Al?nt? yaparak cevap vermek istiyormusunuz: Al?nt? yorumu simdi ekle veya Al?nt?y? Iptal Et. Lutfen, sol tarafta gormus oldugunuz resmin, uzerindeki harf ve rakamlardan olusan Guvenlik Kodunu, asag?daki metin kutusuna giriniz. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Just discovered Yoo Ah in in Sungunkwyan Scandal, and it was his charisma and his character that was more powerful than the leads themselves. The acting was pretty solid, but really, the writing went haywire at the second half I was just fast forwarding. Yoo Ah In really impressed me in Jang Ok Jang, I’m really not a big fan of historical drama but the main actors kept me going, I was so riveted by their acting! I’m not watching this for a few reasons, not the least of which is that I find the age difference kind of icky. I am all for love has no age with some of my fave kdrama stories in noona-songsaeng territories but I am also with Abbie, I too will most likely pass this one… mainly because she is married… she is right, married to the other guy?
Though I am getting the feeling the hubby will be douchebag with affairs of his own and thus that would somehow equate to this secret love affair being okay, romantic and all other description known to man to make it all fair..
And I am also geting the feeling that they are gonna have her divorced by the end of this drama or in the processes of divorcing cause their secret affair is all about love… which is whatever. When it comes to dating and coupling, I am all for any lawful combinations and permutations of age, gender, prior marital experience, nationality, culture and socio-economic background. Both if we look at the word as what it mostly means in English, which is homoerotic pedophilia, and what it means in modern Greek, which is pedophilia (unrelated to sex and gender). I agree the relationship should be adult and consensual if romanticized in fiction (some of the same people who mind age gaps would not bat an eyelid to wrist grabbing and forced kisses, mind you) and I also believe people need to use words more carefully when they dislike something which is otherwise not unrealistic or deserving of chastising.
I fail to see how a relationship between a man in his twenties and a much older woman, could possibly smack of an adolescent boy and older man. There are a few things that I will not watch or stopped watching when I realized the age of the two characters or of the actors themselves. If Yoo Ah-In’s character in 22 and above, then, well he is an adult who can hook up with whomever he wants. Let me pose a question: If you saw a fifty year old man with a twenty-five year old woman, would you judge them both? As I said, too, if the roles were reversed, and it was a fifty year old woman and a twenty-five year old man, I would also wonder about it. I just read this after posting my reply and wanted to assure you I wasn’t offended by your views.

I think you are well entitled to your opinion and I can see where you are coming from, but I respectfully disagree with you.
On the flip side, there may be advantages to a 50 year old man; maturity, possibly wiser, worldly, more mentally secure, genuinely has his act together and could offer a mature relationship that a 25 year old craves for that she may not necessarily get from guys her age range. Rather than make judgments on people based on age, I would urge you to be a little more open minded and give people the benefit of the doubt they deserve by judging them based on their actions. That is not to say that age difference may not be bad for a relationship but rather realize that it depends on the people involved. You may choose to stand by your opinion, but I think its unfair of you to lump all those types of relationships into something ‘ unsettling and icky’ for people that are in beautiful, loving relationships with a huge age gap.
At first I was taken aback about the age difference, but Hee Ae is so beautiful and doesn’t look her age at all, so I am willing to look past that.
It seems Kim Hee Ae lost a lot of weight compared to last year when we saw her in noona over flowers…. They look so cute at the press conference and so intense in the stills…the drama is not my cup of tea but both the leads are looking great! I definitely think its too common in real life, and I do appreciate the realism they’re (hopefully) going to portray. I on the other hand LOVED her in Midas Touch, the best villain I have seen in a long time; and her intellectual chemistry, and power struggle with Jang Hyuk was off the chains. I just wish people would give less credence to dramas like Heirs and give dramas like EOW more clout. Thanks for viewing "Secret love affair movie quotes".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. Kim Hee-ae and Yoo Ah-in’s new noona romance promises to be all kinds of scandalous, but their real-life chemistry is more like adorable noona-dongseng trying not to make each other laugh. If the roles were reversed and it was an older man with a younger woman, I would still feel the same.
Also, I believe pederasty is a term exclusively used for gay sexual relations between an older man and (post-pubescent) boy so it’s probably not the term you want to use. I get having issues with the female character being married (although one cannot say the series condones cheating, since we do not know how it will be handled on a moral level), but saying this is pederasty is inaccurate. That is offensive to all people who date outside of their age and not something third parties have the right to judge or call morally indecent based on their own personal preferences. In this day and age, a relationship between two people, in fiction or reality, where there is more than a ten year age difference, seems ridiculous and strange to me. They made me think — because I would have a different take if the genders were reversed.

If the man and woman in your example ~truly~ love each other or not is not our place to judge them.
I would be more curious about the gender dynamics or power imbalance, but it is not my right to judge them anyway, because once again, they’re adults who have their own private reasons for this.
I loved A Wife’s Credentials with all my soul, so I trust this team will give us a haunting story that will not be as simple as choosing an OTP and following a standard trajectory of ~wuv. I do however believe it’s more difficult to feel this way if one party is a teen but that is a whole other issue. And as with any scene in life or fiction, there are nuances to it (I strongly disapprove of much older men going after barely legal girls, but the scenario is different when one party is in, say, their thirties and the other in their fifties or even sixities. It’s usually those with picture perfect lives that have a whole lot of ugliness going on underneath. Adultery is usually a turn-off for me as well and certainly not a reason to root for a particular ‘ship. JTBC did its job, presented a good drama, people didn’t watch it and they have to balance profitability and content. I haven’t looked at someone younger than me and seen him as a man before, but the more I look at him my standards go up.
Unlike other shows where one fast-forward the scene where the main leads don’t appear, I can never fast forward when he is onscreen.
Would you question if their love is true and not based on basic sexual attraction or even money? His nose, in particular, looks like an actual nose rather than something carved, flaked and formed.
I am not concerned about him getting plastic surgery he’s a great actor afterall but I have the feeling that my sense of observation has kind of failed haha. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch the other shows he is in because the stories are too ridiculous. But having an affair with your husband’s student is not only scandalous but also an act of adultery. So I’m expecting (hoping for!) a similar treatment where the relationship becomes one the viewers support because the story has earned that support in spite of the many reasons to be against it.
But, that is not always the case and I like that there is a drama willing to explore a relationship with those kind of opinions stacked against it.

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