Keanu is fun, and even sometimes outright hilarious, but it doesn’t live up to the skills of its central performers. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. A report from a panel at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival about diversity in the light of the 2015 Oscar ceremony. As a realistic portrayal of life in rural South Carolina in 1964, "The Secret Life of Bees" is dreaming. FFC Gerardo Valero discusses the devolution of Quentin Tarantino by comparing The Hateful Eight to Pulp Fiction. Another researcher, Marcel Vogel, who made his name in inventing the red color seen on television, fluorescent crayons and psychedelic colors to name a few well known items, also did experiments on plants.  He had the same successes as Backster in wiring up plants for communication. Pierre Paul Savin, an electronics specialist, decided he would construct an experiment mentioned by Backster in a television interview.
The Soviets researchers have made many of the same discoveries of the ability to communicate with plants and plants with us. That we still have no good idea what plants are capable of was illustrated by an experiment with corn.  Soviet  researchers placed some corn in glass pots to grow and did not water one of the plants for several weeks but it did not die.
These Soviet scientists faced the same up-hill battle with their government as those in the US have and still do. Most of us have never heard of Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, scientist, teacher and inventor, before Marconi, of the method of transmitting radio signals wirelessly through the air.
There were several people whose vision of the natural world was more poetic.   Goethe, whom the world knows as a poet and the author of "Faust" wrote extensively on the world of plants  and saw the natural world as being moved by opposite polar forces which manifest as light and dark, or plus and minus in electricity, or oxidation and reduction in chemistry.
In 1959 Andre Voisin published his seminal work, "Soil, Grass, and Cancer", in which he said that we have forgotten that our bodies are made of soil and all health comes from the soil. The decades after WWII brought many changes to American agriculture, unfortunately most of them were detrimental to the soil and to everything eating the plants grown therein. One of the more interesting faculties of plants is their ability to create minerals where none were before. Of great interest to our organization is the findings of Andre Simonton, that foods radiate at certain wave lengths depending upon a number of factors, one being the freshness of the food, another being the vitality of the food. Radionics which is a method of healing people or plants from afar by matching radiation frequencies with that of the illness (cancer, perhaps) has been denounced by the US government as a pseudoscience. The last chapter in the book is about the Findhorn community.  After WWII, Peter Caddy took his wife and children and settled in a caravan park on the shores of Findhorn Bay in northern Scotland, a barren rubble heap of bad soil and discarded trash. What’s stimulating about the romance story is that Cheryl is actually nice to Walter from the get-go, but despite treating him amorously, he’s just too in love and insecure to feel that he deserves her, waiting (perhaps endlessly) until he believes he can achieve his full potential. Sean Penn couldn’t be better suited to the role of a shaolin monk-like photojournalist, which is how I picture Penn to be in real life anyway. Closing credits are giant photographs taken while filming, reaffirming the own life experiences cast and crew would have had in the making of this film. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
It made the best sellers list and was picked up by six major book clubs.  In the ensuing decades none of the studies cited in this book have been disproved which could lead to much speculation as to what has caused such discoveries to be largely ignored.
Cleve Backster, at the time our nation's foremost lie detector examiner, had been up all night at his school for polygraph examiners and on impulse he hooked up the electrodes of a lie detector to a leaf of his dracaena plant, a tropical plant with large leaves.
He taught a philodendron to turn a little train on and off by remembering the sensation of a galvanic shock.
