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This seems a little unexpected; is this something already revealed in the comics, or is it 'to come'?
I vaguely remember him listed as an auxiliary Avenger way back when I read Marvel regularly, so early 90's or so, but I have no idea how he came to be one.
Over time in the Marvel Universe, many characters moved from X-men to Avengers and back again. Beast, one of the original X-Men, joined the Avengers in Avengers #137 (July 1975), which is around the time that the second generation of X-Men debuted, which excluded original X-Men Beast, Iceman and Angel. Beast returned to the X-Men in 1991 and stayed with them (as a member of their Blue team, and later in the series New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men) until his departure in Uncanny X-Men #519 (February 2010). The Marvel Universe - Secret Avengers page confirms Beast's membership as a result of it's formation following the Superhuman Registration Act. There also appears to have been a falling out between Beast and the X-Men over the return of Magneto to their ranks in the Nation X story arc where he leaves the team again (Uncanny X-Men #519). Of course, given the complexity of the Marvel universe, the Marvel Universe - Beast page doesn't cover this particular story thread, but I think that's incidental. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged comics marvel-comics x-men avengers avengers-vs-x-men or ask your own question. Will altering my HOSTS file allow me to access sites that can't be directly accessed via IP?
Discouraged from giving A's, but students are doing excellent work, what can a professor do? There are few nice pieces of artwork here, and it’s nice to look at the design evolution. It’s a bit jarring at first to see the title name along with the completely unrelated character. I like that Shadowcat’s costume evolution also shows a progression of her attitude and confidence, too. The most substantial missing look is Angel with his razor wings, that was a landmark change for the character.
It is interesting that Paul Renaud chose to highlight the great Frank Quitley design in his piece, but those designs ignored by the Cyclops and Wolverine artists.
You know, for a long time I thought that white fur on Sabertooth’s costume was actually him. I wonder: has the Storm character ever had a look that actually made her hair look African? With the release of this image, Marvel has announced New Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. I’d assumed that starting with a new Avengers #1 was their method of renumbering New Avengers. After recently jumping on to New Avengers for the first time, I’ve been on the fence about the entire Avengers relaunch coming up. Eh, to be perfectly honest the only avengers book that intrest me right now is secret avengers, and thats mostly because we know almost nothing about it. I think this may be official recognition that Avengers, not X-Men are the franchise Marvel title.
That being said I was going to buy Avengers when there was just one…I may still buy just one but not until I know all the lineups and creative teams.
Anything with Bendis gets my dollar, probably not gonna read T-Bolts or Avengers Academy though.
I’ll miss the days when all the Avengers I loved were in one book so I only had to buy New and not Mighty. Everyone had to know this was coming when Marvel announced the end of all the Avenger books a short time ago.
Don’t get me wrong, if I looked at this as a business man then of course this all makes sense.
Hmmm, I read the first few trades of Bendis’ run on Avengers but then stopped when there were too many cross-overs and stuff as it all got too complicated.

