Offering two floors of funk, soul, blues, jazz and reggae, Lower Briggate’s Smokestack boasts the city’s most electric atmosphere and Yorkshire’s happiest dance floor.
Ok, I finally feel that I am now in a position to talk about my weekend at Secret Garden Party back in July.
I read the rundowns in the press which by enlarge accused it of being middle class and I suppose it is. Spectacular weekend, The Secret Garden Party joins Glastonbury Festival and The Beat-Herder Festival as my favourites.

A friend (who was there but I didn't see) posted this today and it sums up the weekend. Welcome to our blog, here you will find musings on all things but mainly our most favourite subjects; food, booze, music and culture. What was once Leeds’ best kept secret has slowly become the North’s most popular dance floor and cocktail lounge. Serving some of the globe’s finest measures and pours, we like to think that this dark and opulent drinking den is a little slice of London in Leeds’ Northern Quarter.

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