List of Sabrina's Secret Life episodes, and check out List of Sabrina's Secret Life episodes on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The following is a list of episodes for the animated television series Sabrina's Secret Life. Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to ask Harvey to the school dance, but Maritza asks instead for Sabrina.
Sabrina is determined to become "the best" by beating Cassandra in the school fund-raiser by selling the most cookie dough and monster mix boxes.
Sabrina leaves her class report on Attila the Hun to the last minute and struggles to find information on him. Cassandra starts spreading rumours about Harvey (that he cheated on his maths test), and Sabrina (that she dyed her hair blonde); around the school. Sabrina gets the highly contagious "Gargoyle Flu", and refuses to take Salem and her aunt's advice to stay in bed until she is fully cured.
Sabrina delays upgrading her broomstick for Witch School to go to "Dreamland" (in the Netherworld) instead.
Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to try out for the part of Ophelia in the school play "Hamlet", since Harvey is going to play the lead character. After Sabrina gets slightly jealous that Cassandra got to read Juliet's lines to Harvey who was playing Romeo in class, she tries to make Mr.
After Sabrina gets in trouble by her paternal aunts for using much stronger and more advanced magic duplication, she and Cassandra conjure up DoppelgA¤nger's of themselves so that they can attend Witch School and go to Harvey's party at the same time.
When Sabrina and Cassandra are asked to take part in the "Netherworld Spelling Bee" together, they practice on their own. When Cassandra gets an A+ on her story, and Sabrina an A-, she is furious and determined to beat Cassandra at something.
When Salem uses a spell on Sabrina's clothes to get them quickly washed and dried (after he slept on them), it accidentally shrinks her jeans. Whilst Hilda and Zelda are off to the "Netherworld Beauty Spa", Sabrina hosts a secret party at her house. Sabrina and Maritza are excited when they find out that "Teen Talent Quest" is holding a talent competition in Greendale.
Sabrina promises to go to the "Plain Brain" concert with Maritza, which is at the same time Sabrina promised to go to the "Netherworld Hyper Spa" with her aunts. After promising Maritza she would help her with her class volcano, Sabrina gets late for Witch School, where she gets introduced to a guest speaker in a magic mirror, that favourites Sabrina because she is a half-witch. After Salem sees "Talk Talk" in the newspaper, Sabrina turns him into a handsome young witch (only that he doesn't have any powers, since it was only a temporary shape-shifting spell used) as a disguise; since he wishes to be undercover. Sabrina and Maritza make people sign a petition inviting a professional skateboarder, Ricky Speed, to Greendale to do a charity event to prevent pollution and littering. In the final episode, Harvey auditions for the role of Oberon in the school play A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Sabrina and Cassandra are auditioning for the role of Titania. Cassandra and Sabrina then make a potion as revenge for Maritza to be used on the night of the dance. But Cassandra messes with Sabrina's dough causing all the mortals in Sabrina's neighbourhood to turn into monsters. When Sabrina finds it annoying that Harvey follows her around everywhere, she tries to reverse the spell; only to find out that it makes Harvey egotistical . She then conjures him up from the past where he fights with Genghis Khan, the person who Cassandra conjured up for her report. She tries to track down the source of the rumours and eventually pays a visit to the "Rumour Mill" in the Netherworld; where all of the Rumours have been set free and escaped to Greendale. It works, and Cassandra makes Sabrina jealous of all the attention she is receiving from Harvey. With the spell comes a 'hamster' who is wanted by the Netherworld Detectives working with the Police. Sabrina's audition turns into a disaster when Cassandra ruins her performance by using an invisibility potion to trick her.
But the duplication spell goes wrong when the Doppelgangers switch personalities, and Sabrina's ruins Harvey's party; plotting to become the real Sabrina. Harvey intends to enter his dog Billbow, in a dog show, and Sabrina becomes his trainer; but she takes the competition a little too seriously and gets fired, only using him to beat Cassandra who intends to enter her 'dog' too in the contest. She notices that they suddenly become tight for her; and starts exercising and starving herself. But a babysitter by the name of Ms Pratt comes to babysit Sabrina before her guests arrive. Sabrina and Maritza both enter the competition, hoping to beat Cassandra who held a winner's bet: the winner gets to ask Harvey to the "backward dance". When she cancels out on the concert, and wishes she could go to both the concert and the spa, a green worm (by the name of Wiggles) pops out of the crystal ball her aunts gave to her.
