If you’ve already created the group, go to the group’s home page and click the Edit Group button.
Also hidden away in Facebook Messenger you'll find a basketball game -- just in time for March Madness. Before you begin, make sure that you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed -- head to Google Play or the App Store to see if there's an update waiting for you. In a chat, send a basketball emoji to the person you're talking with, tap the emoji in the chat window and the game will launch. We have the largest selection of Facebook Cover I Am A Secret Ninja facebook covers and are adding new profile covers daily.

Download here all the top quality emoticons for Facebook and enjoy with your friends and family. However sometimes you want to create a private group just for your friends or family members and you don’t want it accessible by other people. Moreover, Facebook does not allow members share status updates from a secret group to their own personal feeds. Be warned, it's quite addictive but shooting some hoops is a great way to kill some time with a friend.
It's a very basic mini-game; just flick up with your finger to fire the ball at the hoop and see if you can push up the high score.

With the Facebook’s privacy setting for groups, you can hide not only the group’s activity, but also its existence. It's not all that long ago that we showed you how to play the chess game secreted in Facebook Messenger and now another gem has been unearthed.
Things start off nice and easy, but as your score increases you'll notice that the hoop starts to move.

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