Despite numerous and varied experiments proving all manner of hitherto unknown properties of plants many, especially those who have money interests in industrial agriculture, have worked hard to pour scorn on this work even to the extent of having computers and research files confiscated by the government. At the Indian Temple of Science there are glass cases filled with the instruments he invented to examine plants in their minutest detail, magnifying these processes up to a million times. Gustav Fetchner also wrote extensively about the spiritual essence that lies behind the material form of plants. John Ott, the inventor of time lapse photography, did many experiments with radiation on plants finding that plants and animals behave in strange ways when subjected to television radiation. The startling thing is that this idea is just now becoming common knowledge -- and rather slowly at that. The use of pesticides, especially DDT which entered the germ of the seed and could not be removed, increased dramatically as did the use of artificial fertilizers.  Many soils, which had been mined of their nutrients were worthless as farm land and could be farmed only with the application of these elements poisonous to the soil. Seeds sprouting in distilled water have more minerals in them than before sprouting and, of course, they could not get them from the water. Understanding that every particle down to a photon of light has a specific wave length and that these minute wave lengths can be measured by modern methods lets us qualify  foods in real time. Modern scientists now believe that radionics devices are useful only in concentrating a person's natural dowsing ability.  One man, Galen Hieronymus, using a radionic amplifier on some corn worms, found that after three hours of treatment , ten minutes per hour, two of the corn worms were reduced to mush and all that remained of the others were "wet spots" on the ears of corn. Ben Stiller plays a pragmatic introvert, a small stretch from his role in Along Came Polly, and watching his timid decision-making process opened the possibility that there may be something more to this film than meets the eye. Wiig busts out a heartfelt Bowie solo in one of Walter’s fantasies, and does a great job of it too, especially for a gal who introduced the world to public female excretion in Bridesmaids. Indeed, the most unreal moment is when Walter trades his archaic Stretch Armstrong doll for a gnarly long-board with some Icelandic kids (if it were a Buzz Lightyear I’d understand).
As he waits for the extremely rare snow leopard to surface, he remarks that beautiful things don’t ask for attention.
Premises like these can be arrogant in trying to force the ‘So get up and do something with your life, you plebeians’ down audiences throats – thankfully this film doesn’t.

If I sense the beginnings of a teardrop in my eye during a movie, that is evidence more tangible than all the mighty weight of Film Theory. He poured water onto the roots of the plant to see if the plant would be affected by this and to his surprise the plant gave a reading similar to a human experiencing a short emotional stimulus. Vogel believed that the response of human skin to the lie detector was a galvanic skin response but as plants have no skin he coined the term, psycho-galvanic response, or PGR.  He said that the response exists in plants and in all living forms.
Karamanov , the director of the Laboratory of Biocybernetics and Agrophysics in Leningrad said when asked if he had discovered anything 'new', said: " Nothing of the sort! After finding that his coherer (a primitive form of radio wave detector), became less sensitive if continuously used but returned to normal  after a period of rest, in what must be considered a great leap of faith at the time as he had little knowledge of the quantum realm, he decided that there was perhaps no boundary line between living organisms  and non-living metals. R.J Camerarius published his book De Sexum Plantorum Epistula in 1694  shocking everybody and causing a generation of heated controversy. Like Bose, Fetchner believed that plants had nervous systems and that the psyche of plants is no more linked to their  systems than is that of human beings.
Singh began a series of experiments with music and dance on the behavior and production in plants.  He broadcast music via loudspeaker to six varieties of rice growing in different villages and found that he was able to get harvests 25 to 60 percent higher than the regional average. John Ott, the head of the Environmental  Health and Light Institute in Sarasota, FL, took six mimosa plants down a 650 foot mine shaft at noon.
Bean plants in front of a TV had roots that grew up out of the soil and when he put a TV in his greenhouse, 15 feet  away from breeding rats they produced litters of only one or kits. Pierre Baranger, a professor of organic chemistry at the Ecole Polytechnic in Paris, experimented for many years and finally had to come to the conclusion, and announced it to the world in January 1959, that plants transmute minerals from one to another.  By 1963 Beranger had incontestably proved that legumes sprouted in a manganese salt solution transmuted manganese into iron where none had been before.
Fresh milk measures at 6,500 angstroms but loses 40% of its radiation at the end of 12 hours and 90% at the end of 24.
