The Secret Agent Man TV show was a 60 minute spy action series on UPN (now the CW Network) where three top government agents took on missions in order to save the world from evil. In the last 6 months I have been informed of several Real Estate transactions here in the Lake Oroville area that I think I should have been involved in or at least been given an opportunity to interview for.
The information provided herein is supplied by several sources and is subject to change without notice. One caucasian men detective secret agent criminal with gun in silhouette studio on white background. Eric & Amy are at sea today heading for the Fijian capital city of Suva here is their last post from the southern Lau Group. I'm just musing here, but if they have computer and internet now and folks who know how to use them, what about the possibility of Lako selling her Pandanus floor mats online in order to bring in extra cash?
I love Facebook because it helps me stay current and share photos easily with my family all over the world - from as close as Portland to as far as Saudi Arabia and China.
Amy has returned and the good ship Secret Agent Man has moved from Taveuni and Quamea islands into the Lau Group. Although the distance makes me sad, knowing you are thriving and that your life is fulfilling brings me more happiness.
While Amy was back in the US visiting her mom, sisters, and new niece Katie, I have been single handing again.
Its gorgeous, emotional break combines an out-on-the-highway slide guitar folded magically in with surf guitar. The intro casually noodles, then fires up into an ardent gallop that supports and then is overshadowed by the lead guitar riff. One of the best among many good things about “Secret Agent Man” is that it was recorded “almost live” at the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles, the ultra venue for Rock-N-Roll in the city in the 1960s.
Of course, the solo riff has become as familiar as an old shoe, but it still has magic if you’ve never heard it or if you haven’t heard it in a few years.
Fabulously, Mesi’s guitar lead on “Secret Agent Man” does double duty not just as a grab from the James Bond file drawer but as a piece of surfing music, completely fitting and just for an L.A. While Cold War paranoia had subsided somewhat by the time Rivers got into the spy game, the romance of the lone wolf agent was still in high gear.
Ironically, “Secret Agent Man’s” release year of 1966 was the only year from 1962 to ’67 in which no James Bond movie was issued. Together, Sloan and Barri were responsible for writing a few other giant hits like “You Baby” by The Turtles. Given the general philosophical bent of the 60s, (though virtually all the other characters knew Bond’s actual name both on screen and in the Ian Fleming novels), it’s easy to grasp that there was a bit of social commentary in the line about being given a number and having a name taken away. This verse salutes Bond’s swinging lifestyle, getting all the girls but always being in some sort of poorly defined danger from them.
There are no trick pens or ejection seats in Aston-Martins in “Secret Agent Man.” The number captures the heart of Rock-N-Roll in an especially American way. It’s a great dance song that, without its lyrics, would be at home at any local sock hop, beach dance or cocktail party. Nothing in the Rock-N-Roll canon compares to these three and a half minutes of delectably fierce music. After four weeks and 3200 miles of sailing, Eric anchored in Atouna harbor early this morning. Congratulations my good man, the longest leg of your journey is behind you and now you can enjoy the sweet smells of the tropics once again. It looks like Eric has finally broken out of the doldrums and is sailing steadily toward Hiva Oa.
It is remarkable how, on a long passage, one's mood is in total concert with the conditions. I am trying really hard not to get bummed out, but when the conditions turn crappy, it only takes about 15 minutes to despair. Nothing wakes you up on Easter morning quite like looking at your new e-mail list and seeing two early AM messages from the Equatorial Pacific and your voyaging son.
As I sit here writing it is just dark and I am dripping wet soaked with sweat after just taking the single reefed main down in 35 kts. The medics made it on board and they are working on the guy and going to give a sit rep in one hour.
So I sat and thought for a while and was not happy with my duct tape fix and decided to go up the rig again. This photo is Eric preparing for his eventual ocean passage trying out foodstuffs at about age 18 months. Have enjoyed hanging out with you these last few days and are so glad we were able to tour your boat yesterday. I have enjoyed following your journey via the blog and I look forward to updates from your travels towards the South Pacific. I hope you have good wind and fair weather across the pacific, that is a trip i would love to make someday also! It was a pleasure meeting you in Evaristo and sharing some nasty 10 year old port found in the caverns of the boat!!
