Shinny Upatree – The oldest friend of Santa and the co-founder of the secret village in Lapland. It is unclear whether the North was referring to the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, or to the U.S. Experts expressed doubt that North Korea would be able to successfully use its newly acquired intercontinental ballistic missile technology to hurl a small warhead around the globe at the U.S.
As ally China loses patience with North Korea and backs sanctions, the North's leaders inch their fingers toward the trigger button. But like a child whose toy is taken away, North Korea appears to be on the verge of a violent and self-destructive outburst, despite China pleading with it to behave itself.
As the KCNA comment alludes to, it's using that accusation as a justification for scrapping the long-standing armistice. With Chinese support of its unruly neighbor waning, perhaps North Korea's last and closest ally is Russia. North Korea has a long history of belligerence and bellicose rhetoric with the South, but it's never resorted to full blown war, since the armistice.

North Korea only has one missile capable of reaching the mainland US and it's so inaccurate not even North Korea could reliably tell you where it would hit. Not to mention that in spite of their public world stance on North Korea, and because North Korea has always been the slightly mentally deficient but loved child, the Chinese will be running supplies to the N.
I actually think there's more chance of China attacking and occupying NK themselves, then China attacking America if war broke out.China has learned that its an economical powerhouse. According to some state sponsored newspaper I read yesterday, the Chinese are actually afraid that when NK eventually obtains Nuclear missiles, they will not only ask for money by threatening US, but also China -- after all, it's much closer to send a nuke to Beijing, than to send it to D.C. It wouldn't be a long war at all if you turn the entire area into glass.Even a conventional war would be quick. I doubt China would come to North Korea's aid if they attacked South Korea or launched a nuke.In the case North Korea launches a nuke, hopefully there are enough intercept missiles over there to destroy it before it leaves North Korean airspace. They're doing better selling Americans cheap shit than they would ever do by killing them.China supports NK out of dated international politics. Everyone knows a well funded and supplied force that cannot be seen or rooted from the indigenous population will bleed the U.S.

But if NK became a thorn in China's side - which is exactly what they'd be if they started an all-out war - then China would squash them like a bug. Our role in such a conflict is to kick ass and take names.Now, if China escalates it will become WW3 - so it still won't be a trillion dollar war. Is the american middle class, (or at least what is left of it) prepared to foot the bill again? Sooner or later the people will start catching on.Then there is the inherent problems of a nuclear strike against an obviously technologically frail foe.

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