For two nights only, the Roxie Theater in San Francisco will be hosting a special screening of ENTERTAINMENT, followed by live performances from Neil Hamburger and Secret Chiefs 3. The UR piece, “Medium Aevum” is the original of a song Ishraqiyun has been covering for many years, familiar from SC3 live gigs (but never recorded).
The flipside is FORMS' energetic and comprehensive piano-roll band organ rendition of the Sousa masterpiece, “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Faithful in all details to the original composition, the tune gets a temperamental update according to the mood of the times. Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ -plus- SC3 rhythm section renditions of Saint Saens’ “Danse Macabre” (heard live lately) and Spruance’s “Apocryphon of Jupiter” (never heard). Some will undoubtedly be wondering, yes, some (but not all) of these «singles» tunes are slated to come out later on «albums» (not on Book of Souls: Folio B).

It's all done on the decaying early 20th Century devices of the FORMS «Mausolee Mecanique», which here are manipulated by Matt Lebofsky's decrepit fingers, William Winant and Kenny Grohowski's dusty beaters, Timba Harris' rat-chewed piccolo bowings, and Spruance's endlessly cobwebbed weavings.
Features the Golden State Theater Mighty Wurlitzer in Monterey, CA, augmented by the band’s live magic organ rig, all played by the just-mentioned cast of «Mausolee Mecanique» mannequins. Now, after persistently touring and playing this music in more than 40 countries during the last few years, Secret Chiefs 3 unveil the first proper set of studio recordings of Ishraqiyun material. We have learned that there are some who seem to feel a bit sour about «singles» coming out before «albums».
As a bonus, they have included a healthy dose of new, previously unheard tunes (actually half the album).

So, in order that no one gets that sour taste again, we recommend that, if you are one of the very few afflicted by this phobia, that you avoid acquiring these items.

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