We humans want many things: good health, financial freedom, accomplishment, a great social life, love, sex, recreation, travel, family, career, and more. The way I approach the problem of multiple priorities is by focusing on just one main metric: my energy. One of the best ways to pollute the energy in a group situation is by being a total asshole. Ia€™ve noticed that an alarming number of people have adopted the asshole lifestyle and decided it works well enough to stay on that path.
And when you don't think you need to experience any more hurt, it's all too easy just to back down from the fight and let someone else absorb the suffering. You can't be a better leader without learning from your mistakes and developing the humility to adaptA when you get it wrong. You can't win at sports or politics or business without experiencing embarrassing setbacks that make you question how prepared you are to win.
Instead of thinking about suffering as if you're being treated unfairly, think about the lessons you're learning. Or you can quietly reassure yourself that this moment is what enables you to achieve your goals. New research by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW found that female executives are more likely to have played sports than those in non-leadership roles a€” and they're also more likely to hire other women who have played a sport. The research report, titled "Making the connection: women, sport and leadership," was conducted by Longitude Research across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific. The link, the report says, is that playing sports can help women develop motivational skills, team building skills, and the ability to see projects through to completion a€” and it equips women with the competitive spirit that's essential for success on both the playing field and in the workplace.
Just 3% of C-suite women say they have not played any sports, compared with 9% of women at other management levels. According to Peter Shankman, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of "Nice Companies Finish First," in the world of Brand You, all social networks impact your professional success. About a year ago, I met with the partner of a personal financial management firm to discuss a website project. My experience supports Shankmana€™s contention that social media is the starting point and main information source in many professional relationships. As Shankman says, a€?The idea that youa€™re friends with someone just because you went to second grade together is bullsh*t. Shankman challenged us to do the following: Go home and go onto Facebook and find five or six people that you have not talked to in six months and either start a conversation on their wall or unfriend them. Responding to a connection and reaching out are good first steps in building an online reputation for niceness. Keep track of your connections in the media and send notes when you see them profiled, quoted or mentioned. Remember the DBS (Dona€™t Be Stupid) Rule: If youa€™re going to a bar or other personal event you dona€™t want chronicled on Facebook, leave your phone in your car or at home so you wona€™t be tempted to post.
Therea€™s no saying where all this connecting will lead, but somewhere unknown is certainly better than nowhere at all. Are you a visionary?   Can you see a clear destination when imagining and planning your creative business?  As a creative person you have the ability to envision something not yet birthed or the growth of something not yet matured but do you have the ability to map out the vision of your business? Create a marketing plan.  How are you going to tell the world about your business?  Make a detailed calendar of marketing actions and follow through. These just a few tactics you will need to employ.  I know you can think of other action steps so please share with the other readers so we can all learn from each other. Watch my video below where I share the details of The Secret Formula for Success to leaders just like you. Practice in your mind and body the vision of this movement, and you will soon find yourself at ease, with great power and confidence in regard to inviting.
Thanks Richard, watching this presentation takes off the inner pressure within, to do this business It makes it simple and at the same time somewhat intriguing of process presented here, and makes it doable and fun, and practical. When I played water polo in college I had a routine that kept me in the pool for two hours starting at 5:30 AM and for three and a half hours past 2 PM.

