Check out a first look of the upcoming episode of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER“4-1-1?
Wedding coordinator NAM SANG-HYO (Yoo Inna) strides confidently through The Secret Hotel, the picture of competence as she checks in with the executive chef, checks the hall and its thousand guests, and ensures that everything — flowers, orchestra, microphones — is as it should be.
Everything but the ice sculpture, which is broken and melting beyond recognition in the corner of the stairwell. Sang-hyo’s troubles keep coming when an irate wedding guest blames the hotel for her wallet going missing. It’s too soon to pat herself on the back, though, because another hotel employee runs up to report another problem, this time with the groom. He’s sprawled out like a diva on the waiting room sofa when Sang-hyo arrives with chamomile tea to calm him.
As Hae-young makes his way down the aisle, he gives one last lingering look at Sang-hyo, who pointedly ignores him. Sang-hyo turns around and pushes her way past all the shocked wedding guests who are screaming and running for the door.
Two weeks before the incident, Sang-hyo is in a staff meeting, where The Secret Hotel’s general manager LEE MOO-YANG (Choi Jung-woo) and managing director JO SUNG-GYUM (Namgoong Min) are in a heated argument about the financial status of the hotel.
Except there’s currently a rumor going around that, ever since Sang-hyo became the wedding planning manager, couples who get married at that hotel get divorced within three months. Even so, those details were somehow leaked and published in a news article just that morning. A sudden arrival interrupts the meeting; JOO JUNG-EUN (Hwang So-hee) storms in, calling Hae-young a bastard as she waves his wedding invitation in his face. Sang-hyo is busy inspecting CCTV footage to determine when a wedding guest’s wallet had been stolen, bemoaning the fact that there have been so many thefts recently. She believes someone is maliciously targeting the hotel, an idea he promises to take under consideration.
Back at the Wedding Coordinating Department, Kyung-hee reveals that they’ve had another cancellation thanks to the rumor about the divorce curse. Eun-joo waits outside the elevators, making up excuses to linger until she sees Sung-gyum down the hall. Those plans happen to be waiting for him in the lobby, and Sang-hyo smirks at Eun-joo’s dumbfounded expression when she realizes Sung-gyum is having dinner with Sang-hyo.
Sang-hyo reassures him she just wanted a new challenge and felt a calling to return to her homeland, having been adopted by an American couple. He admits there’s a special reason, but distracts her by complimenting the food, saying that Eun-joo thought it was delicious, too. The next day, she charges into GM Lee’s office, demanding that he fire Assistant Manager Hwang Dong-bae. As promised, Eun-joo and Sang-hyo meet with JUNG SOO-AH (Ha Yeon-joo), the bride-to-be that they’re hoping will garner good PR for them. Both he and Sang-hyo are astonished to see each other, although she quickly overcomes her shock, plastering on a bright smile and greeting him with a professional hand-shake.
The next morning, he tries to convince his fiancee to change the wedding venue, but she has her heart set on marrying at The Secret Hotel.
They meet at a coffee shop where she hands him a list of available wedding venues, asking him to find somewhere else to get married.
She tries to hide her emotions as Hae-young laughingly recalls that their wedding was a mess — they had just walked into any old place and, bam! But he sidesteps the question, and she goes back to brooding over how much she hates weddings.
A dolled-up Eun-joo arrives at the bar and greets the director expectantly — only to discover he called her out not for a drink, but so she could him take care of a passed-out drunk Sang-hyo. It takes the strength of the both of them to carry Sang-hyo back to the hotel, where Sung-gyum tries to keep her upright while Eun-joo rushes to get a room ready. In the morning, Sang-hyo wakes up bewildered in her hotel room, suffering from a painful hangover. When he asks if she also doesn’t remember kissing him, Sang-hyo blurts out that she just asked him to marry her — she never kissed him!
Sang-hyo arrives at the Wedding Coordination Department, surprised to see the constantly absent Assistant Manager Hwang at his desk. Later, Assistant Manger Hwang is busy working on an ice sculpture when he’s interrupted by General Manager Lee warning him to be careful about Sang-hyo.
The hotel staff is all abuzz about Sang-hyo’s proposal to the managing director, gossiping that since Hae-young and Soo-ah cancelled their wedding, Sang-hyo and Sung-gyum can use that date instead. But Hae-young overhears the women, and is all steely-eyed determination when he enters Sang-hyo’s office. With the exception of the three main leads, the side characters (which include the fiance) run a spectrum of caricatures. Funny that you say that when we actually got to know she has another plot of her own (as of latest in Episode 6). LOL, i’m not the only one who hate Nam gung Min character both here and i need romance 3. Compare this episode to the somewhat similar Discovery of Love first episode, in terms of chemistry, plot and willingness to continue watching. I also really hated his INR3 character – the smirky, superior attitude, the blowing hot and cold to maintain unfair advantage in a relationship, the cruel-in-public and nice-in-private hypocrisy. I feel bad for the guy…I started watching MSH, but stopped once seeing NGM’s character on screen interacting.