Talk Talk has appeared in the mortal world, and is after Salem, as he got wrongfully accused of burning Queen Enchantra's dress seventy-five years ago. The charity event is a success, and as a reward to Sabrina and Maritza, he teaches them to ride the half-pipe. Sabrina ruins Cassandra's audition by casting a spell on a fan, which causes her to fly off-stage.

This is a cool promo for the Hub's newest animated show, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. Sabrina then ruins her potion in class and accidentally conjures a green worm that makes everybody jealous of each other.
Soon they both try to get even with each other; but it turns out wrong when the potion gets out of control and they constantly fade unaware.
When Sabrina rehearses the spell in front of her aunts, they become joined by the heads, and have no choice but to go to the Spelling Bee like that, but with a cloak covering one head.
Salem comes up with a plan: he distracts Ms Pratt while Sabrina searches for her aunts' spell book to make Ms Pratt young.
While there, Cassandra gets hit with chocolate chip cookies by Alchemus Al for almost taking his gold.
Sabrina joins Harvey's band (which they call "Sabrina and the Harvtones), and Cassandra forms a band with Tiffany and Margaux.
He presents her with a magic gold dial and a manual, that allows her to travel back in time whenever she wants. On her way out from the class, the remains of the top of the volcano spill on Cassandra's shirt, who happened to be walking with Sabrina when she bumped into the volcano. Salem adopts the alias "Cat", and attends school with Sabrina, where he gains admiration and popularity among the other students. Cassandra then takes the lotion bottle and gives some to the whole school, who turn into werewolves after using it. After trying to retrieve Salem (who resigned from his post), Sabrina learnt that it was important to study and that she should have paid attention in her class. It works, and she soon finds an antidote to the spell in the "Grey Area" in the Netherworld; after the spell goes out of control. When Sabrina tries to reverse the spell on her aunts, it works, except for Sabrina and Cassandra are the ones who are joined head-to-head. Salem then finally confesses to shrinking her jeans when he notices that Sabrina feels more and more tired. Thinking that Ms Pratt is eighty, Sabrina adds six times the ingredients, hoping to make her twenty. Cassandra then manages to find the herb, but it is a trap, and she and Mavista get eaten by a dragon. After promising Sabrina she wouldn't use magic to cheat, she asks her Aunt Enchantra to make her band good for her. She fails to read the manual, and uses it instantaneously to go back to the day Maritza asks her to go to the concert with her. Sabrina runs after Maritza, who cancels their friendship, when she reminds Sabrina that she forgot to help her. Talk Talk soon appears, where he figures out the shape-shifting spell Sabrina used on Salem.
Through teamwork (when they confess the truth), they conjure up a monkey riding a horse and manage to win the Spelling Bee.
They both use magic to cheat in the dog show, and Cassandra uses catnip to distract Salem while he is doing his talent: skating with magic rollerblades. While on her second cafeteria detention, she dreams that she gets armed against General Cheesehead and his troops; who are trying to persuade her to eat healthily. Sabrina takes an egg home that she believes to be a rock to add to her collection, even though Ms. After they manage to get out of the dragon, they come face-to-face with Sabrina and Salem, who have also managed to find the herb.
When Sabrina hears a beautiful singing voice in the school, she thinks it is Cassandra and gets even with her by casting a spell that makes her band popular when she sings the spell. Later on in the day, when Sabrina and Cassandra return to Witch School, Cassandra falls in through a portal in the magic mirror, after Sabrina cast a spell on her for insulting her in front of the mirror. She goes away from the event with Olivia to watch Hay McGoblin perform his skating event in the Netherworld.
He broke out of Netherworld prison, and is after Sabrina to drain her of her magic powers, which also weakens her physically.
But that dream becomes reality when she does get armed against General Cheesehead, who storms into the school and ties everyone up onto the ceiling, including Hilda and Zelda. Sabrina and Cassandra both start casting rapid spells at each other, that causes Salem and Mavista to turn into stuffed animals.
After overusing the watch a few times, Sabrina misses the concert and sleeps through the weekend.
Sabrina gets pulled into the portal with Cassandra, where they reappear in a modified version of their class.
