After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, he removes the stands he uses to prop them and some of the more obvious joints with Photoshop to make them seem more life-like.
Lega Nerd e scritta in crowdsourcing, tutti gli iscritti possono proporre un articolo per la pubblicazione. Questo splendido progetto fotografico di Edy Hardjo ci racconta tramite alcune dettagliatissime action figure, la vita privata dei nostri super eroi preferiti. Dopo aver posizionato le action figure usando supporti extra, Edy rielabora le sue foto con Photoshop rendendole vive.

Edy Hardjo, the photographer behind the project, uses detailed, high-quality action figures to put some of our favorite superheros into hilarious and sometimes compromising positions. Well, photographer Edy Hardjo, who goes by the pseudonym Hrjoe, has done something similar: awesome looking scenes with superhero action figures! They are playing hopscotch, giving haircuts to each other, taking selfies, and sewing pants.
Watch as Earth‘s mightiest heroes pee on a wall, deal with Hulk getting a facehugger and chase after Black Widow‘s discarded bra!

Miniatures have to be arranged, put on stands, and even partially disassembled to achieve desired effect. He also does some photo editing to make the figures look a little plastic and to remove all the action figure joins, as well as stands that keep the toys in place.

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