That is fine if you work for the CIA, but not so great if your success depends somewhat on people knowing your profession.  Even though I wear my name tag everywhere I go, carry business cards with me and hand them out like Halloween candy and talk Real Estate and Mortgage rates with everyone I meet, obviously I am still not getting the message out. Maybe even people who don’t know me yet will think of me when buying or selling Real Estate.
I laid some bait out last night (coconuts) and we did get one small one and had him and fish for dinner last night. This collection of 100 islands and islets lies to the southeast of the two main Fijian Islands and is a restricted area.
We are walking distance to the trains station, so you can travel all over Melbourne and the rest of Australia from our place. It might be that the absence of 007 allowed “Secret Agent Man” to slake the thirst of those missing M-I-5 action, sex and romance. On his own Sloan wrote the social protest classic “Eve Of Destruction” performed by Barry McGuire.
He has one of the more unique singing accents, a cross between his early New York City upbringing and the influence of his family’s move to Baton Rouge, where he lived and absorbed sights and sounds of the Mississippi during his teen years. Many people in the mid-60s were seeing the rise of the first computer intrusions into society. London in the mid-60s was known as “Swinging London,” not in the partner-swapping sense, but in the fun-time, go-out-and-party-all-night sense. Today, those two spots are as familiar as mayonnaise on a BLT, but then they were as unusual to Americans as were bouillabaisse and saag ponir.
It comes as no surprise that it was used to lend a satirical gloss to 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man Of Danger.
After a fast trip from the equator the wind gods turned off the wind 15 miles from the goal and a long twelve hour crawl into the bay in the middle of the night was the outcome.
I motored the last two miles and had the dinghy in the water on standby in case I ran out of fuel.
Four 150 mile days in a row put me there, and It still is marginal if I am going to make it by dark tomorrow or not.
Also known as the ICTZ, this is a stretch of inconsistent, changeable weather with notorious patches of no wind, squalls, very hot temperatures and frustrating progress.

The lowers are connected together through the mast and the [darn] starboard one is working itself out as I write. Sounds like he grew up to be a very capable sailor, remedying dilemmas with creative fixes. Wear your life jacket, and always err on the side of attaching your lifeline rather than not.
I'm not sure if you're planning to eventually make it to Sydney Harbor or, if yes, when that might be but I gave my sister Nicole the heads up.
It was nice running into you today and seeing you before you set sail on your next adventure to cross the pond.
It was blowing out of the south when I left for the latest trip to the islands and I ended up having an excellent run with the kite up. You are certaintly a skilled craftsman, and it sounds like you are becoming an accomplished fisherman via unusual means.
They were a pleasure to have aboard because they are already boat people and did not complain about not having a shower for a week.. Cuando vayas tu a los islas del Pacifico Sur?No podemos ir a la Montana del Sol tambien.Vamos a las Olympics en Whistler. Cruisers must have a permit, and have their papers to see this traditional area of Fijian culture.
I have been moving the boat around by myself, but luckily I was blessed with a great group of friends to travel with. The ghosts of party animals now long past their prime can be summoned to once again dance the Chicken, the Frug or the Monkey. I am anchored outside the breakwater with three other boats, none of whom had any lights on last night. The sailing has been wonderful, though the SE trades where I am at are unsettled compared to the NE trades.
Ive been motoring for a little over 24 hours but the party is over tomorrow as I will be out of fuel. I'm still going fast with full sail in an easterly but Kevin and Pinquoia parked it up last night. From the tone of your emails and suggestions I dont think you realize what kind of trouble I was in.
I went fast all night last night and kept her rolling today so I think I will end up doing several miles over a 100 mile day which is good.
I am planning on going to Hiva oa which is really far, by far the farthest solo passage I have done yet. Meant to ask if you had a blog so I could see your amazing experiences and am happy to have stumbled across this blog.
Well, actually, I have been back in town for a week and a bit now but I have been very busy. Haven’t I done everything possible to make sure that everyone knows that I am in the Real Estate business and that I love everything about it, that I am a great agent with tons of happy clients? Less developed than the rest of Fiji this island group has been the intersection between the Polynesian Tongan culture and the Melanesian Fijian peoples.
Grandma and Mom visited yesterday and just about melted in the heat (like my poor garden pumpkins, which may not survive a recent ill-advised transplanting).
