Members of the Hitler Youth who were conscripted to the Volkssturm in the defense of Berlin - april 1945Baldur Benedikt von Schirach (9 May 1907 – 8 August 1974) was a Nazi youth leader later convicted of crimes against humanity. In 1929, German gun-maker Waffenfabrik Walther began developing a new nine-millimeter pistol for military use. Essentially, you are usurping parental rights by promoting adoption of a known health hazard in their child’s school environment without their informed consent. Essentially, you are supporting the use of pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation, a known military weapon in a child’s school environment.
Essentially, you are supporting the introduction of a Class 2B(according to experts, microwaves should be a Class 1 Carcinogen) into a forced exposure environment.
Essentially, you are advancing a practice that incurs liability for school districts, personnel and board members. Essentially, you are undermining the work of others that understand the only answer is to remove wireless radiation completely from the educational setting.
Essentially, you are conveying the message that “some” amount of radiation exposure is permissible. Honest and truthful practices and policies reflect the reality of microwave radiation exposure and that necessitates that it be completely removed from the school environment. Pay close attention to this shrink hack dressed in black as he points his fat finger at and lectures Letterman about how the wireless sterilization program must go on.
Dr Phil also owns and runs the Doctors show that dispenses all kinds of misguided advice that is geared to keeping the agendas on track and on schedule. Now look at what was posted online after the show on Letterman’s site and notice how this exchange about reproductive harm from wireless and iPads is removed from the video. These media circus clowns are gonna hold you and all of your children in derision as long as you are all stupid enough to pay 200 a month for them to pipe this crap into your homes and stare into the idiot box’s blue glow every night while the end of your lineage is at hand with wireless exposure to your children forced on them by the schools and even their very own parents. The “Five Eyes” nations of the military-industrial complex, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, assume that the only action that causes harm from radiofrequency is heating, while 40% of the world’s populations is protected by RF limits that recognize adverse impacts below the thermal threshold, including breakdown of the blood-brain-barrier and double DNA breaks. Americans have been sold a bill of goods that wireless technology is the wave of the future, as well as the way to address climate change.
So you can keep your stupid new car, your jobs taking part in all of this, your careers that you have exchanged for your lineage, your phony friends that will turn on you on a dime, your nail appointments and soap opera time, your drinking buddies, your fleeting thinly veneered high school reputations that mean nothing, your bush league political connections, or for your disneyland denial bubble that you refuse to realize that it is going to pop. For your kids, it all starts with your complicity when you dump them off at school where they spend the entire day jammed in a room with 35 cell phone emission equivalents known as iPads (infertility pads) humming away all day everyday and irradiating away exposing their brains, hearts and reproductive organs and then at home to do their homework. Yes first stop the optometrist from too much blue glow flicker rate manipulated screen time, then the orthodontist from the microwave exposure induced melatonin disruption yielding insomnia, screentime addiction induced sunlight deprivation induced vitamin D deficiency, poor eating habits yielding poor nutrition, and microwave exposure altered gene expression.
That is of course unless you have the courage and wisdom to rescue them and stop this holocaust. FOLKS READ THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE END AND LISTEN TO THE LYRICS OF THIS SONG WHILE YOU OPEN YOUR EYES TO HOW YOUR CHILDREN’S REPRODUCTIVE CAPABILITIES ARE BEING STOLEN BEHIND YOUR BACKS OR PERHAPS WITH YOUR ASSISTANCE. So with all the money in the world and all the tea in China, why are they spending 5 billion dollars on a facility that is designed to simulate failed conception or WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE THE ELECTROCUTION OF THE NUCLEUS?
BELOW is a more detailed schematic of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters-note the unmistakable similarity to the human egg and fertilization process with a few exceptions and notice what is missing-the smooth ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. GUESS WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EGG HARDENING DURING FERTILIZATION TO PREVENT OTHER SPERM FROM PENETRATING. I believe that the trigger for all of this begins with the corticle granules in your daughters’ eggs and their releasing of calcium ions from the cortical smooth endoplasmic reticulum in response to microwave bombardment.
Does this display the potential for the function of the smooth ER to either be interfered with, inactivated or simply destroyed by microwave bombardment of the follicles or eggs? Zona hardening will fail to take place and any attempts at conception will be thwarted as a result of multiple sperm penetrating the Zona Pellucida.
Does the Apple computer company’s Cupertino headquarters diagram below have any resemblance to the cortical reaction above? Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) have a number of well-documented physiological effects on cells and tissues. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. NOTICE THE SIMILARITIES AS REPRODUCTIVE FUNCTION APPEARS TO BE LITERALLY TURNED UPSIDE DOWN BY WIRELESS. ARTEMIS WAS ALSO A GOD OF THE HUNT-how ironic as each wireless device is targeted for a directed energy beam. Artemis systems create individual pCell bubbles of microwave energy around every wireless device all the time, which actually follow the device wherever it goes, with no escape, ensuring that the connection is never broken and the irradiation of the user is constant.
