A well dressed man walks into the Internet cafe and scans the people sitting at all the tables.
I know Pepe because he is the leader of an organization that is trying to save the sea turtles along a 50 kilometer stretch of beach around Los Barriles. Baja Turtles was now live and I was explaining to him and Dori Eagle, an American volunteer helping out with the project, how the admin area worked so that they could set up pages and blog posts in the future.This is how I found myself across from him at the Roadrunner Cafe having just met the Mayor without even realizing it.
As I finish explaining the basics of the blogging software, Pepe announces that he wants to take me to a secret hot spring in the hills if I have time. I look at Pepe and tell him that the only thing missing is Internet and I would make this my permanent office.
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Ok, for those that are adventurous, you might want to try and find the Pai Secret Hot Springs & spend a few hours bathing in one of the warm shallow pools deep in the Pai jungle. The whole journey can be done on Motorbike, however, the road in the wet gets a bit chewed up, is slippery & is very steep so if you are an inept motorbike rider you might want to sit this one out. The turn off to the hot springs is labeled (but poorly) on your right and you should find it about 11 km out of Pai.
Calimero Galletto is a surprisingly accurate yet indolent journalist that volunteers as a part time guest writer for the Pai Explorer Map & Blog. This is the first video of a three part series where Poh from the Monkey Magic Tattoo performs a 9 hour forearm sleeve. This place is a secret desert gem, 80 miles Northwest of Vegas. A hidden, natural, outdoor hot springs known mostly by nearby locals in the tiny town of Tecopa, California, and some travelers who stumble upon it. I’ve been visiting Delights Hot Springs in Tecopa for a few years now, a small rustic yet comfortable establishment with concrete pools for soaking.
The natural hot water bubbles up into a large mass of bentonite clay, forming a small pond and river. Thus, this springs has a double punch:  the minerals in the water mixed with bentonite clay.

Even more, the temperature is often cooler the further away you swim or move from the pond-like part, where the hot water bubbles out.
Also note, there are occasional strange characters taking a dip, along with lots of relaxed, friendly people. All that said, it’s only a two-minute walk from the road, and two miles from the tiny town of Tecopa. The best time is morning, when the desert temperature is cool.  The sunrise creates a picturesque scene. Basic Sushi RulesSushi My basic rules when searching for a sushi restaurant in an unfamiliar area are that it be busy and a higher price point. CRAVE American Kitchen and Sushi Bar –– The Crown Jewel of Downtown SummerlinCRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar first opened its doors in October of 2014, the same month Downtown Summerlin made its debut. Tiptop Hotels & Restaurants for Private Jet TravelersFor private jet travelers, these hotels and restaurants are the tiptop of our top picks.
He was the one that organized the baby sea turtle release that I attended earlier in the month at which time I asked if he had a website.
Never one to pass up an opportunity to go where most tourists never trek, I readily agree and the three of us are off.
You will cross one solid concrete bridge relatively close to Pai, if you cross a second large concrete bridge you’ve gone too far. As you turn in there will be a forestry department checkpoint which will charge you 20 Baht for the motorbike and 20 Baht for each person. Personally I think these guys just use that money for their slush fund but since it’s only about a buck, don’t sweat it.
You will have to traverse 2 very steep hills & the journey will seem to last longer than it is but the results will be worth it. Bentonite clay is amazing for the skin and body when used properly, and people often report various benefits soaking in mud baths of bentonite. While this makes me glance over my shoulder and feel a bit strange that I just met the mayor and didn’t even realize it, the fact that the mayor would come to greet Pepe is no surprise.
Pepe explains the we are heading into a national forest preserve, but that there were some people that already lived in the area when the preserve was created.

Both Dori and I start laughing despite ourselves at how perfect this little hidden place is. We spend the next hour soaking in the hot spring, marveling at the beauty and letting the water completely relax our bodies. If you can catch it at the right time, as in cool temperatures and early morning, it is nothing short of fantastic. He asked how much it would cost and I said that I would do it for free and we would host it so there would be no ongoing costs as my donation and support for the project that he’s created. These people still have their land although they are limited in what they are allowed to do with it.
Nothing has been done to it except to make a semi-circle river bed rock wall to enclose the hot spring and pool the warm water.
Pepe is a friend of one of these land owners who happens to have a hot spring on the river next to his property. It looks beautiful and the lush vegetation and trees are a surprise compared to the desert landscape that has been surrounding me most of the trip.
A caution like this can probably be said of any natural hot springs in the outdoors, of which I’ve soaked plenty, from Montana to Idaho to Japan to Thailand. Dori, who has been coming to Los Barriles for the past 7 years first heard of the hot spring a year ago, but has never been. Pepe talks non stop the 45 minutes over rough road about the forest preserve, about the ranch and about how he thinks that people would pay to visit the area as we head to the ranch of his friend and the secret hot spring.

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