If you’re a fan of the girl scout cookie, boy will you be a fan of this Thin Mint Frappuccino! Give your barista this secret recipe for the Thin Mint Frap, they will happily make it for you! Here at the RSVLTS, when it comes to choosing our favorite Man Meal creations, we often look to employ the unofficial “holy trinity of B’s” toward our selections: Burgers, Brats and Beer. Nothing screams wedding season like your timeline brimming with gushy, staged photos of overly-cheery couples tying the knot.
Cooking steak is easy, you throw some salt and pepper on it, grill that beast on high, flip repeat, boom, right?
The SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill is a heavy duty grill that uses wood pellets to convert your grill into a smoker, most Texas barbecue joints would be jealous of.
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The most important thing to remember when ordering a secret menu drink is that not all Baristas are familiar with the drink names. Depending on what drink you're ordering and what add-ins there are, be prepared for extra costs. For years, wild frat kids, underage high schoolers and everyone in between have enjoyed playing this classic game. This time, the hilarious production company aims their sights at Congress’ seemingly never-ending debate on implementing healthier school lunches.
Additions such as bananas will bring your total up, but remember that paying with a registered Starbucks card or with the Starbucks mobile app will earn you stars towards free rewards. So, obviously it had to be recreated as the Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino that’s available only at Starbucks if you know the secret. Whoever said stereotypes aren’t based on fact clearly never have looked themselves in the mirror.

We’ve always had a soft spot for easy, DIY kitchen hacks that can make all the difference in your meal, but this might be one of the easiest, tastiest hacks yet. Funny or Die also partnered up with the American Heart Association to release the satirical and immensely entertaining video. The cool mint flavor accentuates the rich chocolatey syrup & java chips all in a Green Tea Frappuccino. These mythical urban legends have slipped through the realm of explanation time and time again, seemingly puzzling mankind since the dawn of time. So, go out and order the Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino off their secret menu before it’s too late.

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