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Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitEducation Leads to Job Success I watched a programme last night about mental health, they were saying that there is a clear link to people with mental health issues improving when they have a job. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitEducation is the Key Keeping your brain sharp is an important part of a long and healthy life.
A fondness for learning is in deep corallation with a passion for life and a positive outlook.

Studies have shown that doing simple things like sudoku puzzles can help keep your brain active and help prevent some age-related memory problems, Any type of learning can keep your brain healthy and active. It may very well be that Dickinson College's 101 year old alum has prolonged his life through his love of learning.
When working there is a distraction to the issues of the brain and it is harder to become engulfed in them.
I think the old saying "if you don't use it you'll loose it" is the perfect way to explain why we need to be constantly learning.

Most careers look for a degree of education so it is the building blocks to becoming successful in the workplace. Education teaches a person how to take care of themselves, and how to take care of society on a macro level.

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