Palazzo Vecchio, as is the case with all medieval and Renaissance palaces, has several secret passages. Sovereigns, court members, or simply the rich and powerful who used to live in these palaces always needed escape routes and private spaces in which they could stay hidden.
These escape routes were needed for security reasons—conspiracies and plots against them were quite common, and these ancient palaces were so big that their inhabitants needed a number of ways to leave the building, stay out of reach of their soldiers, or be able to hide in a safe place. Furthermore, during the Renaissance and medieval times, the concept of privacy was virtually unknown. Rich people as well as poor people spent their entire lives surrounded of dozens of other people while going about their everyday activities: dressing, washing up, waking up, and even sleeping. Having secret passages was also a way to have access to studioli and tesoretti, the only rooms where the most powerful and lucky people could be alone, dedicating themselves to private matters. Studioli and tesoretti were very small rooms where the head of the household usually kept some key documents, much loved and precious small objects, as well as collections of rare and odd items.
These rooms were also small so that their owners could enter them alone—without guards?seeing the border of the room also during the night at the candle light, checking that nobody was there.
These rooms usually had at least one main entrance and one secret exit, again to be used to escape in case of danger. The Studiolo of Francesco I, son of Grand Duke Cosimo and later Grand Duke himself, for example, has one entrance plus two secret passages, one leading to the cellars and one upstairs, leading to the Tesoretto of Cosimo I, his father’s private room. This room, so hidden that it was only rediscovered at the beginning of the twentieth century, has one entrance and an escape route leading to the cellars. Private rooms were usually only for men, but Duchess Bianca Cappello, paramour and second wife of Francesco I, was so loved and smart that she also had a private study in Palazzo Vecchio. Another secret passage is the one that leads from the bedroom of Cosimo I right on the ground floor, next to a secondary exit of the Palace.
Florence Inferno is a blog about the Florentine mysteries, symbols, and places that are mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest novel Inferno, and much more about the city.
Hidden passages have a long history of appearing in fictional novels and films but an even richer past in reality dating back to Egyptian tombs passages for Christians to worship in hiding from Romans.
With so many secret rooms built into houses is it any wonder that some people are surprised to discover that their very own house has one they were entirely unaware of?
While for one couple the discovering of a secret room was exciting and resulted in additional usable space for another family a similar find was the beginning of a nightmarish tragedy. There are a number of design and construction companies that have grown up with the public’s recently renewed fascination with secret doors, rooms and passageways. Hidden rooms and secret passageways are no longer only found in ancient castles and fantasy books. The Hidden Doors company is local to me, and one of the suggestions they have when they show is to hide your kitchen pantry with kitchen cabinets.
I think it’s cool, i want my nana to put another one in besides the one she has behind her fireplace!
That would be great to have to house all your controls and recording equipment for the hidden cameras all over the perimeter of the house. I really like the one where the staircase can be lifted by remote control, leading to the secret room.

This one opens up to a media room so the big black box doesn't ruin your sleek and modern aesthetic. I'm not sure anybody owns that many books that look that elegant but it certainly makes a statement.
Wow, guests would be so focused on the bright turquoise color that they would never suspect there was a secret. Stock the good looking toys on the visible shelves and stash the rest of them behind the door. This is a cool passage in the room of a teenage girl, perfect for when she's giving you attitude or wants to escape her siblings. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To create the fort, I took a shower curtain rod and a sheet to make the curtain that hangs under the desk.
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
I just set up this combination and I remember the instructions are to place the bookshelf against the wall for safety reasons. Absolutely LOVE the look on your boys face in the third photo!Looks like the ultimate conqueror. I sure hope that the Expedit is bolted to the wall or secured in some other way – they can be quite heavy and this one just looks like he could pull it down on himself when crawling through!
Creative Home Engineering is a firm that specializes in build secret passageways into your house.
Several more hidden passageway pictures, and a link to the company's gallery, after the jump. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. We also offer a guided Inferno walking tour, which follows the footsteps of Robert and Sienna, as well as an an eBook with an audio version. Over the years hidden passages have been used to arrest kings and evacuate popes, hide shogun warriors, facilitate guerrilla fighters, enable drug smugglers and conceal serial killers. One couple in an ordinary and unspectacular A-frame house found out they had their very own secret room after a year of living in the structure. In their secret room they found a mysterious note from a previous owner of the house who claimed that the structure was riddled with harmful mold that had made his children very sick.
Creative Home Engineering has a number of stock products and also creates custom hidden door and room designs.
Well, there are do-it-yourself options for creating your own disguised doors to hidden spaces though the process is somewhat complicated. I had my hidden door privately made by a great carpenter whom also renovated the entire room. Hiding their Guns, Ammo, and protecting themselves from Home Invasion which is on the rise because of the bad economy. Maybe reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or any mystery novel that involved pulling a book to open a door.

Like everyone, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money, yet wanted something that would last into his teenage years. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". A number of wings are currently not in use, and some secret passages were walled in through the centuries. In recent times, however, many more modest individuals have created (or discovered) secret passages in ordinary everyday households and there are even companies dedicated to designing secret doors, rooms and passages in middle-class houses. The room itself: a space as large as their main bedroom and complete with somewhat creepy accessories including a sleeping bag, electrical outlet and even unopened beer cans.
As it turned out, the note was right: an inspection revealed high levels of various dangerous molds and the new owners were able to sue and settled for having the house repurchased at the price they paid.
The room showed above, however, is one couples’ unusually creative gift to their very excited teenage daughter. Their ready-made products include classics like the fireplace that opens when you twist a candlestick and a bookcase that opens when you tilt a book.
There are of course a lot of things that have to be considered with a secret door such as hiding visible gaps with trim and giving the doors a comfortable swing capacity. Or it could have been that episode of Saved by the Bell where they participate in that fake murder mystery.
In some cases the discovery of a secret room is a wonderful dream find but it can also be a twisted nightmare. This room works as an office and play-space and goes entirely unnoticed by clueless visitors (or even building inspectors). The Hidden Doors company and others have dozens of simpler and less expensive stock items to choose from as well – from cabinets to pool racks and wine shelves masking hidden doors. Also, load issues need to be considered if you have, for example, a swinging bookshelf in mind. An investigation followed which uncovered a false wall that hid an old still and various jars, etc. Whatever it was, my love is strong and I have big plans to build my own in the future – preferably involving a bookcase. Apparently he was worried about someone with a vested interest in selling the house finding the note and therefore hid it. A remote control amazingly lifts an entire staircase out of the way revealing the hidden passage. Remarkably, though, this can all potentially be accomplished for just a few hundred dollars – a relatively small price to pay for such a clever interior design feature.

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