Why is Hae Young so darn grumpy and how is it that a lifelong friend of his only found out he was getting married when she got the invite? I think it’s odd (but not in a bad way) that the show constantly has this fuzzy look around the outer edges of shots which make the whole thing seem like a dream or a flashback. I hope that we get to see more of SangHyo being competent and composed because I felt that she was a touch too unprofessional at times here. I saw GM Lee first in City Hunter and he was the most evil of the council of five, Chun Jae-man, so when I saw him in Master’s Sun, I was uneasy, just waiting for him to become evil again. Definitely agree on the bad haircut, if you’re gonna layer that way, at least make sure the front sort of blends in with the back.
Absolutely love the styling and fashion choices for Yoo In-Na’s character Nam Sang-Hyo.
Boss Sung Gyum is so intimidating that I could really feel the embarrassment Sang Hyo felt when she realized she proposed to him!
Ive just read that the writer of MSH died midway (,_,) so episodes 5 through 16 were written by a different person. Pokemon Season 17 Episode 9 “Clemont’s Got a Secret!” airs 15, 2014 at 8 am on Cartoon Natwork. Episode Synopsis:The shining buildings of Lumiose City dazzle Ash and Serena, but Clemont is fretting about the return to his hometown. Pokemon Season 17 Episode 8 “Grooming Furfrou!” airs March 8, 2014 at 8 am on Cartoon Natwork.
Episode Synopsis:Ash, Serena, Bonnie and Clement encounter Jessie who is trying to be a groomer with a Furfrou.Battling together has brought Jessica and Furfrou closer, and when they get back to the salon, she finally gets the chance to trim its fur into a beautiful style, showing off everything she’s learned under Sherman!

Pokemon Season 17 Episode 7 “Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!” airs March 1, 2014 at 8 am on Cartoon Natwork.
Episode Synopsis: As Serena joins the group, they come across a Rhyhorn race and Ash decides to take part.Before leaving the village, Serena calls her mom to introduce her new friends and share her travel plans! Pokemon Season 17 Episode 6 “BATTLING ON THIN ICE!” airs February 22, 2014 at 8 am on Cartoon Natwork.
Episode Synopsis: Ash finds himself feeling down after getting beaten at the Santalune City Gym, but he knows he just has to train even harder.
Pokemon Season 17 Episode 5 “A BLUSTERY SANTALUNE GYM BATTLE!” airs February 15, 2014 at 8 am on Cartoon Natwork.
Episode Synopsis: Our heroes have finally arrived in Santalune City, and Ash can’t wait to get on with his first Kalos region Gym battle! As a Flying type, Fletchling not only has a type advantage over Surskit, but can also avoid the icy battlefield completely. Ash and the others rush off to the Pokemon Center to get help for Pikachu and Fletchling, but Serena notices that Ash has forgotten his backpack and follows after them. Pokemon Season 17 Episode 4 “A SHOCKINGLY CHEEKY FRIENDSHIP!” airs February 8, 2014  at 8:30 am on Cartoon Natwork.
Episode Synopsis: At Professor Sycamore’s research lab, Serena has to choose between Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie for her first Pokemon.
Meanwhile, our heroes are on their way to Santalune City for Ash’s first Gym battle, and Bonnie is demonstrating just how much she loves to take care of Pokemon. Pikachu follows Dedenne into its burrow, but they end up at the base of a tall cliff, unable to get back to the rest of the gang.
Our heroes catch up, a fierce battle ensues, and Team Rocket is left empty-handed—but Dedenne has been hurt. Meanwhile, as she travels through an ominous forest, Serena realizes it’ll be getting dark soon.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. The series cast includes Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Mark Derwin, India Eisley, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park, Francia Raisa with Steve Schirripa and Molly Ringwald. Drops of blood have been pooling on the skylight above the hall, and one finally makes its way down, right in front of Hae-young.
It turns out the rumor is based on a phone survey Sang-hyo did with the guests who had previously married there in the past year, which revealed that 27% of the couples did, indeed, divorce — but it was supposed to be an internal document for the PR team’s eyes only, and Sang-hyo swears it was destroyed right away.