In his delivery of “Secret Agent Man” you can also feel a winking attitude that hints discreetly at the satirical possibilities inherent in the music and lyrics. I also spent the night several boatlengths away from gnarly rocks with surf crashing on them, which was a sharp contrast to being at sea. There will be squalls all the way in and there is usually a shift associated with them as well as a big hole after they go by. Only one crash tack, but I had breeze out of the south west which is directly where I want to go and thus had to sail due west or even north of west on port. For the non sailors out there the "lower stays" are stainless wires that connect the sides of the boat to the midpoint of the mast and are critical to keep the mast lined up rather than buckling to the deck. Eric sounded like one of the Cylons from Battle Star Galactica but he was enthusiastic and well. This combo is really fast when the breeze is up above ten knots, but when it drops lower than that, the boat rolls and the jib wont stay full. I spent yesterday and this morning making a sweet line bag to replace my potable water jug that has been holding my halyards. The scope of the voyage made me really want to do a bunch of things that were coming up on the list before being at sea. The method is to cut the fish into really thin strips and maranate it in teriyaki and brown sugar.
It its the wind generator for Secret Agent Man and hopefully it will provide me with more power than I can use. In this island group one finds very rare tourist facitiies and no commercial fishing (meaning more fish) which is a boon to the lucky cruisers who are allowed a view of what these islands looked like in 1774 when Captain Cook became the first european visitor.
This means that we are going to have the first Breeze that is north of east in a month and will be good if not perfect to sail to the Lau group.
Bill on "Solstice" is heading for the Lau group, Vulpia is back to Savu Savu to re-provision in anticipation of the owners coming for a cruise, and I have sailed to Taveuni to await Amy who is flying in in a few days.
I am very much in tune with the boat and I wake up straight away when something doesn't feel right and adjust. When the sun came up it got better and I am close hauled heading sort of at the islands, but not laying them. At 3:00 am on Easter, Eric is 1500 miles from Mexico and 1500 miles from Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. I took the sails down immediatly and at that moment I would have bet against the rig staying up.
He was pumped about having logged 145 miles that previous 24 hours now that he found more breeze. When I got up there the motion was way worse than the first time, and I ended up getting beat up. I will be leaving tomorrow for the islands to do some fishing and then come back here and check out of the country and head across the pacific.
I'm stoked for sun mtn, but it won't be the same without you there this year to ski with and play epic ping pong. All I have to do is take care of the boat, make sure we know the weather and have the charts of where we are and where we are going.
Also, immediatly after I set the hook and was idling I ran out of fuel, so I am going to go get some today and see if there is any room in the bay. I thought about going with the chute tonight, but the breeze is on the beam and has been variable so I think Id rather sleep tonight. All three screws that fastened the starboard side of the bracket holding the scanner were gone, and the entire unit was flopping about and it was immediately apparent that I had to go up the rig if I wanted a radar during the next six months. I looked at it and there was no way I was going to rivet it back on so I spent my entire roll of excel pro lashing the scanner to the spreader and it aint going any where. I will try to fix it but there are two different pins in the plug that have snapped off and I dont think I will be able to fix it. The photo is an early picture of the world explorer taken in 1982 on the back of his grandfather Kenneth Sr.

I ended up running down to the engine and shifting difectly at the transmission for the rest of the trip. Tomorrow however the order of business will be: coffee, cliff bar, set up anchor, pop chute, make landfall.
It is hot mom, I take salt water showers almost daily and once I caught some rainwater and did the final rinse in fresh water, such a treat.
I feel really bad giving my position reports because I sailed right around him and am smashing right at the islands while he is struggling to get back in the breeze.
Also, today I did more sail changes than I have done during the entire passage so I am pretty tired. I ended up with a 24 hour run of 170 miles, and the top speed that I saw was 12.9 kts of boatspeed in a gnarly puff down a gnarly wave. We'll seehow the race pans out because we are still far apart and do not have the same conditions. It is hundreds and hundreds of miles of "clover", and there is nothing to do all day but read, and work on the boat, and talk on the radio, and get the boat dialed! I will try all day to fix it but right now I want to &*%$#cry because I lost my favorite link to other people on the first day of the trip. We have lots of fish and lobster and there are apparently coconut crabs here so we might stay a while.
