, use it during your listing presentation to impress the sellers. Here is the thing, if you have a sincere desire to really make it, I will make the the whole program really affordable for you because it’s an investment in yourself and in your business.
If we always think negative things will happen, this will cloud our judgment, and everything that happens will seem negative. For example, I became aware of my unhealthy eating habits and made the conscious decision to change them. This will also change your “auto-response.” When I decided to change my eating habits, I made a conscious effort to change by creating a meal schedule and list of the foods that I could eat each day.
After the release of the film “The Secret” several years ago, an astonishing number of people began to become aware of the link between the power of the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction, and the fact that reprogramming the subconscious mind was vital. Only human beings have the option of completely reprogramming the subconscious mind according to what they choose to think about, on a consistent basis. There’s another aspect of the power of the subconscious mind which is even more awe-inspiring and incredible than that.
Let me give you an example, an accident, is one vibration, and a happy holiday by the sea, is another. It takes time and lots of negative vibrations to get you having an accident, but on the other hand , it need lots of reprogramming of the subconscious mind to get you on to a happy vibration. Your subconscious mind is a really diligent people as it shops nearly each and every encounter in your life.

This basic as well as simple workout is incredibly reliable in removing any kind of adverse feelings that prevented your course to acquiring your objectives.
The longer you exercise doing good confirmations, the much more you care about your objectives as well as you currently have actually reprogrammed your subconscious mind that you could accomplish it. After reading countless books and trying endless programs and exercises, it all hit me one day that all I need to do was flip that switch in my brain and change would be easy! The subconscious mind is a programmable autopilot that can navigate our vehicular bodies without the observation or awareness of the pilot — the conscious mind. The memories will get buried, yet the beliefs and feelings associated with them will still control your reactions. Put one of these special tracks on your MP3 player before you go sleep, relax, listen and you will instantly enter the magical worlds where change is easy.
Indeed, people began to realize that this was the great secret of success and prosperity that can help a person attract his ideal lifestyle. You must keep on the happy vibration and not on a negative vibration which could eventually cause an accident or other negative occurrences.
Do not go sleepless over this inquiry, as this outstanding post will certainly inform you exactly what you actually have to learn about subconscious mind.
The details that it shops could either be practical or damaging as the information in your subconscious mind eventually develops the structure of your idea system.
The moment just before you ward off to rest is the best time to do this workout as this is the moment where your people is most going to approve brand-new info.
The even more signboards you installed, the minimal the adverse ideas you will certainly consider as well as the quicker your subconscious mind will certainly internalize those favorable ideas.
As soon as I discovered this "secret" and completely turned my life around--making a six-figure income, very healthy, with my soulmate--I knew I had to share this with others. The dual-mind system’s effectiveness is defined by the quality of the programs carried in the subconscious mind. This God force, Soul energy, or whatever you want to call it, supports your evolution towards love, unity, beauty, and truth. And you’ll get the $735.00 bonus pack that includes the complete Gravity PLUS course! You will either completely remove all your negative subconscious programming, install new positive beliefs, feel inspirited and start seeing immediate results in your business and in your life.
Why do I deserve this?” However, it is the way our conscious mind perceives the situation that creates the negativity, and it keeps us in a cycle of negative thinking and missed opportunities.
As one writers many years ago stated in an ancient book “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  The Old Testament of course. You can take two people, one is born in tragic circumstances and his whole life becomes one great personal tragedy. The following action to opening the possibility of your subconscious mind is doing good self-affirmations.
Your people is an astonishing point; it will certainly take place an auto-pilot to grab those favorable expressions in your signboards.
Readers can find love, wealth, happiness, and achieve their every dream easier than they thought possible.
Over 95% of what we do, think, and say comes from old programming in our subconscious mind.
Know that the past affects you NOW, as the subconscious replays past programming in the present. But what does this mean when it comes to the power of the Law of Attraction and attracting prosperity, health and success?
Another, with the same beginnings, breaks free of his childhood prison and becomes a leader of people or gathers a fortune beyond what many men would dare to dream. The circumstances are different, as are the names of the people involved, but the underlying re-occurrence is basically the same. Since you have a short understanding of exactly what subconscious mind is and also the power of it, I will inform you how you can make complete usage of your subconscious mind. Quickly, you will certainly feel on your own quickly stimulated in your office as well as obtain points down swiftly.
For example, if you were taught to drive with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, no matter how many vehicles you owned, each will inevitably express premature brake and engine failure. Unless you make a conscious effort to direct the immense power of your subconscious, its robotic and limited programs will run your life. What is the difference?  What that man has thought day in and day out for  the span of a lifetime. Do the above consistently and also I could guaranteed you that you will certainly view outcomes soon. And understand that you have the power right now to rewrite sabotaging programs from the past so you can claim a better future. For example, cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death, is directly attributable to behavioral programs that mismanage the body’s response to stress.
I mean why should this keep happening to YOU?  It is evident that  there is a negative pattern which is causing the same situation, time and time again. Some programs are derived from genetics; these are our instincts, and they represent nature. In our conscious creative mind we may consider ourselves as good drivers; however, self-sabotaging or limiting behavioral programs in our subconscious unobservably undermine our efforts. How to rewrite your program: first, you must create a statement that a six year old can understand.
However, the vast majority of the subconscious programs are acquired through our developmental learning experiences, and they represent nurture.
We are generally consciously unaware of our fundamental subconscious perceptions or beliefs about life.
The reason is that the prenatal and neonatal brain is predominately operating in delta and theta EEG frequencies through the first six years of our lives. While in this hypnotic trance, a child does not have to be actively coached by its parents, for children obtain their behavioral programs simply by observing their parents, siblings, peers, and teachers. Did your early developmental experiences provide you with good models of behavior to use in the unfoldment of your own life? Now you will need to imprint this message into your subconscious, where it will override the old belief.
During the first six years of life, a child unconsciously acquires the behavioral repertoire needed to become a functional member of society. Although the conscious mind may hold one’s self in high regard, the more powerful unconscious mind may simultaneously engage in self-destructive behavior. The insidious part of the autopilot mechanism is that subconscious behaviors are programmed to engage without the control of, or the observation by, the conscious self. Most importantly, neuroscience now reveals that the subconscious mind, which is an information processor one million times more powerful than the conscious mind, runs our behavior from 95 to 99 percent of the time. The powerful meaning of this reality is that we only move toward our wishes and desires from 1 to 5 percent of the day.
In the remaining time, our lives are controlled by the habit-programs downloaded into the subconscious mind. The most fundamental of these programs were downloaded by observing other people, such as our parents, siblings, teachers, and community.
As we become more conscious, we rely less on automated subconscious programs, and also have the ability to rewrite limiting, disempowering beliefs formerly downloaded into the subconscious mind. Through this process we become the masters of our fates rather than the victims of our programs.
Conscious awareness can actively transform the character of our lives into ones filled with love, health, and prosperity by its ability to rewrite limiting perceptions (beliefs) and self-sabotaging behaviors.

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