You bet it is with pCells’ wireless energy around each mobile device WITH 20 TIMES THE POWER THAT IS CURRENTLY BEING USED hunting everyone down while the energy is directed to each antenna in the laps, pockets or breasts.

PCELLS SYNTHESIZE A TINY RADIO WAVE BUBBLE AROUND EVERY ANTENNA- For now, lets forget the two way surveillance capabilities that this will have on EVERY WIRELESS DEVICE IN EXISTENCE and look at the microwave exposures TO THE DEVICE HOLDER.
This is a more detailed schematic of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters-note the unmistakable similarity to the human fertilization process with a few exceptions and notice what is missing-the smooth ER. Apple rolls out iphone 6, U2 releases its 13th album, on the 13th with the song titled “lucifer’s hands” is on it.
Artemis is known as the goddess of Fertility when you Google it… This is nothing more than a mass sterilization,depopulation project. This is a more detailed schematic of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters-note the unmistakable similarity to the human fertilization process with a few exceptions and notice what is missing-the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum.
LOOK AT THIS MILITARY REPORT ON MICROWAVES FROM 40 YEARS AGO -GO TO PAGE 13 AND READ SECTION U AND READ THE 2ND PARAGRAPH. Here's the truth about Politics, Policy, and the Business of Government that you will never see on NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER. Instead of coming home to Westchester County and getting the key to New York City, I was denounced, ridiculed, and treated like a criminal, and an outcast. She put me and my family through hell, two trials, not one, but two, the first trial her prosecutors polluted the jury, and the trial ended up with a hung jury. Ia€™ve been to hell and back quite a few times, and one thing has always remained the same, I am consistent in my character. If you happen to ask yourself this question: Why cana€™t Barbara Ricci move on with her life? My obligation for the rest of my life on any application I have to fill out or any interview I have ever gone on, I have always had to answer this question: Have you ever been arrested? Jeanine Pirro is the force behind all my success, she drove me to become a filmmaker; I produced, filmed, directed, and starred in my first documentary called a€?A Plea For Justicea€? when I became a victim ofA false charges.
Jeanine Pirro, is an evil villain, and I dona€™t ever want her to forget me; I certainly will never forget what she did to my life. I dona€™t have to tell you Ia€™m innocent, you know I am, and everything I have said to you is the truth, and you know it is, this is my life, this is who I've become, I can't shake this, this is the person I've become, and this person will be with me for the rest of my life. Look at Rosa Parks, she may have died in body, but not in spirit, she had courage, and she changed the world, she took her seat on the bus and she was treated like she was a criminal, well, I write for people like Rosa. Look at Patsy Ramsey, now she's dead, look at what the news media did to her, they accused her of killing her little girl. He was the head of the Hitler-Jugend and later Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter (“Reich Governor”) of Vienna.Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
Higher authority had decided to disband the squadron but through his tenacious efforts it was rebuilt and equipped with the American-built Vengeance dive-bomber.After many months of re-organisation and training, Gill was able to demonstrate his squadron’s capabilities to Admiral Lord Mountbatten and Major General Orde Wingate. USSR, Summer 1941.SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Christian Frederik von Schalburg (center), commanding officer of Frikorps Danmark, surrounded by some of his men in 1942. The development violated the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I, so Walther kept it secret. He said the hit man or men selected for the job had to be Yiddish speakers, so they could get around any language problems in Germany. Frustrated with being on a UK-based Army co-operation squadron, he volunteered for the lonely and dangerous world of flying unarmed Spitfires on long-range photographic reconnaissance sorties.He flew his first operation over Europe on May 28 1941, photographing four enemy airfields.
Anything less, supports yielding our children’s health and well being to outside interests. Watch how this phony ignores the microwave radiation health risks to children question and immediately diverts so the bosses don’t cut his umbilical cord or his access to the boob tube controllers teat either. You know the kind like forced vaccinations, forced wireless exposure and the continued wholesale pharmacological lobotomizing of the the public. What the heck is going on here? Is this guy a circus clown operative who is slithering into very home and becoming the authority on child rearing, discipline, and then defers to his other show to direct you all onto big pharma’s petrochemical flypaper?
The installation of wireless smart utility meters, industrial-scale Wi-Fi in schools, and the cultivated demand for faster and more powerful cellphones and wireless devices requiring more towers and antennas are stimulating the wireless economy and health care sector, while destroying the health of the ecosystem. THAT IS THE PART OF THE EGG THAT IS RESPONISBLE FOR HARDENING TO MAKE SURE THAT ONLY ONE SPERM GETS IN OR NO SPERM GET IN AT ALL.
