Short demo-preview will be available when the Crowdfunding campaign starts and you'll be able to give it a try. A heten Zoboki Gabor es Demeter Nora vilagaba enged betekintest a Secret Areas, Mikloska Zoltan fotoival es Szucs Julia interjujaval.
A Jozsefvarosi Onkormanyzat a Magnasfertaly Setak kereteben kulturtorteneti kirandulasokat szervez. Made in order to provide a common group for a small slovenian mod developing and mod playing community. Basicly, this is an immortal thing but you can make it go under water for few seconds by shooting it. Every map will have at least 1 secret area and you’ll see how many you had find on the end of the map.

Some enemies follow you when your torch is off and stop following as soon as you turn it back on. I thought it would be interesting to show you how does he feel when trying sounds for the game. Most of the secrets will have coins in it and other goodies like that but there will be ones worthy of finding – easter eggs and such you know?
I did some smoothing of the path that works for now but I want to do more different movements in the future. It’s the first time for me to work with the pathfinding and it’s a lot of fun but sadly I can’t afford playing and polishing right now. You can pick them up now by getting close to them and they also make this nice cute fly-up animation.

From there it was a hard pick since one health bar is represented by hearts and another with bar.
I’ll use B for the standard view most likely because it’s easy to see the difference between the flame and health + hearts are countable while bar is not.

Low magnesium levels and vertigo
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