A sea turtle who was hatched in 1959 spends the next 50 years traveling the world while it is being changed by global warming. It has a simplestory with an ecological message but as the movie is aimed at kids thatis actually a good thing. My kidswatched it in Thai while I listened to tunes on my I-Pod (because Ican't speak Thai).
But if you can just relax into the outdoor andunderwater and nature scenery you'll have a great time.
During the scenewhere the turtles are hatching, it actually feels like you're leaningover a hole on the beach. But if you are looking fora kind of thrill ride of 3D with wonderful art direction, you'll loveit. So glad I have kids or might never have experienced the best 3D Ihave personally experienced.Replymoviexclusive from Singapore30 Mar 2012, 12:49 amWhat is the most effective way to make a person feel guilty for beingpart of the human race?
Try making him or her sit through a movie abouta cute-looking, adorable-sounding baby sea turtle who struggles tosurvive against environmentally unfriendly human activity.
Swimmingthrough his adventures in the open ocean, Sammy has as much fun as anundertaker on his first day of work. On awhole, it just lacks the charm and humour that both children and non-children alike, would look forward to in an animated cartoon. They dotry to inject some light-heartedness with the funny sidekick characterof Sammy's best friend as voiced by Anthony Anderson.

The movie is about a greensea turtle who is hatched in 1959 and spends the next 50 yearstravelling the world while it is being changed by relentless whale andshark fishing, pollution and global warming.
Hours after being hatched,Sammy (voice of Yuri Lowenthal) finds and loses the love of his life, apretty hatchling called Shelly (Isabelle Fuhrman of Orphan fame).On the epic journey across the oceans that all turtles must accomplishbefore returning to the beach where they were born, Sammy dodges everydanger in the hope of meeting Shelly again.
On the way, he also hasencounters with humans, both good and bad, as well as toothy sharks andpiranhas.It is easy to root for Sammy and his pals not only because they arecute but also because they are sporting and gutsy.
With its storyspanning over 50 years, Stassen marks the milestone periods with humanevents (like the hippies of the Sixties and the Greenpeace protests)and with classic songs on the soundtrack. So far Ithought that a movie could not be that bad that stunning 3D effectswouldn't make it fun to watch anyway. Although the 3D effects were partlyimpressive, especially the underwater scenes, it was almost impossibleto watch the movie until the end. It is funny tosee that the smoke coming out of the pipe of the Greenpeace boat is athin light gray cloud, while the other boats spit out massive blackclouds.
This example gives an impression of the way the movie tries tomanipulate, especially the targeted audience which are kids. Asthe plot of the movie is the ocean and one of my most favorite movies(Finding Nemo) also plotted there, I thought, better to say was afraid,the movie will fail to reach my level of satisfaction.
But at the endit got a good score from me.Finding Nemo is certainly a classic movie and I guess with a similarplot no movie will be able to overtake its image and appeal. But thisadventure touched me with one of its unique feature that HUMAN DO THINKFOR THE NATURE.Someone may find this one too easy going, may be slow moving, but Iassure you take your kids with you, go back to your childhood and watchthe movie.

One ofthe last to leave the nest in a rush for the ocean his fate seemeddoomed to be short and tragic. But some wit and bravado enables him toreach the ocean, whilst unwittingly saving Snow (Melanie Griffith) aswell. Withthis perspective in mind I didn't feel my time was wasted on the movie,even though several almost visceral and realistic chase sequences withpiranhas or sharks seemed a bit out of place given the overall tone ofthe animation.
The narrative is not as predictable oras saccharine as Fly Me to the Moon, in fact it is actually quite cuteand appealing complete with a good message, but it does occasionallyhave its mundane and dull spots particularly with some scenes with thehumans.
And when itcomes to the animation in general, a vast majority of it is amazing,with gorgeous colours and stunning underwater sequences. The soundtrackfits very well, the characters are very likable and endearing mostly,the writing is much funnier and smarter with the jokes not going asoverboard as badly as they could have done(I'll drop a hint, nofainting female flies in sight!) and even the pace is snappier.
Thevoice work is very good, with John Hurt the standout as older Sammy.All in all, much better than expected. Beautiful to watch and much moreappealing to a family audience than Stassen's previous effort.

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