As revealed in Back to School Special, when Adrian was six-months-old, Ruben married his first wife and started his own family, which produced a son. Before their marriage, they bought the house next door to the Juergens family from George Juergens, and moved in together. Philip Anthony-Rodriguez The Secret Life of the American Teenager Interview Currently, the undeniably sexy Philip Anthony-Rodriguez remains a recurring character on the hit show The Secret Life of the American Teenager playing Ruben Enriquez, while fans are also anticipating his supporting role as Dr. Cindy told Ruben to stay out of her & Adrian's lives, but still received child support for him while Adrian was growing up. She became a flight attendant in order to support herself and Adrian on her own, because she hated relying on her parents, who felt that she had shamed them by getting pregnant out of wedlock as a teenager. Cindy loves her daughter, but thinks that Adrian doesn't love her back even though she does. Cindy gets cold feet at first, but she and Ruben marry on the day before Leo Boykewich and Betty's wedding in a judge's office with Adrian as a witness. When Adrian's pregnancy is revealed, Cindy tells her that she'll stand behind her daughter whether or not she decides to terminate her pregnancy which spawns an argument between herself & Ruben (who is against abortion). Do you think probloms of adrian and grace fighting over ricky are going to happen in the future? He and Cindy were high school sweethearts, until Cindy purposely got pregnant to trap him into a marriage, then when he offered to marry her, she turned down his proposal and told him to stay out of her and their child's life until Adrian was 18, yet he still paid child support for the first sixteen years of Adrian's life, until Adrian snuck into her school file, found Ruben's name, and tracked him down.

According to The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager, Ruben's son currently lives in Mexico with his mother.
Cindy and Ruben married on February 6, 2010, the same day as John Juergens's first birthday, and unbeknownst to them, Adrian had gotten pregnant by Ben the previous month. We have confirmed carriage with a number of providers, and as others are confirmed, we will post them here. Despite being high school sweethearts, she became pregnant on purpose in order to trap Ruben into staying with her. Cindy also harbored bitter feelings about Ruben having another family after Adrian's birth. She was unaware of Adrian's affairs & her moniker as the "school slut" until Ruben told her.
She got a promotion at work which would've required her to move to New York, but turned it down so she could marry Ruben. But I really don't want Tom to die becuase I've been hearing rumors that he is the one that is going to die.
It couldn't have been Amy, Ricky, or Adrian, because in the commercial, Ricky asks Adrian if she had watched the news and heard about the tragedy.
When Ruben found out from Leo Boykewich that Adrian was pregnant, he told Cindy and began to try and talk her out of an abortion.

His film roles include Undercurrent, The Ode, Waiting for Yvette, and the upcoming Assisting Venus (not yet rated). He was married with two stepkids, but he left all that behind because he's determined to turn Adrian's life around. When Ruben discovered this, he offered to marry Cindy, but she realized that he didn't really want to marry her & was offering out of obligation and turned him down. With his third marriage, he married a woman with two sons, and helped raise them from small children to the point that he considered them like his own biological children. He was firmly against the abortion and thrilled when Adrian told him she had decided not to at the last moment, but things between him and Cindy remain rocky, since she did not want Adrian to repeat her past and be pregnant at 17-years-old and blames him for Adrian not terminating the pregnancy. I also noticed in the commercial that Grace was crying in the commercial; she and Jack had been getting intimate before, and they were back together as a couple, so I assume that it was Jack who died.
However, after Adrian came into his life, his step-son Max began a sexual and romantic relationship with Adrian and his old feelings for Cindy began to surface, until it ended in his second divorce.
Ruben let Cindy have her way back when she was pregnant with Adrian and didn't want to marry him, but he's older now, and he won't be a pushover this time around.

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