Just enter Findhorn into your search engine.   Our authors include it in their book because over the years, the founders of  the Findhorn community and their followers have created. Now, Walter must go to great lengths to find the missing cover photograph for Life magazines last issue from elusive photojournalist Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn). A charming introduction ensues, reminiscent of Stranger Than Fiction, though instead of Walter having his life narrated by an English author renowned for killing off her lead characters, Walter lives out his own fictional adventures virtually in his mind. That plants are able to perceive the surrounding world is a truth as old as the world itself. Both are diffuse but separate  from the organs they direct.  "Why, he wondered, should we believe that a plant is any less aware of hunger or thirst than an animal"? Around the same time a Canadian engineer and farmer broadcast Bach to a test plot of wheat and got a harvest 66 percent higher than the average with heavier seeds. Rodale started his magazine, "Organic Gardening" and then the magazine, "Prevention", in which he showed thousands of people how to grow nutritious food. Places on the earth that have been farmed for millennia should be depleted of certain elements but they are not and Barenger claims that it is because the plants are transmuting abundant elements into the rarer ones for their use. Despite his above-and-beyond service in helping to garner Walter’s profile for heightened chances of female interaction, his friendship is somehow grounded in the serotonin of realism. But hey, like Todd from eHarmony says, jumping out of a helicopter and fighting off a shark really improves your chances with the ladies… And isn’t that what life’s all about?
One critic has described it as sappy, syrupy, sentimental and sermonizing, and those are only the S's. We still do not understand the world of plants but we are invited to go along, experiment with our own plants, to make a beginning. He took a match, determined to burn the leaf with the electrodes on it to see if the plant would react again. He also decided to see if plants responded as well to positive emotion and one long weekend with his girlfriend found that the plants response went off the charts at a specific moment I shall not elaborate upon. Bailey found that if he watered some plants in a greenhouse and not others the unwatered plants reacted when he watered the others although there was no connection between the two groups. Our authors lament the use stigma, style, filament and anther for these organs preferring vulva, vagina, penis and glans in that order for the same organs. Charles Darwin, after publishing his , "On the Origin of Species", spent the rest of his life studying the behavior of plants and the effects of crossbreeding them which produces the hybrid vigor we know today. Since the wheat was growing on an inferior soil he concluded that the music was as good as nutrients.  Since then numerous experiments have been done with music and plants and some of the findings are quite strange. The lengths that the United States government and the chemical agriculture interests went to lie to the American people reads like a criminal rap sheet.   Rodale was a victim of this witch hunt and had to fight in court , spending a quarter of a million dollars to win the battle to continue publishing his health promoting magazine. Directing props to Stiller, tackling a movie with sizable magnitude, gauging some impressive effects while for the first time attempting a film that wasn’t more strictly comedy. Quiet folk have a tough time developing relationships, and you rejoice in a lonely guy having a friend, even if he’s a voice on the other end of a phone.
The same reviewer admitted that it is also "wholesome and heartwarming," although you will never see "wholesome" used in a movie ad. But, all he had to do was picture the flame in his mind and the plant reacted, causing a large upward sweep of the detector pen.  When he merely pretended to burn the leaf it showed no reaction at all. As Backster and Vogel had found, plants respond best to people with whom they have formed a personal bond  and this led the US army to try to devise a way of using plants that were not bonded to a specific person to measure the emotional response of people. He also found that all of the characteristics  of the responses of animal tissues were also found in plants.
How much more interesting, they say, if children were informed that each strand of silk on a cob of corn were an individual vagina ready to suck up a  single grain of pollen or that one capsule of tobacco contains 2500 seeds which require 2500 impregnations.  Well, I find that fascinating! Luther Burbank, the great plant breeder,  talked to the plants he worked with, saying that they might not know what his words meant but that he was convinced that by some telepathy they could comprehend his meaning.

He candidly captures the irony of a man working at Life magazine, who seemingly has no life himself. Backster and his collaborators, all over the US, using 25 different plants, obtained similar and even more astonishing results.  This was the first time in modern times that anyone could prove that plants are not insensate, that they react on a level that we still do not completely understand to the environment and the creatures in it. Bose wrote a number of books which delineated his experiments in detail so that others could duplicate them.  He demonstrated the characteristics of nerves in plants as it a reflex arc like the one that we use to pull our fingers off a hot stove, he found that plants shudder at the moment of death, he found that too much CO2 could suffocate plants, they get drunk on alcoholic beverages as we do. Camerarius set the stage for Carl Linnaeus who was dead set on cataloguing every plant based on its parts. The authors do not make this point but we must wonder if TV sets of today emit the same harmful radiation.