Sung-gyum warns her that he’ll be watching her closely to see how she cleans up this PR mess. After Sung-gyum dismisses her, she nervously waits a moment before sharing her concern that his combative relationship with the GM is making the hotel employees anxious.
Sang-hyo’s pretty sure she knows who leaked that document — and speak of the devil, that person arrives. Both ladies are determined to stake their claim on the handsome managing director, but it looks like Sang-hyo’s one step ahead, because the front desk staff immediately switch their bets from Eun-joo to Sang-hyo. Lightly glossing over the fact she was married previously, he points out that she worked her way up from waitress to manager of a Las Vegas hotel. But she spins the interrogation back around on him — she heard that he had been given an offer to work for another hotel. He’s always late and absent without notice, neglecting his responsibilities to the wedding planning department. She reassures the two hotel managers that of course her fiance is handsome — and they can find out for themselves when he walks through the door.
But when both are home alone in their respective apartments, they grumble at the sudden reappearance of each other in their lives.
Sang-hyo had assumed that the couple would be switching venues (because if Hae-young had any conscience, that’s what he should do), so when she finds out that Soo-ah and Hae-young will be sticking with their original wedding plans, she digs up his contact information.
But he instead muses over the fact this is the first time they’ve seen each other in seven years. He can’t help but smile at her ridiculously cute drunken antics and, to the utter shock of Eun-joo (and the nosy front desk staff that have been watching), agrees to marry her. With only vague memories about what happened the night before, she makes her way to her office, where she’s greeted by hotel staff who applaud her marriage proposal.
But he’s caught her in her lie, and asks if they should could married ASAP, like she originally begged.
Assistant Manager Hwang mockingly asks if it’s because she demanded he be fired again, adding that if she finds out who he and GM Lee truly are, she might think otherwise. Did anyone else see how she smirked and calmly left the wedding hall when all the other guests were in a panic, or was it just me?
The components of mystery blended with love works really well, since it keeps the audience tense. I was afraid they would make her really horrid and shrewish to get us to root for the ex lovers but despite coming across as a bit immature, she seemed sweet and likeable enough. I first saw him in Can You Hear My Heart and really liked him there, but I super hope this isn’t the same character as in I Need Romance 3!
I thought he was going to be a similar character here but clearly he is veeeeeeeery shady too. It looks so odd with the front being so visibly shorter than the back, like someone took scissors and just cut that section off. Now this is how staff uniforms for a drama with the main setting and location primarily taking place in a hotel should look like.
I just want to root for her and see her character make the wedding planning business a success at the hotel. The writer Kim Ye-ri, who wrote the first 4 episodes, died of cancer and so she had to be replaced by another writer. Every time I see a drama without a Dramabeans recap, I always feel like the watch is incomplete.
So much that its probably enough to not make me go through major withdrawals when MND ends.
Particularly about the leads — there were moments when you really felt how painful their break-up had been to both of them. It turns out that he’s the one behind the robot that protects the Lumiose City Gym—a robot with a very stubborn glitch! She promises to style Serena’s Fennekin someday when she’s a famous groomer, and our heroes resume their journey to Lumiose City! His sparring partner is Alexa’s Noivern, and Clemont has his own way of helping Ash prepare, too. Clemont and Bonnie aren’t sure of the Gym’s location, but a photographer offers them directions after snapping a wonderful photo of Ash and Pikachu. After a tour of the Gym, which contains a gallery of some of Viola’s excellent photographs, it’s time for Ash’s challenge. Pikachu has trouble moving on the slippery surface, and Surskit (who can skate nimbly across the ice) quickly gains the upper hand, leaving Ash with one Pokemon left: Fletchling. Fletchling defeats Surskit, and Viola brings out Vivillon, whose powerful Gust attack knocks Fletchling into a Sticky Web left behind from one of Surskit’s attacks.

After learning about the three with her new Pokedex, she tells the professor she made her choice even before she got there. To make matters worse, the villains of Team Rocket have been observing the two Pokemon, and now their plan to catch Pikachu includes catching Dedenne, too! Season 4 Episode 10 – In the one-hour episode, “4-1-1,” Ricky grows increasingly upset with Amy for going through his phone, and Amy feels guilty, only to later find out it seems that everyone does it. It makes his stop in his tracks, and a good thing, too, because immediately following is a body, crashing down to land at his feet. She insists that it’s all his fault that she fell for his handsome looks and knee-melting smooth voice.
He tells her to tell him more about it over dinner, and she does her best to cover up her flustered reaction to his invitation. As they ride down together, she coyly asks him out to dinner, but he tells her he already made plans.
