Limited Brands, a Columbus Ohio-based company that owns Victoria Secret, has announced that their immensely popular lingerie store is going to come out with a line of logoed sweat pants, tank tops and panties for 33 colleges, including UCLA, Harvard and University of Michigan. Apparently this idea isn’t going over too well at Ohio State, whose Buckeye logo we won’t see slapped on the ass of any Victoria Secret product any time soon. It all sort of sounds dirty and incestuous to me, made more so by the fact that some old dude is the head of Victoria Secret.
This story inspires any number of humorous or horrifying scenarios, but here are the ones I’m most struck with, no pun intended. FRONTLINE goes inside the “Secret State of North Korea” to explore life under the world’s youngest dictator, Kim Jong-Un.?Just two years in the job and armed with nuclear weapons, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is the world’s youngest dictator, ruling one of the world’s most isolated countries.

It probably wouldn’t have been such a big had not the company been based in the same city that houses OSU, or if OSU rival Michigan wouldn’t get the Vicky Secret treatment. Well, because the CEO of Limited Brands, Leslie Wexner (who is a guy) is on the board of Trustees at OSU and feared a conflict of interest. Instead of buying over-priced underthings proudly bearing the logo of their school, they will have to buy over-priced underthings that have no logo at all. Like his father and grandfather, he wants to maintain tight control over what North Koreans see of the world — and what the world sees of North Korea.
And all the money that they spend on said over priced underthings will go straight into the pocket of Wexner, the very man responsible for their misfortune.

Gordon Gee, (whose initials, I have to point out, spell EGG) stepped down from the board at Limited Brands for similar conflict of interest issues.

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