Each treasure chest that you open gives rewards and increases your final score (see below), but increases the strength of CHAOS. If 4 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Blue Aura, which reduces damage from all attacks to 1 while it is active. If 6 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Green Aura, which causes attacks to heal him while it is active. If 8 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Red Aura, which causes his attacks to deal 2x damage while it is active. If 10 chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Black Aura, which causes him to harm you by 30% percent of your current HP whenever you damage him while it is active.

10 A random piece of Holy Glory armor OR Dark Angel armor, with duration 7 days on casual, permanent on hardcore. 3500+ score requires clearing all rooms and defeating CHAOS in Worst Moon mode on Casual with 8 chests opened and 27 minutes left, 9 chests opened and 24 minutes left or 10 chests opened and 21 minutes left. Successfully beating 10 chest hardcore apocalypse CHAOS also gives you the Elixir of Greatness, a 60 minute potion that does nothing.
After the 10th entry in a given day, however, enemies give 85% less experience, coins, and pixels. You are limited to 1 unique per day - if you have received your unique for the day, you will receive the highest mystery enhancer you qualify for.

The other 35 rooms include 20 rooms with normal monsters, 4 rooms with boss monsters (rare bosses !!!!! Rooms with unopened treasure chests will start flashing between yellow color and normal color with yellow top left corner. Once you find the portal room, you can click on the portal or press shift to go to the final chamber, where you fight Chaos and then CHAOS.

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