An impressive debut novel from a new voice in fiction, The Secret History tells of a small circle of friends at an esteemed college in New England, whose studies in Classical Greek lead them to odd rituals, shocking behavior - and murder.
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I first read it ten years ago when it was first published, and haven't found a better book yet!
It is a book I pick up quite often though I don't necessarily start at the beginning every time.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to reading this (I had to study this with reference to "The Bacchae") and it was amazing.
Then he arrived at Hampden College and quickly became seduced by the sweet, dark rhythms of campus life - in particular by an elite group of five students, Greek scholars, wordly, self-assured, and at first glance, highly unapproachable.
Dissatisfied "with the crass values of their fellow students, a small corps of undergraduates groups itself around a favored professor of classics, who nurtures both their sense of moral elevation and an insularity from conventional college life that ultimately proves fatal.
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