After he took over the presidency, Barack Obama did away with such traditional legal niceties and decided to just kill some Americans who would previously have been accused of treason or terrorism.
Section 215A of the Patriot Act allows the FBI, in pursuit of spies and terrorists, to order any person or entity to turn over a€?any tangible thingsa€? without having to justify its demands by demonstrating probable cause.
The Obama administration has created a secret interpretation of Section 215 that goes beyond the direct wording of the law to include other information that can be collected. You would have thought that, in the interests of the nation, the Bush administration would have demanded a thorough investigation of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the deadliest assault ever on U.S. Another secret document that the American people deserve to see is the 30-page summary of the interview of President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney conducted by all ten commissioners on April 29, 2004. President Ronald Reagan also issuedA six NSDsA with classified titles, and President Bill Clinton issued 29.A  President George W. Marine Corps General Douglas Stone earned positive reviews for hisA revamping of detention operations in Iraq, where he determined that most of the prisoners held by the United States were not actually militants and could be taught trades and rehabilitated. Tabarak, a Moroccan, was allegedly one of Osama bin Ladena€™s long-time bodyguards, and took over bin Ladena€™s satellite phone in order to draw U.S.
Abdurahman Khadr, the self-described a€?black sheepa€? of a militant family from Canada, was 20 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan and turned over to American forces.
A month later, at a symposium at the University of San Francisco, FBI lawyer Andrew Weissman announced that the FBI was issuing two memoranda to its agents to clarify how the agency would interpret the Supreme Court decision. The subject of international trade negotiations is one that makes most peoplea€™s eyes glaze over. Responding to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed byA The Center for International Environmental Law, DC District Judge Richard W.
Secret documents, fake passports, gun and bullets - spy objects and espionage equipment illustration.
If the system was digital (which it probably was not) and the key sheets were for one-time use only, the system would be absolutely secure. Now I have chosen 11 examples that were createda€”and burieda€”by both Democratic and Republican administrations and which cover assassinations, spying, torture, 50-year-old historical events, presidential directives with classified titles anda€¦trade negotiations.

Bush was confronted with cases of Americans fighting against their own country, it responded in a variety of ways. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, who, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was briefed about this secret interpretation,A urged the presidentA to make it public. Mark Udall of Colorado, also a Democrat, have implied that the Obama administration has expanded the use of Section 215 to activities other than espionage and terrorism.
Bush signed a a€?memorandum of notificationa€? (still secret) that authorized the CIA to do what it needed to fight al-Qaeda.A  However the memo did not address what interrogation and torture techniques could be used on captured suspects.
Bush issuedA two such NSDs, presumably shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Based on his success in Iraq, Stone was given the task of making an evaluation of detainee facilities in Afghanistan.
He has said that he was recruited by the CIA to become an informant at GuantA?namo and then in Bosnia. Jones, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that attaching a GPS device to a car to track its movements constitutes a a€?searcha€? and is thus covered by the Fourth Amendment protecting Americans against a€?unreasonable searches and seizures.a€? A But it did not address the question of whether the FBI and other law enforcement agencies must obtain a warrant to attach a GPS device or whether it is enough for an agent to believe that such a search would turn up evidence of wrongdoing. One memo dealt with the use of GPS devices, including whether they could be attached to boats and airplanes and used at international borders. RobertsA ordered the Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeA (USTR) to release the document, but the Obama administration has refused, claiming that disclosure a€?reasonably could be expected to result in damage to the national securitya€? because all the nations involved in the failed negotiations agreed to keep all documents secret until December 31, 2013a€¦a€?unless a country were to object to the release of one of its own documents at that time.a€? Judge Roberts ruled that the USTR has failed to present any evidence that release of the document would damage national security.
I see enough non-random distribution of points on the image to the furthest right, to suggest that this was how it operated. John Walker Lindh, captured while fighting with the Taliban in December 2001, was indicted by a federal grand jury and sentenced to 20 years in prison. According to Section 215, the library is prohibited from telling anyone what it has turned over to the FBI.
In aA letterA to Attorney General Eric Holder, Wyden and Udall wrote that a€?there is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows. They would not testify under oath andA they refused to allow the interview to be recorded or transcribed.

Bush issued National Security Directive (NSD) #79, a document so secret that even its title remains classified almost 20 years later. President Barack Obama has issued at leastA seven Presidential Policy DirectivesA with classified titles. His findings, conclusions and recommendations were included in a 700-page report that he submitted to the U.S.
The sending machine Belin has developed decomposes the message, document or photograph, while the receiver employed assembles the electrical impulses into the original form.
The same goes for National Security Directive #77, issued a few days earlier, as well as four others issued in 1989 (#11, 13a, 19a and 25a). A Captured and sent to GuantA?namo, Tabarak was mysteriously released, sent back to Morocco in July 2003, and set free shortly thereafter.
His younger brother, Omar, was 15 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan and accused of killing an American soldier, Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer, during a firefight. Any other machine, although receiving the same document, finds the signals altogether distorted and of no value whatever. Adam Gadahn, who has made propaganda videos for al-Qaeda, was indicted for treason in 2006 and remains at large. According toA some accountsA of the report, Stone determined that two-thirds of the Afghan prisoners were not a threat and should be released. When the commission completed its work in August 2004, the commissioners turned over all their records to the National Archives with the stipulation that the material was to beA released to the publicA starting on January 2, 2009.
Among the more tantalizing still-secret documents are daily briefings given to President Bush thatA reportedlyA described increasingly worried warnings of a possible attack by operatives of Osama bin Laden.

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