Daren Kagasoff as Ricky gave an award-winning performance as a teenager who finally is forced to come to terms with the sexual and physical abuse put on his shoulders by his father Bob who has been harassing Ricky for the last two episodes.
Adrian (Francia Raisa) is the first to reach out to Ricky, and he does start to break down and explain why he acts the way he does from his horrible childhood.
George (Mark Derwin) and Anne (Molly Ringwald) also are concerned about Ricky’s father Bob with each handling the situation in their own way. As Ricky goes to see Adrian (not sure of why he was there to see her), she says she’s been trying to call him.
Also on the show, Ashley (India Easley) tries to take a job as a cocktail waitress with her fake ID to make money for the family, but her father catches her.
Meanwhile, Amy seems to be pushing an over-bearing Ben (Ken Baumann) away, wanting to do the baby stuff, such as finding out if the baby is a girl or boy, without him.
On the previews for next week, it looks like Amy will be pushing Ben even further away as Ricky becomes more involved.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager will be revealing its final secrets starting on March 18th at 8 pm. Back in October word came down from the network that the upcoming season would be the last one for Secret Life.
We?ve been told to expect a final season in which loose ends are tied up and the cast are sent off into the future beyond high school with a generally happy ending for all. While star Shailene Woodley has already moved on to become an Oscar-nominated film actress, I expect we?ll see some of the stars of the show popping up for pilots and other projects in the upcoming season after they say good bye to Secret Life. Just as it seems Ricky and Amy are headed down a good path together, a huge wrench get thrown their way.
As the last day of school begins, Amy reveals to Lauren and Madison that she thinks that John has been saying "ring!" over and over. Ricky runs back to Grant High School after forgetting something, it is a small velvet box for jewelry. Ben meets up with Adrian, and takes her to Poppi's Tacos for old time's sake before the ceremony. His speech is telling everyone about his years of child abuse at the hands of his father, and about how thankful he is to have his foster parents, Margaret and Shakur, and Nora, his birth mother, in his lives.
This was the last appearance of Jesse and Peter as they never appear again after this episode.

Daniel is a supporting character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. Grace kissed Jack Pappas at the senior party and Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Raven, emailed Daniel a picture of Grace and Jack kissing, so Daniel broke up with her, leaving Grace totally and completely devastated.
Daniel makes his final appearance in 4SnP, where he and Grace are kissing, Daniel says that he has to be in an exclusive relationship with Grace, after she suggests that they have sex.
Do you think Grace is becomming like Adrian used to be, or do you think she will actually last with Daniel? Adrian begs her father Ruben (Philip-Anthony Rodriguez), the police officer, to help get Bob back off the streets.
He tells them the truth about his sexual abuse, wishing he could be a Christian like them but instead feels cheated because when he was being abused, his prayers weren’t answered for his father to leave him alone. He told her parents he loves her, but to her face, he can’t say the words when she tells him she loves him.
Bowman says he does — telling Ricky the very sad story about how his brother was sexually abused by a neighbor and he didn’t find out about it until his brother committed suicide and told everyone in the note. Thanks to a tip from Jack (Greg Finley), the police caught Ricky’s father with drugs, meaning he violated his parole and will be going back to prison.
She is trying so hard to keep her family together — helping her sister and not wanting her parents to divorce. I don’t tune in for the acting usually, but he was absolutely fantastic in this past episode. At the end of last week's episode, Ricky's mother Nora got out of jail and showed up at his door. Jack (preparing his introduction, as mentioned above), Ricky, memorizing his speech as valedictorian, and Adrian, plotting to get one last kiss from Ricky. Jack, who's hanging out with Grant, gets the information and passes it on to Grace, who hears it from Grant as well. Then the principal announces Ricky, who also has won a special award in addition to valedictorian.
He also thanks Amy, for finally allowing him to love a person, and then asks her to come up onstage. Amy and Ricky go together, Ben and Henry go together, Griffin and Peter (along with a new guy who wants to take Griffin away from Peter) are there together, Grace and Daniel are there, Jack is there alone, Alice is there alone, and Adrian is there with Omar.

They meet in Africa while Grace was volunteering there, and she slept with him while in Africa.
In "Mirrors" we see just how much her presence really affects Ricky and what kind of stress it's bound to bring to everyone around him.
Lauren advises Amy not to be too hasty, and gives several possible things that John could've been talking about. Adrian hears it somehow (probably from Grace), and tells Ricky not to propose to Amy, which Ricky refuses. Ricky kisses Adrian one last time, and Adrian discovers that she's free, and that she doesn't love Ricky anymore. As the camera pulls away, we get a clear look of the lake and of Jack kissing Grace and Ricky kissing Amy.
In just the first few minutes of the episode we see how much Ricky has matured and how his priorities have shifted. Adrian, who is sitting by Jack, tries to stand up to stop him, but Jack reaches out and holds Adrian down. Bowman tells Ricky he believes in him and will ALWAYS be there for him if he needs to talk, without judgment.
With his birth mother out of jail, he immediately sought the help of a lawyer to make sure he wouldn't risk his custody arrangement with Amy. But he tells her that it was disrespectful to everyone involved, and leaves with Daniel, who is wary of his ex-girlfriend (who is at the party) named Raven. Adrian is about to get dressed, with Henry asking Jack if he can get a ride, but he refuses by saying there's no room before leaving. As much as Ricky may have made peace with his birth mother, he has evolved beyond that part of his life and John is now his focus.
I found it touching when he went to talk to his adoptive parents and told them they were his real mom and dad since they raised him. In a show that's all about growing pains, it's important to show that the most important family you have isn't always the one you're born to, but rather the one whose support surrounds you.

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