I will not brag about the story and the gameplay, this is a platform game absolutely perfect in every respect, as we are used to from Nintendo, who managed to reinvent themselves after Super Mario World. Playing as an escaped prisoner in a Nazi war prison, the player moves smoothly through a 3D world full of Nazi Guards, snarling canines, and rooms packed with Nazi treasure. It is true that his games have high quality, with a very accomplished level design, superb handling, secret passages everywhere .

With 60 action-packed levels full of secret passages and hidden rooms, Wolfenstein 3D for Game Boy Advance will appeal to audiences from the novice to the experienced. It turns out that the main character of this Super Mario World 2 is Yoshi, the little dinosaur! In the mass of very good platform games that were released on Supernes, specially in the end, Yoshi's Island is the one that remains in my head.

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