Secret Recipe is a lifestyle café chain and has become a household name following its debut in Malaysia since 1997.
Stir-fried Japanese Soba with chicken slices, crispy celery, straw mushroom and carrot in Japanese soy sauce.
If Javascript is disabled browser, to place orders please visit the page where I sell my photos, powered by Fotomoto. Homemade giant bubbles have been on our to-do list for a while, but we were waiting for optimum weather conditions:  humid and overcast, with very little wind. Check out the size of these homemade bubbles!  Science activities don’t get much cooler than this. The first several bubbles popped immediately, and I was feeling deflated, but the more we played with the mixture, the silkier it got, and within a few minutes, we were creating HUGE bubbles.
I used two drinking straws, and a length of yarn that was 6 to 8 times longer than the length of one straw. There is a link in the post, Juliet, that will take you to Design Dazzle’s recipe for the Bubble Mixture.
Blogger Toni Roberts with Design Dazzle shares details to create giant bubbles and a giant kerplunk game! Kids would love to receive this giant bubbles kit as a birthday gift or even help make the kit.
This is how a bubble looks when dipped in the solution and the bubble wand stick is "opened up" to make bubbles.

For more summer ideas and activities for kids check out our Design Dazzle Summer Camp Series going on now.
KSL's public inspection files, including the Children's Television Programming Reports and the DTV Quarterly Activity Station Report, are available for viewing during regular office hours at the KSL Broadcast House. After almost 90 years the Coca-Cola Company has finally risked taking its ultra-secret recipe out of a bank vault to put it on display at their corporate museum.However, any rivals hoping to get a glimpse at the list of ingredients in a bid to topple the soft-drink giant from its world-leading perch will be disappointed.
Bank spokesman Mike McCoy said SunTrust was honored to safeguard the formula for as long as it did.
The crowd at the unveiling watched a video of Mr Kent placing a metal box, which the company says contains the formula, inside a five-foot high safe several days ago and locking it.
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Secret Recipe has successfully established its brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand by virtue of its quality cakes, fusion food and distinctive service.
Well, yesterday was perfect, so I whipped up this Giant Bubble Mix in the morning and we tried it this afternoon. Check my post on making giant bubbles where I share the **secret** ingredient bubble recipe. The formula, which dates back to 1886, is enclosed inside a metal box that is itself locked inside a new high-tech vault at the company's World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta.
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (centre) and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (left) are led into the exhibit by Coca Cola chief Muhtar Kent - but is the formula the real thing?

Visitors were then escorted through a room full of pictures and historical information about the founding of the company and the secret formula. Then if a ball or two drops (or 30) you keep them and at the end of the game count how many balls you made drop. That display leads into a cylindrical room, where images of glasses filling with Coca-Cola splash across the walls before lights come on and reveal a giant, metal-encased vault with a keypad and a hand-imprint scanner.A railing keeps visitors several feet away from the vault door. Usually the last few sticks will make all the balls drop so the suspense is who will be the one to pull that last stick.
The vault never opens, and Coke officials wouldn't say if the keypad and hand scanner were there for show or were part of the security measures in place to protect the formula.
The legend of the recipe goes that Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist John S. To keep the crucial recipe a secret he did not write it down, and it was only known to a handful of people.

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