This is by far one of the most challenging puzzle boxes, with 3 dials that must be positioned exactly to open the box.
Puzzle Warehouse recycles everything it can to save the environment and to keep costs and prices low.
This entry was posted in Avengers, Captain America, Nova, Secret Avengers, Ultimates and tagged absorption, America, American flag, and speed, army, art, artwork, Avengers, Captain America, Champions of Xandar, comics, Defenders, durability, energy projection, flight, Marko Djurojevic, Marv Wolfman, marvel, New Avengers, New Warriors, Nova, Nova Corps, Nova Force, Nova Prime, open wormholes, paint, pencils, Quasar, red and blue, Richard Rider, Secret Avengers, Secret Avengers cover art by Marko Djurojevic, shield, Steve Rogers, Steven Rogers, super soldier, superhero, superhuman strength, The Human Rocket, United Front, vibranium, Vibranium-steel alloy shield, Xandar. This is an handcrafted and hand crafted trick puzzle box featuring beautiful Golf sport pattern in the large size.The object is to open the box. Keep memorabilia, love letters, or little heirlooms inside, where smooth-sanded wood walls bottom will gently hold your belongings.

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Made from a variety of hardwoods, each box is unique not only in appearance but also in that each box will have a different unlocking combination code.
Each beautiful box is unique and finely crafted and painted by hand, and gives it a unique character often lost in mass-produced products.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view.

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