You want to giggle as you write the poem on your gift tag and you want the gift receiver to chuckle as well. The Secret Santa poems are all done,but certainly not all the fun.Continue on to view this site,chances of boredom are pretty slight. Every single year, millions of people get guilted by their resident office party planner into signing up for the annual Secret Santa. Eager Beaver Journal, Roots, $15 – For that keener at work who always arrives 15 minutes early to the weekly staff meeting.
Coal Toque, Little Burgundy, $25 – Keep them toasty all winter long with this plain yet chic toque.
HR Gift Card, Holt Renfrew, $40 – For the fashionista in the office who likes to stretch her dollar, fork over $40 so she can put it towards her next big purchase.
The countdown for gift giving is on and the deadline for your office Secret Santa is rapidly approaching. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is definitely in the air in Downtown Calgary! Father's Day is coming up this Sunday but you still have time to get dear old Dad a gift that comes from the heart. Staying Happy During Difficult Times Ask people what they want out of life and often the response will be “to be happy”. Just about every office conducts a Secret Santa gifting situation during the holidays, and let's be honest, most of the gifts we receive are horrible.
There aren’t many things worse than having to remove gloves to use your smartphone on a bitterly cold winter day. Every workplace has that person who must have the latest iPhone, that same office, most likely has a bunch of people with iPhones that have cracked screens. These are great for the co-worker who collects shot glasses from all the places they’ve been on vacation.

Edna Lewis’ book on the roots of Southern cooking in America has been around for many years, but it got a boost in attention from a recent New York Times piece. The main difference between the original Chromecast and the recently released version is design. Scotch, bourbon and quality tequila taste great straight, but when one prefers to sip a chilled glass of delicious goodness, stones are the best way to get a nice chill. New York Times best-selling author Richard Betts taught people how to choose wine based on the nose and now he’s doing the same for whiskey.
The purpose of a flask is to carry an adult beverage in an inconspicuous manner, so carrying a flashy flask, kind of defeats that purpose, right?
Disclaimer - this post was not in any way sponsored by tesco, I just found a lot of good gifts on there!
Unless your co-workers are all your best friends (wow, we are jealous!) it is also an annual struggle to buy something personal for someone you don’t really know.
Perfect for the folks in your office that spend a lot of time on their cellphones – give their ears a break.
Its not that the person giving the gift is a bad person, It is difficult to buy a useful, unique gift for someone you only know from work and even more difficult when there is a price restriction at play.
Secondly, this business card case is an opportunity to help out the guy in the office who carries an embarrassingly overflowing wallet. Smartphone friendly gloves do exist, but not many are as winter friendly as this fleece pair from Timberland. Wyoming Whiskey is made without a master distiller, using local corn, wheat, barley and water from a mile-deep limestone aquifer.
The Canz Bluetooth speaker is small but it emits surprisingly powerful bass that rocks for 6 hours on one charge. With everything retro being so popular, mason jars are being used again -- and not just for preserving root vegetables.

The history behind each recipe and attention to detail make this one of the best cookbooks in the category. Google has killed the stick, in favor of an elegantly designed disc attached to an HDMI cable. Ice cubes water down the aforementioned drinks, while these icosahedron-shaped soapstones, drop the temperature without affecting the taste. This will make a great present for the youngest guy or girl in the office who wants to step their palette up from vodka and red bull but doesn’t know what to drink. The FlatWave Micro is an affordable gift that will provide the user with live and local programming options via a compact antenna that plugs into most displays. Well, this year we are armed with a plan and if everyone decides that White Elephant is the name of the game – then watch out for these amazing gifts because you are going to want to get stuck with them! We’ve got great gifts in three different price ranges that your colleagues won’t want to pass up! Available in several sizes, the fleece-lined windproof gloves feature two-finger touchscreen conductivity. The 100% rubber wood panels interlock together with ease and can be used to hold smartphones, tablets, headphones, books or whatever else the gift getter sees fit for it to hold. It comes with a pourer to easily transfer liquor and its reusable, freezer and dishwasher safe.
The hat is a great gift, unless you’ve been assigned someone who is a Clippers, Rockets or Cavaliers fan. Unlike past HDTV Over-the-Air antennas, the FlatWave Micro doesn’t have to be placed in a window, it can be placed out of sight.

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