Hay passes around cans of toxic waste, which causes all of the witches in the Netherworld to turn into stone. Sabrina takes advantage of her role as director by preventing Cassandra from doing anything that could make her close to Harvey.
Sabrina casts a spell to make Gem and herself closer."Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch PremiereHi Kabillion!
They both tend to Ms Pratt and go to a store to buy baby-supplies in a baby carriage Salem transformed from a pumpkin.

They then get help from a familiar tree that they had saved before, and with his advice manage to follow the right path, until they get lost.
She begins to notice strange things happening when she (and the watch) age rapidly, Harvey is Maritza's boyfriend, and they have no idea who she is. She believes a new student to be Talk Talk (Rex), and triggers off the fire alarm, making it look like "Talk Talk" set it off. This in turn leads all the magic in the Netherworld to disappear: Olivia's plan to take over the Netherworld.
They both try to cooperate with each other, when suddenly Puck appears, and does a favour for Cassandra by preventing her from getting close to Harvey.
They then call a truce just as Salem and Mavista turn back into real animals; who also call a truce between each other. At the "Teen Talent Quest", Sabrina sings with her band, and Cassandra unleashes her potion that was given to her by Aunt Enchantra, at the same time. Snipe is the principal, and he introduces them to a mortal guest speaker who will lecture them on the world of magic. He is let off, but then the real Talk Talk appears and is after Rex, whom he believes to be Salem. Sabrina and Maritza (who believes it to be a dream) go to the Netherworld to help restore it and destroy Hay and Olivia. He catches up with her and Maritza just as they leave the store and the baby carriage turns back into a pumpkin. Along the way they both try to repair "The Forgotten Bridge"; but Sabrina's and Cassandra's spell backfires, and a monster made of rock chases after them, crushing the herb along the way. The potion gets out of control when everybody starts fighting, and the judges choose the winner based on the highest bidder. When Hilda calls in Wiggles, he too is shocked at Sabrina's state, and explains the reason why it happened: she redid the same events more than once. That's when Cassandra realizes that she is mortal (proved when her spell completely fails). The toxic waste cans cripple Sabrina's magic, but they finally succeed when Hay gives in, and Olivia is defeated by a spell Sabrina cast which turns her into stone. They then run into the "Grey Area", and Sabrina tries to find a way out; until they find a beautiful kingdom ran by a Cyclops who has an entire field filled with "Salviar Mascaria". Cassandra sets out to win by getting her cheque-book ready, but then they hear Maritza sing and fix the spell together.
After filling in the refund forms for the watch, Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda go to a place in the Netherworld, where Sabrina learns her lesson and goes back to the time (as a teenager) when Maritza asked her to the concert. Salem acts as Sabrina's slave, in order to allow him to be free from Talk Talk, it works and Sabrina confesses her acts to Mr. It steals Salem's rhinestone dress-collar, Sabrina's watch and Cassandra's expensive necklace.
Cassandra and Salem take some, planning to use it to become rich (Cassandra) and take over the world (Salem).
It is then that Sabrina notices that it was Maritza singing in the school and not Cassandra. Maritza takes Cassandra's position: being the best witch in the school, and hanging around with Tiffany and Margaux. Snipe by cleaning his class of flowers, a Cupid statue, and chocolate boxes; all given as gifts by Ms. Since Maritza had wanted the necklace before Cassandra did in the store, she blames her for the theft. Maritza becomes the winner of "Teen Talent Quest", and becomes Harvey's date to the "backward dance". Puck ruins the performance by causing a tremor on stage, but Cassandra and Sabrina defeat him through the power of true friendship.
She finds Ms Pratt sleeping and goes through her bag where she finds Ms Pratt's identity card with her real picture on it. Sabrina and Cyclops learn their lesson; after his feelings got hurt when Cassandra called him names. Sabrina becomes Maritza's friend again, after they join their broken-heart pendants together. They then go to find Cassandra who got turned into a frog by Tiffany and Margaux after she asked for their help.
The friends who stayed behind have a party downstairs; and Harvey notices Ms Pratt come peep into the room. Once Maritza turns Cassandra back, they go through the magic mirror into the real world; where Sabrina reconciles their friendship. When Sabrina finds out that Ms Pratt is an adult again she calls off the party to find Hilda and Zelda at home.

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