While it’s unusual for the head of a company to cop to sleeping on the job, I credit these sacred siestas with my success as an entrepreneur and as a leader.
Increasingly, there is recognition that a non-stop work life doesn’t cut it for most people. More CEOs should recognize their hours of peak performance and acknowledge that their employees need breaks during the day to keep doing their most creative work. I’ve found that after going back to work after a short nap, I’m able to revisit ideas or conversations and come up with better ideas or solutions. At the heart of a brand building process is a brand experience built on the interactions between a company and its customers. Expect to see other American brands that we know and love up for sale to the highest international bidder. Millions of words have been written and thousands of books have been published on the subject of branding. Companies that want to build strong B2B brands should start by rallying their employees, build their brands from within, and make sure their leadership team clearly articulates and lives the company’s purpose and promise. Denise Lee Yohn -- branding consultant to such brands as Sony, Frito-Lay and New Balance — discusses how companies can operationalize their brands to grow their business.
Larry Levine, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Teledyne Controls shares insights on the recent branding of a division of Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Texas Republican Comptroller Susan Combs appears on FOX Business to discuss the secret to Texas’ economic success.
Stay updated on critical legislative action items, grassroots opportunities, KTW progress reports and other exciting news! TX union bosses r using membership dues 2 attack TX private businesses 2 force them 2 unionize!
Keep Texas working is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation dedicated to maintaining Texas’ position as the top state for business and job creation. Contributions to Keep Texas Working are not tax-deductible; they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts. The problem with all of this wanting is that the time you spend chasing one of those desires is time you cana€™t spend chasing any of the others.
You might succeed in getting people fully energized, but it wona€™t be in a productive way.
It might include selfishness, arrogance, mean-spiritedness, or any number of other character flaws. Taking on any more is just overwhelming a€” but suffering is also the secret to being successful.
Start playing sports.When you joined the field hockey team in middle school or picked up skiing in college, you probably had no idea those experiences could later help you succeed in your career.
Shankmana€™s main message was that being nice can and will set you apart from your competition. Toward the end of our meeting, he surprised me by asking about my experience playing lacrosse. First, I went back to my through Facebook mail, which included a note from someone I knew in the 4th grade I had been ignoring for months.
I might not hear back from someone when I do this, but I have had the frequent experience of running into people and having them say, a€?Oh thanks for sending me that article.
And, on the way youa€™ll be building your reputation for being good, helpful and nice a€” a reputation that, as Shankman says, will help you get there first.
Discipline requires that you follow through with your purpose and direction, even in the face of obstacles and setbacks.
It makes me know that I can do this, and that I know I am good enough and that I can build this, this is a done deal. When I wasn’t swimming, I was studying, eating and taking a mid-day nap that helped me power through school and sports. Over summer, the city government in Seoul, South Korea, told city workers that they could nap at work.

It wasn’t enough to ditch timesheets and allow our team to come and go at hours that are best for them. We launched our new brand name on May 12th, 2014 after months of hard work and late nights. Hughes, a professional public speaker and leadership coach, discusses the similarities between personal branding and corporate branding. If you think of your bad behavior as a lifestyle choice, as in a€?being yourselfa€? or a€?just being honest,a€? you might be ignoring the cost to your personal energy.
Thata€™s why your personal reputation with your social network, both online and off, really matters. That little bit of information about me was on my LinkedIn profile, but not anywhere on my own website, so he (or someone else) had clearly taken the time to find more about me than I offered up on my site.
We may connect with someone on Social Media, at a school or church event, out shopping, working out or by just taking a stroll through the list of people we know.
This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with a bit of originality! And Mexico’s Carlos Slim, one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, argues that professionals should work longer hours but fewer days a week so that they have more time to relax and be creative. Others were quick to mention famous nap lovers with bold-faced names, including Thomas Edison, Lyndon Johnson and John D. It is important for me, as a leader, to show that it’s important for everyone to know when and how we perform at our best. But everyone can benefit from a mid-day stroll, time reading a book or coffee with a friend. In fact, I consider my mid-day break so important to good decision-making that I very rarely react to or make a call on an internal issue at our company before I’ve—well—slept on it. When you piss off the people around you, there is bound to be some blowback and wasted effort cleaning up the mess you made. Then he exhorted the audience to put their social networks to work with a challenge that turned out to be not so hard. Social media makes it easy for potential clients, partners and managers to learn about you and form an opinion about you.
It turns out that my friend has a mastera€™s degree in multimedia journalism and that immediately put our connection on a professional footing.
Visionary leaders know that if they differentiate their businesses from the competition, they can expect fast business growth.
While I still choose to snooze in a parking lot away from our office, our team knows my routine. Remember, people hire people, but before they do, those potential bosses will do their online homework. Hundreds of Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections dona€™t mean a thing if youa€™re not actively being friends or connecting with them. Determine what your company’s strength is and differentiate yourself using it then… MAKE A PLAN AND PUT IT INTO ACTION. Almost every day since I co-founded our brand strategy firm 20 years ago, I have ducked out of the office around that time for a quick snooze. Most often, this means I drive my car to a parking lot with shade trees away from our office in Irvine, Calif. When I’m working from our New York City office, where parking lots and shade trees are hard to find, I try to return to my hotel for a quick mid-day shut eye.

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