But it is not a bad movie.Above all, it contains characters I care for, played by actors I admire. He also did experiments with single celled animals, yeast and mold, various cells from the human body, blood and sperm, which, Backster found, was especially canny in that they seemed to be able to identify their owner and ignore other males.
Bose said: "…we should abandon all our preconceptions, most of which are afterward found to be found to be absolutely groundless and contrary to facts. Many found this system dry and not at all descriptive of the natural world but Linnaeus's taxonomy has lasted to this day.
While he is known for his work on peanuts and was one of the first to speak against monoculture grape, he extracted dyes from plants for fabrics, he produced shampoos, petroleum substitutes, wood stains, and basic foods from both the peanut and the sweet potato and, paper from the Southern pine tree which is now a multi-million dollar industry for the South.
With the constant bathing in radiation we all experience today and the strange increase in what used to be rare diseases perhaps it would behoove all of us to do more research on the effects of radiation, the good and the bad. The final appeal must be made to the plant itself and no evidence should be accepted unless it bears the plant's own signature."Carl Sagan said that we are made of star stuff and indeed, Sir Bose might well agree with him.
This lead to Edward Bach and his flower remedies which are homeopathic in nature.  The base of homeopathy is that the essence of the flower, or root, or bark, is transferred to the water or alcohol it is dissolved in. Queen Latifah, who combines conviction, humor and a certain majesty, plays August Boatwright, a woman about as plausible as a fairy godmother, and so what? That is to say, the radiant frequency is transferred.  We already know that water can be made to radiate and this property is not lost even at the million to one dilutions of the homeopathic pharmacy. Channel 4’s series focusing on 4, 5 and 6 year olds is therefore fascinating, as its group of subjects get older and older.
She lives outside town in a house painted the color of the Easter Bunny and gathers honey for a living.
The Secret Life of 6 Year Olds continues the show’s winning blend of cute antics, surprisingly honest observations and amusing conversations. When the group is asked to vote for the best, he starts to understand why the girl he painted is upset. Her best friend and defender, the black housekeeper Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson), endures the wrath of the father, because she will not abandon Lily.
One day Rosaleen is so bold as to attempt to register to vote and is beaten by racists in the nearby town.
One boy, who grew up wearing shiny shirts on stage, testifies loudly to a crowd, while his dad tries to sell DVDs in the car park outside. From what little we see of the folks in Tiburon, they're as nice as the folks in Lily's hometown were mean.They land on August's doorstep. And there the proper story begins, involving discoveries about the past, problems in the present and hopes for the future. Obscenely rich people, who pay through the nose for outrageous (and outrageously expensive) food. It’s hard to know whether the programme is meant to be celebrating the audacious cuisine or laughing at the swine on screen. I expect her to make the transition from child to woman with the same composure and wisdom that Jodie Foster demonstrated. But with Tracy-Ann Oberman’s narration over the top, the parade of excess becomes wonderfully grotesque.
Here she plays a plucky, forthright and sometimes sad and needy young teen with the breadth this role requires and a depth that transforms it.Then observe Sophie Okonedo, the London-born, Cambridge-educated actress who has no trouble at all playing a simpleminded, deeply disturbed country girl.
Remember her in "Hotel Rwanda"?The Alicia Keys character, June, is really too complex for a supporting role. In the workings of the story, she functions as an eye-opener for Rosaleen, who has never guessed black women could be so gifted and outspoken. The three sisters live in an idyllic household that must have taken a powerful lot of honey sales, even then, to maintain. We believe it, because Queen Latifah as August beams watchfully on all before her, and nobody can beam like Latifah. If ever there was a woman born to be christened Queen, she's the one.I have great affection for this film because it honors a novel that many people loved for good reasons. However, this is an independent publication: we take care not to let commercial relationships dictate the editorial stance of content or the writing staff.
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