It almost reminds me of some old scary movie or Scooby Doo cartoon where a mansion is full of hidden doors and passageways. Barbra Streisand has a mall underneath her house, but I don’t think she has something like this. Scroll down for some fun and surprising images that will explain how having a window in the middle of your kitchen floor might actually be one of the best ideas you’ve heard in a long time. If I ever have the opportunity to build a dream home, I'm definitely going to consider a wine cellar like this. You can choose to keep your wine cellar door a little more hidden by getting rid of the glass and hiding it beneath some normal floorboards.
Even if you're not a wine drinker, the additional cellar space is ideal for extra storage, or even as a bomb shelter.

I've got to admit all my systems have been modded since original PS so I guess I owe it to the "industry" to buy a few games . I wish they would just make these games backwards compatable instead of trying to get us to buy them twice. I read the script they had for this film from ages ago when it was announced, it was an absolute riot.
I agree about the vast superiority of the workprint cut of 3 (I think they called it that because the director wasn't officially involved, although he liked his original vision best, of course). I know people who have added movie rooms, recording studios, lap pools and even a karaoke room to their houses. I don’t think the Winchester Mystery House, which is known for its doors to nowhere and secret stairwells, even has a spooky window to a hidden chamber in the floor.

Even if you have zero interest in hair metal, shotguns, or zombie massacres, the movie still looks like an absolute riot. Chock full of weed, coke, and booze, the band discovers a secret in the cellar and unwittingly open a gate that allows demons to possess the corpses in the surrounding cemetery. Forced to have to survive the night and with the odds getting slimmer, the band must battle hordes of the demonic undead and hope to get a record deal.

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