Most notably, Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse presents how the 2008-to-2010 financial crash and its effects stamped an imprint of global interconnectedness into people’s worldviews, especially those of bankers, economists and politicians, forcing a revision on issues of global-scale responsibility and interdependence. Mutual Responsibility is a community and growing network of like-minded people determined to promote the value of mutual responsibility to the center of public discourse.
Data analytics is a way to combat fraud by analyzing transactional data in an organization’s accounting records and financial statements.
A fraud investigation uses data to uncover fraud by examining and understanding the data that has been provided via a subpoena or other means of legal compliance. Henceforth, after the analysis process a much vital component is knowing how to interpret the data; and within the data mining process lies the identity of red flags, patterns and schemes that are associated within the fraud investigation. What would you consider the biggest obstacle when searching for data and analyzing it in a fraud or other financial crime investigation? Former Cronulla CEO Bruno Cullen says an alarming lack of governance threatens to bring the NRL club down, amid accusations cash payments were made to skipper Paul Gallen outside the salary cap.
Emails were obtained in which former sponsor, Sami Chamoun director of security company E Group, claims cash payments were made to Gallen outside the salary cap. It is believed payments to a number of players run up to $250,000 and were never properly registered as third-party player agreements.
Accusation were also made that Flanagan operated a high performance unit bank account off the club’s books, despite the previous board ordering it be shut down. Dozens of NRL stars have been issued with interview notices by ASADA, including 14 Cronulla players headed by Gallen, John Morris, Ben Pomeroy, Wade Graham and Ben Ross.
Cullen, says key staff members at the Sharks failed to ask crucial questions about the legitimacy and safety of the supplements regime introduced by biochemist Steve Dank in 2011 and that there are no records of who paid Dank for his services. It was revealed the pharmacist whom Dank used in 2011 has been found guilty of professional misconduct and penalised by the Pharmacy Board. Cullen said the survival of the Sharks now rests on the club righting the wrongs of the past and ensuring they do not make the same mistakes again.
Roarers, we're on the hunt for budding video producers to work across The Roar and Roar TV . Because the Bears were acting on instructions by the NRL to relocate, to not only secure their own survival but to expand the codes footprint in regional NSW.

To all you Sharkies fans, stick by your team, managements and offenders have only tried to do what the NRL should have allowed them, Build a team and if needed pay a bit extra to keep them together.
If you glance around a few of the clubs now (Mine included), you wonder how in hells name are they affording to keep the players in their top 20.
We will have to wait and see, there have been a lot of nails beforehand that I thought would finish them off. If players get suspended, and even when staff get the boot, their will be plenty of legal actions arising which will be the final nail. We saw evidence of these secret deals with that other CEO (the one that got kicked out for hitting a female employee) who had a secret bank account that the board didn’t know about.
The sleeze around this club that I have been telling you about for years, is finally coming to light. Kick them out and admit Perth without delay and disqualify them from playing in the finals. Makes you wonder how many more clubs are doing this, you look at some rosters and it is hard to believe how they keep so many superstars on little to no money, love some tell us, they stay because they love the club. Biggest shake-up in rugby league history coming i think, the weak will be gone, the strong will thrive. A large portion of the team signed on as younger players or journeymen so wouldn’t be on salaries commensurate with their production this year. And for Souths don’t forget Dylan Walker, Adam Reynolds, George and Tom Burgess would be on small contracts this year, they have excelled in the NRL and their future will be bright (and lucrative) but I doubt it would be this season. Yep souths have a few good young ones, and second tier guys play better when you’ve got top players helping out.
Grow the game by taking the grand final north and south (262) The NRL grand final belongs to rugby league, not NSW (162) Can anyone actually challenge the Broncos and Cowboys in 2016?
When the real estate and financial bubbles burst, it caused an examination of conscience about the creation of wealth, how resources should be allocated, the sharing of wealth, how countries relate to each other, what defined well-being. Spann is a fraud analysis expert of the United States Secret Service based in Chicago where she is assigned to the Electronic and Financial Crimes Task Force. Whether, you’ve been provided  the information in electronic format or paper, the most viable assertion is time.

The end result lends itself to the following—exposing the various schemes and uncovering the nefarious workings. If you think you have what it takes and would like to get involved, don't hesitate to get in contact. The Bears spent their own money building Bluetongue and because of the timing of the Super League war were deemed not financially viable because they had spent their money investing in their club. I don’t want to see any of our fans without a team, penalise the Sharkies by making them play next year for NO points, the precedence has been set. Although maybe all the nails are just being prepped and they are just waiting to hammer them in all at the same time?
Can you just imagine the deep embarrassment to the NRL if these CHEATS somehow won the premiership. For well over 15 years she has developed an expertise in linking patterns and trends of fraud schemes and anomalies in financial transactions to establish patterns of criminal activity.
Strip them of all their points for the season, you did it when Melbourne cheated so the precedence is set. If there is any proof of anything kick them out of the comp before the finals and sack all those involved. He was a fantastic administrator at the Broncos for years and is missed just as much as Wayne. However, with unstructured data, you would never know the unknown or invisible actors.  An example would be the virtual world-whose actors are known as “AVATARS” who use and provide information anonymously. Within the realm of financial investigations there is always a need for more information than less to support your findings and recommendations.

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