Pinewatch is northeast of Falkreath, about half way between Falkreath and the Guardian Stones along the main road. On first inspection, Pinewatch appears to be an ordinary farmhouse with crops growing out back.
There are several locked doors with potions and other items behind them and chests (some locked) to open. After clearing the area of more bandits the Dragonborn will make their way into Rigel's room. The treasure room is guarded by a master-locked door (which can be opened using Rigel's key). Stone of Barenziah - Behind a novice-locked door to the northwest side of the room with the dead draugrs. If Rhorlak is unsuccessfully bribed during the quest, "Silver Lining," it is possible to pickpocket the  back from him, as well as a few extra  that he may have already been carrying. This is a good place to harvest Altmer, Dunmer, and Orc blood for the quest Discerning the Transmundane.
Everything in this area will be reset after one or both of the quests related to its location have been completed. One does not have to join the Thieves Guild in order to access the farmhouse and adjoining cave complex; the button still works to open the passageway, and all bandits and Rigel still appear in within the cave system.
In the Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary, where the beds are located, is a good place to level Sneak, as there will always be one bandit sleeping there, regardless of the time of day. The three bandits seated at the table (the one in the room with the Expert-locked chest) are always a female Dunmer, a male Orc and male Imperial.

There is a texture glitch in the tunnel behind the shelf that causes a plummet into the great void. There is a gap in the first room near the exiting door under the cottage that the Dragonborn can get stuck in.
When I was fighting Rigel Strong-Arms, her health was almost gone, she was on the floor and I delivered the final blow. Ireland's forgotten folk hero gallops the roads of Kilkenny again in this tale of derring-do and destiny.
The door is locked and, surprisingly, it is untouched by all the bandit activity in the area.
The cave system is comprised of ancient Nordic tombs and what appears to be an excavation site.
The note warns the bandits to not try to sneak into the treasure room and is signed Rigel Strong Arm. There are multiple bone alarms hanging around the room to alert the leader of any intrusion. Immediately after entering the secret cavern, turn left, and there will be a dead female High Elf on the ground, and in the Sanctuary there is a Dunmer and Orc seated at a table with an Imperial. Moving back and forth to the bandit and the tunnel entrance will level the Sneak skill quickly, as long as one is not detected by the bandit and the four in the bar in the next room.
They are also scripted to always sit at said table; this can easily be seen by alerting them (via Throw Voice or shooting an arrow into a corner) and when they no longer are suspicious, they will sit down at the table again. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.

The house itself is typical Nordic style, with a single large room and stairs leading to the basement.
The bandits have cleared this portion of the tomb by killing the draugr, the remains of which litter the area.
The bandit leader will come out to attack, the infamous Rigel Strong-Arm, who cracks some good one-liners while she fights. The "bridge" has a dart trap, followed by a hallway with a swinging blades trap, then a battering ram trap to catch anyone running through the swing blades. There is a secret passage in the basement that is opened by pressing a button to the right of the empty bookshelf on the lower level of the building. If the Dragonborn bribes Rhorlak in this farmhouse during the Silver Lining quest, he will reveal the location of the button.
The first few chambers are piled high with crates, barrels and boxes from the caravans the bandits have robbed. In front of the treasure is a less-than-subtle pressure plate, which will trigger a spear trap for those not careful. The treasure room contains an altar loaded with jewels, ingots, valuable ore, coins, two silver candlesticks and the silver mold.

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