BBC2, 8pmWakefield events company Balloonin Marvellous is run by husband-and-wife team Jo and Giuseppe, but they are struggling to pay the rent and have been forced to move their showroom into their own family lounge.
The Secret Life of Four-Year-OldsCh4, 8pmDocumentary exploring the world of ten four-year-olds as they meet in a nursery rigged with cameras that capture every glance, whisper, tussle and emotion. Vanessa Collingridge explores how the publica€™s view of Egyptian queen Cleopatra (played by Elizabeth Taylor, below) has changed over the years, from Roman propaganda through to Shakespearea€™s portrayal and in the golden age of Hollywood, where she became a doomed romantic heroine.
The GiftBBC1, 9pmMel Giedroyc and Matt Baker meet people who would like to find someone after many years so they can say thank you or sorry.
Dr Paul Howard Jones from Bristol’s Graduate School of Education will feature in a new Channel 4 documentary [broadcast 10 Feb] providing a unique insight into the secret life of four-year-olds. The observational documentary takes viewers on a journey into this pivotal stage of childhood through the eyes of ten children as they meet in nursery and take their first tentative steps towards independence in a world without parents. With their parents watching close by on monitors, the film captures the children’s behaviour and emotions while they make and break friendships, struggle to share and stand up for themselves and ultimately find their place in this new social group. These life lessons all take place under the watchful eye of Educational Neuroscientist, Dr Howard-Jones and Developmental Psychologist, Dr Sam Wass from the MCR Cognition & Brain Unit, Cambridge, and two early years teachers. This close observation of children’s play in a nursery setting allows the experts to understand critical events almost from the perspective of the children themselves, as they explore and learn about their new social world. The memory of returning to childhood might seem appealing when you're struggling with bills, a scary boss and worries about your future. There are some moving moments in this first instalment of the series, including a scene where a girl cries at being rejected by her best friend who has met a new girl she brazenly claims to "like more". But for all the drama, the real hilarity lies in the children simply speaking their minds, unfiltered and unafraid of judgment.

And I know you're not supposed to have favourites when it comes to kids, but watch out for Tyler, who keeps well out of the boisterous playtime and spends time talking to his dad on the toy telephone.
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Watch on as 10 four- year- old children meet for the first time at nursery and interact in unprecedented, intimate detail.
With their parents watching on monitors, the children encounter one another for the first time in October and then again in May.
In 1987, soldier Patrick Provis was left fighting for his life after being hit by an IRA mortar. Meanwhile, Sam is now a therapist while Andy is still stuck in a dead-end job and has lost his enthusiasm for songwriting.
Interview: Dr Howard Jones speaks to the Wellcome Trust about what we can learn from the secret lives of children? This show, which is based in a nursery rigged with cameras, finds out what children are like when they let go of the apron strings and take their first steps towards independence. As we eavesdrop on a group of kids meeting for the first time, it's startling to see how many tough lessons they have to learn.
Another boy keeps casually saying "I love you" to everyone he meets (again, not ideal in adult life).

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Entertaining and genuinely surprising, this is a compelling look into their tears, laughter and drama. If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form.
Overseeing the action are two experts, educational neuroscientist Paul Howard-Jones and developmental psychologist Sam Wass, as the youngsters make and break friendships and find their place in this new social group. But despite the danger, an Army helicopter crew flew in to rescue him, and Patrick cana€™t rest until he has thanked the person who took the decision to save him.
This time, however, the parents are watching on a monitor as their offspring meet other kids their age for the first time in October, and then again in May.
Grace Bates has spent almost 60 years wanting to apologise to Herman, the first man she ever loved.
Also observing the children as they interact with each other are a developmental psychologist and an educational neuroscientist, who will suggest various interventions along the way to help explore the children's development.

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