The show gained its own Cafe Press shop, and from October 4 to November 2, 2012, the creators hosted a T-shirt design contest to celebrate 20,000 subscribers. Shockingly, Natalie splashes Samantha while they're at the beach, making her pop a tail in public.
03:52 My Secret Mermaid Life season 1 episode 14 Tail, powers,water and Natalie What Next? After Natalie's clumsiness gets Samantha wet again, the mermaid decides that what her friend needs is powers of her own, so she shows her a spell to do it.
Following instructions which she can't even fully read, Samantha puts her ring out in the sunlight, then puts it on.

It has over 70,000 subscribers, making it the most popular mermaid show on YouTube, and the inspiration for countless others. On July 28, 2010, the "movie" Germany Journey was released on the creators' channel, though the second part was temporarily blocked due to copyright claims from EMI Music. The channel was hacked in February of 2013, and the creators locked out of their account, but they regained control in early April, and the series continued.
On a news release in early 2010, Christine announced that the show would have 8 seasons, though Bridget will be going off to college in 2014, making this less certain.
It soon reached 50,000 subscribers, which the creators celebrated with a theme song contest.

Christine, Amy`s actress, announced that she was moving to Atlanta in the sixth episode of season five, then the show ended in the next episode. She is followed by Brenna, then Kelsey, and the trio struggle with their powers, their new vulnerability to water, and their rocky friendship. In Season 4, Amy's older sister Tess becomes determined to expose the mermaid trio, so they must do their best to avoid any contact with water.

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