148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. Microsoft has included a surprise feature in its new Edge web browser for Windows 10, in the form of support for the ultra-optimizable Asm.js JavaScript dialect.
By eliminating many of the vagaries of the JavaScript language syntax, Asm.js forces client-side web code into a form that is easy for Just-In-Time compilers to parse and optimize. In many cases, Asm.js code can be compiled into native binaries that execute as fast as code written in C or C++ – as evidenced by impressive 3D gaming demos like the one that was developed jointly by Mozilla and Unity earlier this year.
In a Thursday blog post, Microsoft's Edge team said Asm.js support was one of the ten most requested features submitted to the Microsoft Edge Developer Suggestion Box. To enable it, all you need to do is enter "about:flags" into the URL bar and tick the box next to the relevant option under the browser's list of experimental features.
The Edge team's blog post goes into more detail about how Chakra's new features help push the pedal to the metal when executing Asm.js code. The work isn't done, though, and Microsoft says it plans to gather more data from the preview builds of Edge to determine whether its current approach to Asm.js is working before enabling support by default.

Microsoft is accepting feedback on Asm.js support and all things Edge on Twitter and its own Connect web forums. While an edge firewall can do an excellent job of protecting the network perimeter, it can’t help with attacks on the inside, after a breach occurs. This paper explores Veeam Explorer for Oracle and shows how it is used in backup and recovery tasks.
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It wont show up in the recently opened application list which makes it invisible and no will know that you opened this app. And while support is already present in Firefox and Chrome (albeit reluctantly), Microsoft hasn't said much about it until now. What's more, not only has Redmond listened, but experimental Asm.js support is already available in the version of Edge that shipped with the current version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 10074. It also has a new generator that outputs Type Specialized bytecode, which takes advantage of the fact that Asm.js only supports architecture-native data types like integers, floats, and doubles to speed up execution.

Chakra's JIT compiler has also been optimized to add extra acceleration Asm.js code that's output by the LLVM compiler backend. Microsoft says it already performs 300 per cent faster on the Unity Benchmark and 200 per cent faster on other benchmarks than it did before Asm.js support was enabled. If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly. To check it out, you can put the new browser through its paces on some 3D games and other demos.

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