You only need thirty to forty-five minutes to tour Usk Castle, although you may want to linger longer and enjoy the scenery and serenity. Anita, the fall colours were lovely, but I imagine Usk Castle would be quite beautiful in summer when flowers are in bloom.
Rachel, I too usually enjoy imaging what ruins were like when new and did that in other sites. Donna Janke explores the familiar and the obscure, near and far, with a focus on nature, culture, history, art, architecture, and food.
Somewhere you won’t be surrounded by other tourists. A place that gives you the perfect chance to immerse yourself in the culture of another land. Well, you’re in luck! In the morning, we planned to head directly to our next destination in the Brecon Beacons with a visit to Raglan Castle along the way. In addition to being open to the public during daylight hours, Usk Castle is available to rent for weddings and other events.

We knew there was a castle in Usk, but it did not receive the same amount of tourism coverage as other sites in the area, including Raglan.
Rather than detract from or clash with the ruins, they blend nicely with their surroundings and add to the serenity of the site. I am always amazed that the owners of these historical sites allow and encourage visitors in order to preserve the history and make it a living thing. I was thinking my daughter could have been married there instead of in Guthrie Castle in Scotland! All these destinations are available to visit on your own holiday, but many are serviced during cruise holidays, the best way to see those sought after idyllic hideaways.Top 10 Secret Holiday Cruise DestinationsBimini Islands – BahamasAside from popular locations such as Freeport and Nassau, the Bimini Islands are a well-kept secret in the Bahamas. We were to take a pebble from the pot and place it into a wooden bowl, the owners’ way of counting visitors. Here, you can enjoy a whole host of different cultures and spend time relaxing on some of the country’s finest beaches.Top features – the city’s centre, which looks over the Ionian Sea.

Also check out the Neolithic burial grounds in Girifalco.Roatan Island – HondurasA mere 30 miles off the coast of Honduras, you’ll come across Roatan Island – which lies on the edge of over 33 miles of turquoise blue waters. If you love getting close to animals that show no fear of humans, you’ll love spending time here.Leptis MagnaLibya isn’t known for its Roman ruins, but did you know if houses some of the best ruins outside of Rome?
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