The beautiful autumn color of Cornus kousa was my primary motivation when planting this tree (purchased from Walker Farm) five years ago. All content on this site, (with noted exceptions), is the property of The Gardener’s Eden and may not be used or reproduced without prior written consent. And yes, the junipers, brightly stemmed dogwoods and berry-laden shrubs will provide a bit of color now through springtime. All content on this site (with noted exceptions) is copyright 2014 Michaela Medina Harlow, The Gardener's Eden. To leave a comment, click any article title and scroll down to the bottom of the page to reveal the hidden form.
NEWSUBSTANCE then worked closely with SGP’s Non-Musical Entertainment team to design the most effective execution to suit the site and compliment the wider Spectacle creative. NEWSUBSTANCE made a small piece of UK aviation history at the Secret Garden Party Festival as the first people ever to be granted permission to fly PPG’s at night and drop articles. This morning I awoke to howling wind and the unmistakable sound of sleet blasting the windowpanes.

For although I do love the subtle textures and muted hues of winter, I always mourn the end of autumn’s brilliant color-spectacle.
This bit of extra protection is at least partly responsible for the lengthy autumn foliage display in this garden.
Now that it has reached a more substantial height, it can be enjoyed from inside the Secret Garden and Garden Room as well as from the front walkway. You can help support the Gardener's Eden, at no additional cost to you, by shopping through the links here.
Using a Powered Paraglider (PPG) flown by our specially trained pilot, 5000 Falling Stars were deployed from c.800ft spinning gently down over the crowd to stunning effect as the finale to the Saturday night Spectacle. In one short week, the vast majority of deciduous trees surrounding my home have shed their late autumn foliage. The season is changing quickly now, shifting toward the darkness and stark, skeletal landscapes. This semi-frost-proof water bowl will remain outdoors until early December, when I empty it and bring it inside for the winter.

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Looking out at the hillside today, only rust-colored beech leaves and deep-green conifer needles remain. I like how the junipers keep showing up in the background as dark green foils to all the wild color. If you are interested in licensing images or other content, please see contact information in the page at left.

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