IS THIS IS ACCOMPLISHED BY WIRELESS MICROWAVE RADIATION EXPOSURES WHICH HAVE BEEN SHOW TO AFFECT VOLTAGE GATED CALCIUM CHANNELS AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL? That is the end of the line for the egg when they are being released as a result of microwave exposure. How about Steve Perlman who has been an Apple Principal Scientist and Microsoft Division President. U2 was up in Cupertino AT APPLE HQ for the rollout of the models of the iPhone 6 There are those 6’s again and guess which album they released? It refers to MICROWAVES’ NON THERMAL EFFECTS ON THE ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM-THAT IS THE SMOKING GUN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

Congeniality of New York case, It was on Current Affair, Hard Copy, the National Enquire, Jay Leno, Howard Stern it was on every news channel throughout the nation. She created a wound deep inside my heart,A  my spirit, and my soul, a wound that will never heal.A  She owes me a public apology for using me as one of her political favors to help cover up police corruption in the City Of Mount Vernon New York, and Ia€™m not her only political favor, she did this to a lot of good people in Westchester County. Jeanine Pirroa€™s maiden name is Ferris, she is one reason I don't trust Arabs, and after 911, forget about it, and aside from a few Arab neighbors, I just dona€™t trust them. They were impressed and Wingate sought the squadron’s support for his forthcoming Chindits expedition.The squadron flew its first operation on February 16 1944, when Gill led 14 of his aircraft to attack Japanese positions in the Arakan. At the height of World War II, the Middle East Relief and Refugee Administration (MERRA) operated camps in Syria, Egypt and Palestine where tens of thousands of people from across Europe sought refuge.Listen to the Story.
Early Walther attempts focused on scaling up its “PP” line of pistols to chamber the larger nine-mil round. He then moved to Cornwall where he flew numerous sorties monitoring the movements of Germany’s capital ships based in Brest.In November 1941 he made one of his longest sorties when he flew to Chemnitz. The US military was also re-structured to establish smaller military bases in more locations. The industry is employing the same strategies as the tobacco industry by corrupting the science, but instead of hiring marketers to convince consumers to buy a toxic product, it is more efficient to convince a small group of governors and legislators to pass mandates and laws while manipulating the core values of the populace who believe that buying a compact fluorescent light bulb is sustainable. I would like for us to instead consult the designers and artists of this  5billion dollar corporate headquarters.
I believe that your daughters’ follicles, or eggs depending on their ages, are on the line folks.
I believe that your daughters’ follicles, or eggs depending on their ages, are on the line folks. It's no secret, it's no secret that The Westchester County DA, Jeanine Ferris Pirro put false charges on me, Endangering the Welfare Of A child, and she had no evidence.
New York, USA Pageant.A  In years past, the corrupt Westchester County District Attorney, Jeanine Pirro,A  has put false charges on innocent people to cover up police corruption in the city of Mount Vernon, New York, and throughout Westchester County for her own political aspirations. Attacking in a near vertical dive, the Vengeance crews placed their two 500?lb bombs with great accuracy, sometimes just 100 yards ahead of Allied troops.Gill’s squadron was so effective that it was in constant demand by Army commanders. Australian War Memorial PhotoA US Army soldier clearing a German mine-field in Normandy, France. This pistol, the Militarpistole, wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures and recoil of the nine-by-19-millimeter round.Walther began work on a new design in 1935 following a request from the Heereswaffenamt, the German army’s weapons-technology agency. Navigating with his magnetic compass, a stopwatch, annotated map and, as he described it, “your nous”, he photographed key targets. The US forced other nations to increase radiofrequency exposure limits to accommodate US radar, surveillance, and weaponry. He led attacks in support of the British 14th Army and Wingate’s Chindits before becoming heavily involved in the battles around Kohima and Imphal.
1944An unidentified American infantryman lies dead in the field of battle, killed by enemy mortar fire during the assault on Santa Maria Infante, Italy, in May 1944 during World War II.
After five hours in the cramped and intensely cold cockpit, he landed.Following a brief detachment to Gibraltar to photograph the Spanish and Algerian coasts, Anderson was returning to Britain when he ran out of fuel 90 miles from the south coast. In a desperate attempt to relieve the men, and contending with the monsoon weather, Gill led attacks within yards of the beleaguered troops.
15, 1988, at the Picasso Cafe in Herzlia Pituah, an upscale seaside suburb of Herzliya, 15 miles north of Tel Aviv. On another occasion the engine of his Spitfire failed and he ditched in the sea.Over Hamburg he was hit by anti-aircraft fire at 28,000?ft but he continued to photograph his target before managing to bring his damaged Spitfire back to an airfield in England. On another occasion he was chased by enemy fighters but evaded them and brought back his photographs. You seem OK, so call me Dutch, too.” This was our only face-to-face meeting, and he asked me not to use his family name while he was still breathing. In September 1942 he was awarded the DFC for “his excellent work, courage and devotion to duty”.In November 1942 he joined a new unit to support Operation Torch.
Flying from Maison Blanche in Algeria, he took photographs of Tunis, Bizerta and targets in Tunisia.
During this period with No 4 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit he was sometimes given tasks by the USAAF.
And they were willing to go to Germany and do the job.” But before the contract could be formalized, “that mamzer [bastard] J. Edgar Hoover and his feds started snooping around and asking questions.” So “the boys” thought it was wise to drop the matter.

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