La vie est belle es el nuevo perfume de Lancome que se puso a la venta durante el otono de 2012 pero que llega con mas fuerza a nuestro pais un ano mas tarde.
Night de Victoria’s Secret es un nuevo perfume que se lanzo al mercado el pasado octubre de 2013.
Flash se construye con una fragancia que acentua delicadas notas de flores blancas con un toque de especias y frutas.
Lady Gaga presento su primera fragancia con la colaboracion de The Haus Laboratories Paris y la compania de fragancias Coty. Chanel nos presento el 2 de abril de 2010, Chance Eau Tendre, version de una de sus mas populares fragancias.

Described as a ‘floriental warm’ fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Night opens with sparkling fruity notes. OSMOZ is a social website about perfume and fragrance that allows you to share your opinions about your favorite fragrances and to check out suggestions from the world's largest community of scent lovers. Posts related to Victoria Secret Women Silk Honeymoon Night Dress 2 Victoria Secret Women Silk Honeymoon Night Dress  Sound sleep make sound mind so sleep well and find your all day successful. Esta nueva version romantica y rosa, Chance Eau Tendre, es una interpretacion floral-frutal del EDP Chance. OSMOZ provides a selection of fragrances, and advice to help you select your next perfume… The more you contribute to OSMOZ, the more you increase your chances of winning great gifts!

Es provocativa, calida, sexy e impactante, sus tentadoras notas son pura intriga y glamour.
White Exquisitely Beautiful And Romantic Luxury Nighties Those  people who are confused what gift you want to give your wife or Girlfriend on special  Occasion. Victoria Angels Night Wear Sleeping DressVictoria Angels bring very comfortable and easy Night Wear Sleeping Dress.these sleeping dress are include pajamas, shirts, tops and panties etc.

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