It sounded like he was getting sprung at noon today so I am curious to see how he did tonight. I saw everything from a monsoon of a gnarly squall and 30 kts to beautiful blue sky and ten knots of wind.
One of the puddle jumpers (Wind Child) did an accidental gybe in similar breeze and someone got owned by the boom.
The ITCZ crossing will be the race I think because the boats that are through are in 25 kt SE trades and pointed right at Hiva Oa. I had to straddle the starboard lower and by far my worst injury was crushing my [self] on the shroud.
I plugged the mic in and tried to check in to the amigo net this morning and was not transmitting. I checked the rig, and did full maintenance on the engine, including bleeding the fuel system which I learned how to do today. Luckily it has been cool so we have been closing the boat up at night and killing the few that manage to get in. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend time with them, and for the most part the time Amy has been away has flown by.
There is still a very long ways to go and Ill be happy if I make it into the southern hemisphere in the second week of april. Long story short I went up the rig and spent my entire roll of duct tape securing the bloody thing. This is a real bummer for me because I am totally a member of the ham and ssb community down here and my friends would have missed me. I also put the check valve in the bilge hose which I wish I had done a long time ago because I can now leave the float switch on all the time. It is very similar to the ssb nets but not everyone is on a boat and they are a little more strict about radio protocol. After about 30 minutes trying to get unwraped from a coral head we sailed in here and Amy had a nap. After we filmed at the school in Gamea we were a little bit too famous for our own good and we evacuated to an undisclosed tropical paradise (pictured) with our own, private, beach and reef. There is nothing to hit going into Atuona and my friends say its easy but if it becomes apparent Im not going to make it Ill have to park it off shore which will make for a long night tomorrow night.
For example tomorrow I will control the Pacific puddle jump net in the morning and evening and take position reports and traffic from about 20 boats. I then took some lines and put the [spinnaker pole] attatchment point as high as I could get it [lines then tied from that mast fitting to the rail of the boat]. The coastguard are parachuting medics onto the boat and they sent a ship to pick up the person and the medics. I controlling the puddle jump net tonight and so did a lot of reading, and some boat work today to save batteries.
I did get away from the rig once which was one of the more scary moments of the trip so far.
Today we got the boat all cleaned up and we will leave here in a few hours for Vanua Belavu. Thank you so much Bill, Cyrus, Brooke, and Lauren for some of the best highlights of the trip and several beach days that I will always remember. I have to get food, and do some boat work and check out of the country and then Ill start speaking french. But after a couple of hours it picked up out of the NE and I ended up on a beam reach going 6+ kts and sailed all the way into the anchorage. The pro furler foil came apart at the very top joint but is still functional and doesnt look like it will hurt the sail.
I got all ready to go up the rig but it was 3 in the morning and very dark and right when I was all set, boom 35 knot squall [appeared] and lots of rain.
All I have to say is those coast guard officers have some stones to parachute on to a boat in this breeze. I hope you all are well, and I will make sure that mom and dad know how to post text on this blog. Kevin's brother is bringing us some, as Kevin's guitar is wasted too, and I might have him get some nylon ones for me. I email them almost every day at sea so there will be a lot more content on here in the next month. The reason I had to go up immediatly was that the lowers are connected to each other and the other one was working itself out of the mast and if I lost the fittings I was screwed. We will spend a few days provisioning, doing laundry and checking out and then its off to Vanuatu. The other lucky things that happened were that a crucial irreplaceable nut that was the main failure fell from half way up the mast and stayed on deck. Then I had a really good idea and cut two tiny pieces of bailing wire perfectly to fit in the female part of the plug and make contact with the broken ends.
They hit the reef a couple of days ago and wrecked their rudder so Brooke and cyrus will stay in vanua belavu for the rest of the season and then limp back to NZ as there is no facility capable of hauling a boat that big in Fiji. We have about 2 and a half months until we need to head to Australia but Vanuatu and New Caledonia are right on the way. Once we get to Noumea it is only 700 and change miles to Brisbane which is nothing so in a week or two we will be well on our way to OZ. Like Laura, Kate, and Neil in Australia, we have found something that is great, but it is on the other side of the planet. I got pretty beat up going up the rig and if I never have to go up a rig in a seaway again it will be too soon.

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