Just two years in the job and armed with nuclear weapons, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is the world’s youngest dictator, ruling one of the world’s most isolated countries. It was a quote from Jane Fonda whom I remember my mother screaming about and I’m not talking about Make It Burn Jane Fonda as in my mother was not screaming because her buns were on fire. I remember feeling as though I would not be one of those people who yearned for serenity or strove for satisfaction.
Here I was thinking that I would write one of those things that would be all reflective and subdued – all GROWN UP.
I thought that if everyone just agreed, if we all just put down the guns and helped each other instead of trying to take each other’s things and killing anyone that got in the way, that we could have peace and could end world hunger. That while I get that life is more complicated than I realized and real change happens slowly and because we are different from each other we disagree on what the changes are that we need to make, that while I get all these things, I still know that finding what we love and acting out of that is the best chance we have to be happy and to be a good person.

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Minerva Rising has grown out of a love of literature and the knowledge that when women come together, we flourish. Shinny Upatree – The oldest friend of Santa and the co-founder of the secret village in Lapland.
Like his father and grandfather, he wants to maintain tight control over what North Koreans see of the world — and what the world sees of North Korea.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. But with unique access, FRONTLINE goes inside the secret state to explore life under its new ruler and to investigate the enigmatic “Morning Star King” as he tries to hold onto power. I don’t know what Jane is up to these days but I know she married Ted Turner.  And I no longer see change and love and serenity and peace and compromise as mutually exclusive. Using new footage smuggled from inside and never-before-told stories from recent defectors living in South Korea, the film offers a rare glimpse of how some North Koreans are defying authority in a country where just being caught with illegal DVDs could mean immediate imprisonment.

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