He’s curious why someone who reached the role of general manager would suddenly come to Korea to work in a lesser position — was there some trouble? But the general manager refuses to fire him, and instead tells her he’ll to move Assistant Manager Hwang to another department. As the memories slowly return, she practically dies of mortification, banging her head miserably against the wall.
Sang-hyo tries to hide her ecstatic reaction, pretending instead to be worried for the couple when Assistant Manager Hwang points out that it’s bad news for a couple to cancel a wedding.
He lets out a maniacal laugh as he brandishes the ice sculpture drill in GM Lee’s face. Annoying and very irritating, it’s obvious they make no plans to turn her into an actual human being. She may be a bitch at some points in the story, but seeing till Episode 6 I actually begin to like her.
Unless they Princess Aurora one of the leads, it will be competing with Pretty Man for the worst rom-com of this decade. Is he going to be like this stock character that travels from show to show, wardrobe rack clacking behind him in the corridor? I hope this drama will do well, cause I really like TvN…but I guess I’ll be reading the recap only. And I think most of that love is dedicated to the fantastic, intense and completely absorbing chemistry of the two leads. I hope the romance keeps coming in abundance because I couldn’t care less for the literal killing when YIN and JYH has the power to kill with their explosive chemistry.
Some subtle acting there made for a heartfelt scene (although I might be thinking of episode 2 here).
Can Clemont fix his mad creation to make sure that challengers (and even Clemont himself) can freely visit the Gym?
Will this additional practice be enough for Ash to overcome Viola when he challenges her again?
Thanks to her, they quickly find the Santalune Gym, where they run into Alexa and Helioptile! After several failed attempts to stand steady against the force of Noivern’s Gust, Pikachu, Fletching, and Ash are all exhausted and frustrated.
The two Pokemon are happily settling in for some snacks when the Dedenne our heroes encountered earlier leaps out of a nearby bush and nabs the food!
This electric generator quickly gets Dedenne recharged, but then Clemont can’t turn the machine off, and it explodes. She sees someone behind a tree and asks for directions—but what looked like a woman in a striped dress turns out to be a wild Vespiquen! Ben is interested in Dylan, the new girl he met at the graduation party, but her parents want her to be cautious while Leo encourages Ben to ask her out. Unable to trust each other, Ricky decides he needs a little space and time away from Amy, but finds a former foster “brother” at his door needing his help.
She reassures him she’s okay, and then sliiiiiiides all the way to the far corner of the bench when he sits down next to her. The ice pick he’d been cleaning gets awfully close to her throat as he tells her that he plans on getting to know the managing director much better now. Even forgetting my bizarre post-drama hang-up, Sung-gyum clearly has a secret, one that I’m assuming is tied to his combative interest with General Manager Lee. I’d sympathise at the fact she’s treated as an object, but how can I when it seems she has no self-respect for herself? Going in, I had zero expectations other than I wanted to see YIN and JYH not getting wasted like they were in their last dramas. I love how nonchalant he shows himself to be at work yet is clearly competent at what he does. She baked some cookies to recognize his hard work, and to thank him for helping her all those years ago.
Alexa figured they would be there to challenge her Gym Leader sister soon, so she waited for them. And soon after the battle begins, someone else arrives to join Alexa, Clemont, and Bonnie on the sidelines…Serena! Bonnie wants Clemont to catch this adorable Pokemon for her, but it goes running off, and everyone follows. Dedenne is OK, though, and with Clemont’s gift of healing electricity, it’s decided it wants to join the group. But, it turns out that Ben should be the cautious one as it turns out that Dylan and her friends Raven, Mercedes and Wendy might be trouble. Meanwhile, even though she believes her plan to get Ricky back is working, Adrian decides to go on a date with Dante (Bow Wow), who is a friend of Grace’s boyfriend.
He asks if she remembers proposing to him, but she feigns innocence, pretending she can’t remember anything.
I get the feeling Sung-gyum is on a secret mission to keep an eye on the hotel and the finances, but who knows why yet.
I predict the drama petering out around 6 episodes, cause there is just not enough story there. There are enough cookies for everyone, so they won’t be traveling on an empty stomach as the journey continues! Then, Nurse Joy and Wigglytuff show up to investigate the sounds of battle—and point the way to the nearby Pokemon Center.
And, Adrian and Grace decide to put their boy trouble aside, move in together and attend summer school to support each other over the break. Although she wants to start dating again, her ulterior motive is to make Ricky jealous and choose her over the mother of his child.

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