Some very lucky carjournalists were able to get into the Secret BMW M garage, and were also able to take a lot of pictures!!!
BMW today opened the doors to the vaults deep within M division, where strange and unseen test vehicles live. M8 The high-performance 8-series used the V12 that eventually morphed into the McLaren F1 motor. E46 M3 Touring Strong demand in Europe but because it wouldn't sell in the US and new territories it was axed. Its funny that BMW made the E36 M3 compact some 15 years ago now and people have been making there own version of it for years as well. Form and pour concrete reinforced walls, using rebar in the walls and putting conduit in the forms before you pour to allow access to wiring later.
Frame the access from the basement by installing paneling on the entire wall and putting a single piece of paneling on the back of the secret underground room door. If you think $32 billion is bad, wait till you see what the DOD’s black budget is under Obama.
The government’s black budget presumably is used for expenses related to military research, covert operations, and other hush-hush secret projects, including the construction and maintenance of bunkers and shelters. In the event of a national disaster or catastrophe, the federal government already has plans in place to shelter the elite in those bunkers. As an example, when the planes struck New York’s twin towers on September 11, 2001, then President George W. Secret Service agents had also burst into Vice President Cheney’s White House office, carried him under his arms and down the steps into the White House basement and through a long tunnel into an underground bunker. Recall that in 2011, I reported on a mysterious massive construction project going on in the grounds of the White House, shielded from the public eye. The official word was that the construction was a 3-year “infrastructure” project to upgrade and lay down pipes and wires, at an estimated cost of $375 million.
Then there is the secret underground base below the Denver International Airport, the existence of which was confirmed by a DIA (Defense Intelligency Agency) whistleblower in 2014. This post is about an underground bunker for spooks (aka national intelligence service) in Peters Mountain, north of Charlottesville, Virginia.
Its called continuity of government, and it’s been refined over the years to anticipate foreign invasion, nuclear war, catastrophic accident, rioting and citizen unrest, an electromagnetic pulse above the capital, a catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure, a malicious hacking of the electrical grid, terrorist attack, hurricanes and earthquakes, an asteroid from space—you name it. There is really only one candidate—a mysterious facility atop Peters Mountain, roughly 16 miles east of Charlottesville—and it’sundergone a $61 million plus renovation since 2007. For decades, there’s been speculation about just what Peters Mountain is, this Cold War artifact on the outskirts of Washington, part of a string of “hardened” communications nodes built to survive nuclear war in the 1950s. I went down a rabbit’s hole of research trying to confirm that this indeed is an intelligence community bunker, scouring the records of Albemarle County and pulling the planning, construction and tax records for the land parcel, which is indeed described as belonging to AT&T, though it is listed as “vacant residential land” of no value.

So this vacant residential land of no value, which has seen tens of millions of dollars in construction activity, is obviously something other than its cover. The two large structures on top of the mountain, to the left of the helicopter pad, are assumed to be vent stacks and hardened power and communications antennae.
Nothing in the federal budget or in the county records suggests any government occupation […] or the intelligence community. We sent a Gawker scout out to look at Peters Mountain Road this morning, to see if indeed there were men with guns and U.S. And as for the local officials and people of Charlottesville, huddled in darkness without electricity, staring up at the blue-lit mountain glowing in the night on generator power? It helped me to connect with friends more, and also acts as a mood boost whenever I feel down. There?s the stillborn BMW M3 Touring, a Le Mans-engined X5 and ? one from the archive ? an M8. It's a rare instance when a car manufacturer has opened its vaults and admitted works projects that nearly were. It managed 580bhp in this application, and sported a manual 'box - but sadly not the business case to build it. Marketing bosses were worried it might undermine the real M3, so the car never saw the light of day.
For years people have said that an M8 prototype existed, no one could prove it until now though.
Whether you want a secure place to hide your valuables or take shelter during a tornado, a secret underground room will offer privacy from prying eyes and a safe haven. If you don’t have a basement, you can still build one but the access will be less secure.
Placement is important because you want to hide the evidence of the room underneath a large porch or a deck. According to the New York Times, that budget nearly doubled in the Bush years to $32 billion, which was more than the combined budgets of the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
From 2008’s $32 billion, it increased to $50 billion in 2009 and $52.8 billion in 2012, according to whistleblower Edward Snowden. Bush was whisked from an elementary School in Sarasota, Florida (where he was visiting) to Air Force One, which flew him first to a secret and secure place on Barksdale Air Force base near Shreveport, Louisiana, then to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska to the US Strategic Command Underground Command Center, where he was taken into an underground bunker designed to withstand a nuclear blast.
Arkin’s “The Secret Mountain Our Spies Will Hide In When Washington Is Destroyed,” via ZeroHedge, May 2, 2015. underground bunker north of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Countless billions have been spent on this endeavor over the years, a secret orgy of preparedness going on behind the scenes, one that ensures Washington can defend itself, take care of its own, and survive no matter what. It’s a favorite of internet conspiracy types, but no one seems to know what it is, other than the fact that the land it’s on is officially owned by AT&T. The county itself, in its useful GIS property viewer, shows the “vacant” residential land clearly houses several buildings.
Well, they will just have to wait for the report to be written that it’s all clear, or for the one that says it’s all over, in which case Peters Mountain will be a lonely island, prepared for a future of nothingness. It’s tricky to try to cover the roof of the room with soil because it will eventually biodegrade and settle. Just last month, James Rosen of McClatchyDC reported that the Pentagon can’t account for $1.3 billion that was shipped to force commanders in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014 for critical reconstruction projects. If our all-seeing, all-knowing national security establishment fails…well, the White House and the Generals and the Departments large and small all have plans to depart the capital city and recover. That’s right: the very people who will fail to predict the Big One will need somewhere to go and keep writing their reports. It’s ready to go, joining Mount Weather and Raven Rock and the Olney bunkers that dot the west, north, and east of the capital.
And there’s a report on that too, required to be submitted every 12 hours: It’s called the IC Health and Status report—health and status of the intelligence community, that is. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. As long as you have a tall fence and tell your neighbors you’re just installing a patio and a new deck, they may not notice. But the missing $1.3 billion is part of the DOD’s public budget, so you can imagine what might be “missing” from the DOD’s secret or black budget.
As the government —and now the intelligence community—button-up to protect themselves during a disaster, the helicopter pilots and drivers and the guards and the rest of the unchosen (even those who work for the same organizations) are supposed to just stay outside, always a scenario I find difficult to imagine.

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