Executive producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold are now speaking out about which direction the series might have gone in had The CW renewed.
Several hashtags concerning the series trended on Twitter worldwide for over an hour after the news was announced. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her. Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves.

She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again. I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said. They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst.

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