Orange Gravity 2: Level Pack is the latest Physics based Puzzle game from Bigdino by Tommy Cred. Pour The Fish: Level Pack is the sequel to the Physics based game Pour the Fish from Coolbuddy created by Alexandr Porubov. In this game, you are locked in an Egyptian palace and need to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
Cyclop Physics Players Pack is the latest installment in the Physics based Puzzler series Cyclop Physics.
Onamis 5 is the 5th installment in the series of nice-looking Room Escape games from France. The series take place in a single black and white room and feature interesting puzzle elements. Caila Raven and The Draco is the latest installment in the Point’n’Click Adventure series Caila Raven created by Federico Rutenberg. Stack all the pieces into a single stack by clicking a tile to move adjacent pieces to that spot. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!
When your cursor changes into an Eye Icon in a sparkly area, click it to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. In the Main Menu section you can replay all the mini-games and Hidden Object Scenes you’ve unlocked during the game. Each Hidden Object Scene contains 2 blue quartz crystals; find them to recharge the Hint Beacon instantaneously!
In regular scenes, the Hint Beacon will highlight your task list if there’s nothing to do in that scene.
In regular scenes, the hint will highlight an Inventory Item along with the spot to which it belongs.
Clicking on the second arrow button resets that puzzle to its original state for that particular round. Place the PROPELLER BLADE on the Propeller Hub to reel the box in the water closer to the shore.
Your goal is to rotate the screws until the screw in the upper lock is in the same position as the example shown in the smaller lock at the bottom. For this solution, click on Button 1 twice, Button 2 one time, Button 3 one time, and Button 1 one time. For this solution, click on Button 3 one time, Button 1 three times, Button 2 five times, and Button 4 two times. Pick up the MATCHES inside the box; you will be able to use them 4 separate times around the island. Place the MATCHES on the Dynamite you placed on the rock bed; this last action gives you access to a new part of the island. A Green Checkmark will appear on this location in the map, showing it to have been completed.

Place the SOUL OF THE ISLAND (Light Blue Crystal) on the light blue empty slot on the tree. Count the number of spaces in either direction to figure out where the Golden Coin is located. Go back to the Crystal Tree location; use the Map to get there, or click at the bottom of the scene. Place the LOVE OF THE ISLAND (Yellow Crystal) on the empty yellow spot on the Crystal Tree. Place the MACHETE on the Old Jungle Path that sparkles in the back of the scene to trigger a puzzle. Your goal in this puzzle is to drag the character token to the exit in the upper right corner.
You have to pick up the 3 machetes and cut the 3 bushes in the scene before you can reach the exit. Place the BRONZE AXE 2 times on the palm trees on the right to make the logs fall into the water. The number in the center of each radio gear represents the number of wires that need to be connected to it. Once you think you have the correct connections, click the “ON” button in the lower left corner. Pick up the STORAGE KEY on the right side of the radio after the puzzle has been completed. Click and hold the chip you want to move and drag it to the direction in which you want it to move.
As you progress through the rounds, you will have to block with some of the colored chips to get other chips in the correct holes.
Once the coconut is knocked off the tree, it disappears and a Hidden Object Scene is triggered on the right side of the scene; click on it to activate it. There are 8 columns in this puzzle; each column represents one chance to figure out the puzzle. After all the selections have been made, some stone heads will appear at the bottom of the column.
The gray head means that you’ve selected the correct colors, but placed them in the wrong holder. Your goal in this section is to click on the arrows that will point to the Golden Flower in the middle.
Arrows that have been incorrectly pressed will turn red; if this happens, click on the RESET button and try again. Pick up the REGRET OF THE ISLAND (Blue Crystal) inside the Mechanical Flower after you solve the puzzle. Your goal in this puzzle is to click on the blue lines so that the lights cross all the gems at once. Place the SIN OF THE ISLAND (Violet Crystal) in the empty violet slot at the bottom of the tree. Place the BLANK DISC on the round slot in the mechanical stone on the right to trigger a puzzle.

Your goal is to control the mechanical arm by pushing the correct controls on the left side of the puzzle.
To solve the first round of this puzzle, press the Clockwise Arrow, Bar with Arrows In, Clockwise Arrow, Clockwise Arrow, and the Bar with Arrows Out. To solve the second round of this puzzle, press the Arrow Pointing Right, Bar with Arrows In, Arrow Pointing Left, Counterclockwise Arrow, and the Bar with Arrows Out. Click on the brown handle at the bottom of the sign mechanism, on the left, to open the cover. Place the SCIENCE OF THE ISLAND (White Crystal) in the empty white slot at the base of the tree.
If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. The Military has hired world-renowned scientist Chanel Flores to explore a mysterious island that has suddenly appeared in the Bermuda Triangle!
Because of its geographical position the two superpowers, the USSR and the USA, are highly interested in the country. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. The quartz crystals you collect in one Hidden Object Scene will roll over to the next Hidden Object Scenes.
You don’t need to use the map to access all areas of the island, but it’s a good tool to use if you can’t find your way around. In this walkthrough only the Quartz Crystals that are needed, and the Inventory Items that you will receive at the end of your search are highlighted.
Click on the configuration you want to use and all the items that were highlighted will rotate. During her flight to the island, a mysterious electrical fog engulfed her plane, and forced her to parachute to safety. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. Their agents have destabilized the country, and local rebels, led by Prime Minister Vishaka, plan to assassinate the king. Use our helpful Strategy Guide to help Chanel explore the island, and make her way back to her ship in Secret Mission a€“ The Forgotten Island, a fun and exciting Hidden Object game. Soon you learn who you are and what your mission is: to find evidence for the Minister's devious scheme.
A complicated mission, as both countries are after his plan and both have their own motives.

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