The same city thing is rather silly but is just a convention of the Marvel universe where lots of things always happen in New York. I guess I would care a little bit more if I were to actually purchase Marvel comics on a more than a not so far this century basis…. It is basically the New Avengers with Thor as a few predicted in the Avengers thread about a month ago. There may be a reason for the multiple teams that we will discover when we read the issues. Seriously though, with every additional Avengers book announced my excitement level for the whole thing just plumets.
Someday in 2020 or so, we’ll all look back on the Bendis-helmed Avengers era and see how it was exactly like the Bob Harras-helmed X-Men era.
So how exactly did it turn commercial when the book was born out of an event and had very popular characters not known for being Avengers on the team? On the left you can see the original hand-drawn line art for the piece, minus the head-shots for the upper left corner box and the Ultron head in the UPC Code Box (which sported a black costume Spider-man head in the Direct Sales version of the original Secret Wars cover).
As a reminder – I am currently accepting commissions online for sketches and illustrations. Featuring Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Panther, The Wasp, Baron Zemo and The Enchantress. If you haven’t had a chance to see me this month, it hasn’t been for a lack of me trying! I’ll be signing and sketching at Springcon on Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19, helping the Minnesota Comic Book Association (MCBA) celebrate their 25th Anniversary!
I’ll be selling my 11″?17? prints (all the same ones I just had at the C2E2 convention) for $20 each , which is $10 less than from my Etsy store! Christopher Jones is a comic book artist who has worked on DC's Young Justice, The Batman Strikes!, Marvel's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Dr. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This book does introduce us to though is the Skrull Queen who takes the form of Spider-Woman and her number 2, Hank Pym.  Dun dun dunnnn. After that the book gets weird with a Skrull ship crashing into the Savage Land filled with Skrulls who look like heroes and who actually believe that they are those heroes.  Ka-Zar comes across the real, or possibly not Spider-Man and tells him a story about Skrulls who had infiltrating Shield to illegally mine vibranium to use as weapons against earth. He stayed with the team until issue #211 (September 1981), leaving them to join the Defenders (1985) and X-Factor (1986). Beast left due to disagreeing with how Cyclops was leading the X-Men, namely his militaristic methods and allowance of Magneto on the team. And as a result of the recent Schism storyline, where a larger faction of X-Men led by Wolverine similarly disagreed with Cyclops methods and split off to form a school in Westchester, Beast has returned to the X-Men in the comic Wolverine and the X-Men (December 2011). I’m not big on covers that are completely unrelated to the book they appear on, though. Kitty Pride really needs a definitive look and can’t Beast get some sort of laser eye surgery? I can understand their desire to start with a new numbering to try to get new readers, but why on Earth would you have a New Avengers team when you are bringing back the classic lineup and series proper? Maybe Avengers Avengers will get to be the book Bendis’ Mighty Avengers was always supposed to be. The Avengers are becoming more and more like the X-men with so many titles and that’s not a good thing in my opinion. It would have been stupid for Marvel to go back to 1 Avenger title because Marvel would be leaving money on the table. No comments on how many books is good or bad, just name what you think another Title would be? I wanted to start new and afresh, a simple time for avengers in which we could really get ourselves back to the basics, but, nevertheless I am wrong.
First off, there has been very positive feedback regarding Immonen’s work on this series, so to give him more Avengers work is a smart thing to do.
That is more important to me than the number of books, which like Jimski pointed out, remains the same.

I’m still waiting for them to announce a re-numbering or re-launching for Mighty Avengers, and maybe an ongoing Young Avengers. It started out good, it had a LOT of filler, it totally turned commercial, it didn’t accomplish much on and issue-to-issue basis, and while it was going on the readers thought the good times were rolling all along, until the end when people started to wake up. In the center is the composition of that line art with the other elements including those heads and Photoshop-rendered logos and text. My originals are all black-and-white line art, but I will add digital color and provide a print along with the original art for an additional fee.
And remember, you can check out all my planned convention appearances for the coming year on my Appearances Page!
And I might be showing my age, but the best designs seem to all lie within the first two stages. I hope I don’t ruin the snark party by wanting to enjoy myself and look forward to something. The only weird thing is that a re-launch of New Avengers telegraphs the fact that this truly is a cash grab. Seems like Marvel, whether in a new age or not, haven’t learned anything from past mistakes.
But if I look at this like a comic book fan, then I think it is a bit silly (and pointless) to have so many teams. Meanwhile, based on Luke Cage being the first reveal, I suspect that New Avengers will be the more street level team. But does it need a street level team, or a ‘Secret Ops’ team, or a team full of villains? There are a bunch of heroes that do Secret Ops or spying like Cap, Black Widow, even Wolverine.
There’s a long and varied history of MANY teams coming together in fictional universes, both on TV, in film, and in comics. If they are built on a flimsy premise, it will quickly become apparent, and I will drop the book(s). Hell, he already did with New and Mighty, except Mighty didn’t get drawn quickly enough.
On the right is the final color version which, which is being produced as a print and will be delivered with the original artwork as part of the commission to the good Mr.
Of course, given the complexity of the Marvel universe, the Marvel Universe - Beast doesn't cover this thread. Right now, all we have is New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and The Initiative.
At least with the other two new books, they seemed fresh because they had new titles, new teams, and new ideas.
You can’t just have one team of Avengers in the Marvel U, because that’s a hell of a work load! If they are not, then I will purchase them as long as I am enjoying them and can afford them. All the changes to the text on the cover are references to the Avengers: EMH series and were worked out by Chris Yost, as were the character substitutions and the change of setting to in front of Stark Tower in New York City. Avengers was a back to basics book and Secret Avengers was Brubaker’s espionage team book. The only reason the new avengers came together was because the old team was gone.  What is the point of keeping this team? Actually, I expected more of an Avengers Academy type book instead of a new New Avengers but what can you do.
Threats that are dangerous and need to be dealt with but perhaps not by the god of thunder or one of the smartest guys in the world.
Most likely, I’ll check out the new Avengers book and Secret Avengers and see how they perform but give both a short leash.

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