Secret9, the official sponsor of the 2015 Soompi Awards, is now accepting applications for the summer session of their K-pop training camp! Secret9 is a K-pop training camp that offers coaching by professional trainers who are training current idols and trainees. At the end of the camp session, there will be a closed audition for every participant so judges can mentor them about their skills and get a chance to be selected as a trainee. Anyone can take dance classes or take voice lessons – but Secret9?s coaches have worked with, or are working with, members of EXO, GOT7, Super Junior, miss A, Stellar, and many more. As Secret9 has grown, the company has been able to expand their resources to improve their camp for all participants. Also, Secret9 will help participants to audition for other agencies partnered with Secret9.
Of course, nothing beats being available in person to receive live training, but the online training system is a great alternative for people who cannot travel to South Korea because of school or other commitments.

Secret9?s camp was developed based on the training curriculum of the most prestigious Korean entertainment agencies. Starting in March, all camps with more than 20 participants will feature a K-pop idol or producer who will give advice about the K-pop industry and K-pop as a career. In other words, Secret9?s staff are completely specialized in K-pop and will make sure that you receive the same kind of training as the best idols in the business. Also, Secret9 is revising the current curriculum to provide an even better training program! This new course gets you off the wall so you will balance on your own thereby developing super physical. Free download ebook and - The Amazing Course That Gives You Raging Bull Strength from Pushups.
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